Just a little Christmas drabble… for LadyTabz's secret santa's present. Merry Christmas everyone!! I hope you like it!!

Title: Merry Christmas

Summary: Minerva is all alone for Christmas again… sad… or is it?

Minerva McGonagall woke up on Christmas morning… to Peeves throwing water bombs into her face.


"Yes Professor Tabby?"

"Get out now and stay out!" Minerva yelled.

"Yes Ma'am" He saluted, not before throwing the remaining water bombs into her face.

Minerva got up from the bed and went to bathe. It was Christmas again. She could not help but feel a little glum. Every year, most of the staff has some one to celebrate with. Severus had Rolanda, Poppy had Alastor, and even Sybil found some one to spend the Christmas season with. However, she did not have any one she loved to spend it with. On the other hand, maybe she did, but Minerva was not sure if he would love her in return. If the truth was ever to be told, Minerva McGonagall is in love with Albus Dumbledore.

Minerva sighed slightly as she made her way down to the Great Hall. As always, Albus held out her chair for her. Minerva wilted a little inside at the thought that he would never love a woman like her. At that moment, post arrived, distracting her from her miserable thoughts. Minerva frowned as a large barn owl landed in front of her. She took the parchment from the owl, gave owl some toast before it flew off. She looked curiously at the letter. There was no indication that it was from any one she knew. Pocketing it, she hurriedly finishes her breakfast before returning to her rooms to correct her fourth years' homework.

After she finished correcting the fourth's years' work, Minerva opened the letter. To her surprise, it was a letter from the Headmaster.


Would you meet me at the greenhouse at eleven pm?


Minerva frowned, puzzled. What event of importance would demand her to meet Albus late at night? Glancing at the clock, she was surprised that it was already 10.45. She put on a tartan dressing gown and went down to meet Albus.

Albus strode around the greenhouse nervously. After Rolanda, Severus, Pomona and Alastor ambushed him on night and demanded that he tell Minerva how he felt about her or they would tell her themselves, he decided to tell Minerva how he felt. At least he tried. Albus thought.

"Albus?" Minerva arrived, looking breathless.

Albus turned around.

"I have something to tell you, Minerva."

"What is it, Albus?" Minerva asked anxiously.

"Iloveyoueversinceyourfirstyear." He rushed out.

"What?!?" Minerva exclaimed.

"I know you are shocked-"

"-Albus, I love you too."

"-even affronted by my actions. What?" Albus was shocked that Minerva returned his feelings.

"I love you, Albus."

Surprised, Albus leaned down and kissed Minerva. Minerva responded passionately and before long, they were kissing.

"How are we going to make this work, Albus?" Minerva asked softly.

"We will keep things quiet till Voldemort is defeated." Albus replied quietly. "Let's go up to my rooms now." With that, Albus carried Minerva up to his rooms, ignoring her sounds of protests.

This is the best Christmas ever, Minerva thought, before passion took over.

The end