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Summary: After the Battalion's loss to F-Dynasty Miguel is once again contemplating his actions and struggling with his conflicting thoughts and emotions.

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Miguel's POV

I stand at the top of the hotel and gaze out over the ocean. There is very little wind, even this high up. I can smell the salt from the ocean and this relaxes me even more. I go over the match we had today. Similar to last time, I'm replaying events in my head. Could we have done something better? That was our last chance. Now we're out of the World's for good. At least Matilda got her chance to blade.

"You look happier."

I whip me head around to find that Kai is once more standing behind me, arms crossed. He walks over and leans on the railing beside me, just like last time. Only today, his eyes are trained on the horizon, not the ground.

"Congratulations" I reply. He raises an eyebrow. "Your win against the White Tigers. Both you and Tala bladed very impressively." I explain. He simply shrugs. I remember his strange greeting. "I look happier?" He nods, his eyes still watching the ocean. I think about his statement for a while. The silence is comfortable. I'm not sure if Kai is expecting a response, but I sense he's waiting for something.

"I guess I am. I know we lost, but I think we put up quite a fight. Raul and Julia are excellent bladers, and they had the crowd on their side too." I smile crosses my lips. "Matilda got her chance to blade again, and we both did so with honour. We may have lost, but we played the game honourably and enjoyed it. Sure, I'm sorry to leave the World's so soon, but we had a good run while we were there."

I stop talking and shake my head. I just don't understand it. I've been up here for two hours puzzling out my thoughts, yet 5 minutes after Kai arrives I understand my feelings exactly. And it's not just talking out loud that helps either.

"Thank you Kai, I really appreciate it. But I was just wondering…How do you do it?" He turns towards me, one eyebrow cocked, showing his confusion at my question. I guess it was kinda abstract. "I've been up here for hours trying to work this out, then you show up and in a snap I'm at peace with my thoughts! How do you manage it?" Kai shrugs and turns back towards the ocean. Leaning casually on the rail he still manages to appear dignified.

I find it interesting that so far he has only shrugged, raised his eyebrow and spoken three words since he has arrived. I guess he likes the silence. I decide to follow his example and return to appreciating the scenery around me. Australia is a very beautiful country after all.

"People are sometimes afraid to speak their thoughts out loud." My attention snaps back to Kai and my eyes widen in surprise. "They know it would help them understand, but they don't want to appear foolish. Others know that a thought spoken is more concrete." Then I realize he is answering my earlier question, so I stay silent and listen. "It helps to speak to another person because you can lie to yourself. Having someone tell you that you are lying forces you to face the truth. You don't even have to say it, just acknowledge it." I nod, but I'm certain that there is something else.

"Maybe you're right Kai," I agree "but I think there's something about you."

"You think that as well?" I twitch in surprise.

"Who else has said that?"

"Rei. Max. Kenny. Even Hiro. They say that it's easier to tell me things." I can't help but smile.

"It is Kai. You're in easy person to open up to."

"Ironic since I'm the loner." He observes.

"That's why." I insist. "We know that you won't laugh or tell anyone. We know that you'll give us a fair hearing and good advice."

"I didn't realize that I had given you advice." I blush.

"Well, maybe not directly, but you did!" He simply rolls his eyes and turns them back to the ocean.

The setting sun plays on his face and around his uniquely coloured hair. His pale skin is emphasized by his dark clothes, but what really stands out at this moment are his eyes. The sunlight hits them, but he doesn't blink. I can only observe from the side, but they appear to burn like fire. I feel a shiver run down my spine as I imagine what it would be like to face those burning pits…

I quickly shake my head, removing such thoughts from my mind. The setting sun reminds me that it is nearing dinner. I turn to Kai to suggest we start making our way back. I blink. The enigma has already vanished.

"Thank You Miguel. I will see you around"

I look around frantically, but I hear and see nothing out of the ordinary. How on Earth does he do that?

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