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They Say These Tears Don't Show

They're dead.

'Of course they're fucking dead.' I tell myself. 'You killed them.'

Do I feel remorse? Of course not.

How could I mourn them, when they're sitting right here with me? I stare at the battered bodies in my arms, stroking Yuki's hair with my free hand. He stares up at me, eyes empty, as always.

"Why so quiet, my love?" I draw out.

He's silent.

Of course he's silent, he always has been. You're so silly Yuki, such a shy little boy. I turn to Kyo. He's colder than the rat, and his skin's a sickly gray color. His head's slumped awkwardly to the side, and I laugh at the blank look on his face.

I lean down, planting a small kiss on his numb lips.

"Now Kyo, even though Yuki's here, you can still kiss me."

You're so silly Kyo, you and Yuki both. You're acting so cool, and he's so shy. My funny little friends, my stupid little lovers.

I laugh.

I laugh long and hard.

I laugh until it hurts to breath, and even then, a smile remains on my face. You're just too funny, my cousins. You're just too funny for your own good.

I push the two away slightly, staring down at my blood stained hands. Bringing one to my lips, I lick it slightly. It tastes bitter, and it's freezing cold. Yuki's pale, violet eyes stare at me. They're still empty.

"I love you, you know." I mentioned.

You've heard it before, I know, but I just can't keep from saying it.

"But I love you too." I turn towards Kyo.

His head's bent all the way back now, the outline of a bone jutting out from his ice cold skin. I do love him. Maybe not as much as Yuki, but I do love him.

Something glimmers in Yuki's stiff hand, and I stare down at the small, black gun. Silly Yuki, playing with guns. If you weren't so funny, I'd just have to yell at you. You could blow your brains out, afterall.

'They're dead!'

I shake my head. Of course they're not dead! They're sitting right here, making jokes! Kyo's pouting and Yuki's acting so shy. Everything's normal, as always. I snatch the gun from the rat's grip.

It really is a pretty gun. I wonder if it's loaded?

"Haru, Kyo, Yuki!" A cheerful voice calls from the doorway. Oh good, Shigure's home. Just wait until I tell him what good friends we are now.

"Oh, dear God." His voice cracks, and he falls to his knees.


Was he that surprised about our friendship?

"Everything's okay, Sensei." I speak cheerfully. "It's more than okay, actually."


Oh crap. My hand must have slipped on the trigger.

I stare down at Kyo and Yuki. I'm sorry.

I guess we can't have fun anymore.

The End

((A/N: um.. Haru's crazy, if you haven't guessed.

This is, possibly, the weirdest thing I've ever written.

aah, definitely horror.))