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0-0-0-0-0 The Necklace0-0-0-0-0

Katara's midnight hair blew a bit in the morning breeze, her cerulean eyes scanning the water for any kind of food that they may be able to catch. Sokka was sitting near his sister, also fervently gazing at the water, his "hunter" instinct kicking in. Aang, who was perfectly fine with eating nuts and fruit, was sitting right next to Appa, leaning against his large, fluffy side. He seemed hard at work, intertwining the last of the fishing line together. Katara's eyes moved from the river, and over to the young Airbender, who seemed fixated on something in his hands. She rose from the edge of the stream, and strode over to him, sitting down next to him with a sigh.

"What's wrong, Katara?" Aang asked, looking up from his work to glace over at the noticeably troubled Waterbender. Katara just shook her head, a frustrated look over taking her face.

"It's just that…Zuko took my necklace…it was the only thing that kept my mother real to me…" again, she sighed, biting her bottom lip in grief. Aang set his project down next to him, and reached out a hand to brush a strand of loose hair from her face. Katara jumped slightly, surprised at this thoughtful gesture.

"I know how you feel, Katara…I used to have this pendant…it was something Monk Gyatso gave to me…it had the air nomad symbol imprinted on it…but when Appa and I went under water the day I ran away, it slipped from my neck…I never found it…" he gazed up into Katara's eyes, giving a weak smile. "…but no matter what, pendant or no pendant, I'll still remember my people, as you'll remember your mother." With this, he again reached out his hand, but this time took hers, and gave it a small squeeze, as if for reassurance. Katara's frown transformed into a small smile, and she squeezed his hand back.

"Thanks, Aang. You always know how to cheer me up…" Aang beamed, then remembered his little project that was lying beside him.

"Oh! I almost forgot! Here…this is to…I don't know…keep your mother's necklace's spot warm until you get it back…" Aang grabbed the fish line slash flower necklace beside him, and placed it into Katara's palm. Katara just stared at it for a moment, then smiled.

"You know Aang…in my tribe, when a young man makes a necklace for a girl, it signifies that they wish to marry her…" Aang's face reddened, and his palms began to sweat…"…Is that what you are trying to get across to me? That you want to marry me?" she asked, batting her eyelashes at him. Aang just grinned goofily at her, then shrugged, scratching his neck. Katara smiled wider still, and continued. "The way you know if a girl accepts or not is if she wears the necklace…" with that, she got up, and went to go talk to Sokka. Aang's face fell. She hadn't put it on. It was still in her hand. Aang sighed, his shoulders slumping, and glared at the ground. Suddenly, he heard footsteps nearing him, and looked up.

"How do I look Aang?" Katara asked, the necklace attached firmly to her neck.


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