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Summary: Miguel is contemplating his team's defeat after their match against the Blitzkrieg Boys. Did he do the right thing?

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Miguel's POV


I jerked around in surprise, but saw no-one.

"Come out and show yourself!" I call roughly. My eyes open in amazement as I see a blue-haired teen step out from the shadows. Kai. The blader I just lost to. Has he come to ridicule me?

"What do you mean congratulations?" I ask harshly. "We – I – lost. You won. I should be congratulating you." He comes to stand beside me, leaning against the rail and gazing down into the now empty arena. The arena where we lost. Again. A voice startles me form my thoughts. Again, it is Kai.

"You lost two battles. You lost one round of a beyblade tournament." He's stating facts…yet I have this feeling that there's a hidden meaning in his words.

"I lost a match. We gained freedom." He nods, still looking down in the stadium.

"Did I do the right thing?" I ask impulsively. He turns to look at me. "Did I do the right thing by firing Barthez?"

"Why did you want to fire him?

"He was harsh. Cruel. Dominating. He wouldn't let us play the game, he called all the shots. We had no say in anything. He forced us to cheat."

"Are they all bad things?"

"Of course!"

"Do you regret it?"


"What do your team-mates say?"

"They're thankful. He was scaring all of us. As I said, we're free."

"So why are you brooding?"

"Because…" I trailed off. Why was I upset? Aaron, Claude and Matilda had decided to go out and celebrate. Of course they asked me, but I declined saying I was tired. How did I end up here, brooding over something that had already been done? Something I can't take back? And as I told Kai, I had no regrets.

"I don't know…" I muse thoughtfully. Kai stays silent beside me. "It's true, I don't regret what I've done. I'm happy Barthez is gone. We all are. And we're all good bladers too. That's why that bastard chose us. I'm positive that we can earn our place here. We'll show them!" I feel determination coursing through my veins. With my mind made up, I turn to thank Kai. I blink. He's already gone.

"Fue un buen ataque Miguel…y un buen juego. Te deseo suerte contra dinastia-f."

I smile, I know he can see me even if I can't see him.

"Thank you Kai. You'll never know how much you helped me tonight,"

What Kai said: "That was a good attack Miguel…and a good game. I wish you luck against F-Dynasty."

What Kai said in the show: "Well, that was a good attack."

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