Azula Got Run Over By a Reindeer

This song was inspired by: Osama Got Run Over By a Reindeer

Summary: Inspired by Defend Its' fanfic about annoying Azula I have decided to write a song fic based on that psycho being run down by Santa, you know she deserves it.

Dedication: Defend It for writing a funny story and my little elves for uh… wait I don't have elves. Thanks to my loyal readers.

Disclaimer: It's Christmas Eve, what is more proof of the Christmas spirit than Azula getting run over by eight reindeer flying a sleigh carrying a fat guy and a shedload (1) of presents?

Azula got run over by a reindeer,

while hanging outside her palace Christmas Eve

You can say there's no such thing as Santa,

But now even the Dai Li is starting to believe

Azula thought no one would ever find her

But even that crazy Sokka knows

Santa knows who's been real naughty

In that spiffy little palace the Earth King used to own

Mai and Ty Lee found her Christmas morning

At the scene of the attack

She had Claus marks on her forehead

And a broken reindeer antler up her… Oh Ho, ho, ho, ho!

Azula got run over by a reindeer

Sneaking back from causing chaos Christmas Eve.

You may say there's no such thing as karma,

But if you saw that antler you'd believe

Sing it!

Azula got run over by a reindeer

Now she's not around on Christmas day

She thought she was going to meet victory

The only thing she met was Santa's sleigh

Merry Christmas!

Ooh, that looks like a serious case of pain!

Okay everyone this was a spontaneous one shot. Please read and review and you'll get a Christmas bonus!

1.) According to my British friend Nisa a shedload means a lot or to be over loaded with something