"Saving A Life"

Bobby dived back into the water to find Maddy. She was unconcious. Bobby swam as fast as he could to get to her. He grabbed her and pulled her up with him. The left overs of the plane crashed in other places around Jack and Angel. Jack stared at the sky and so did Angel. Bobby and Maddy came up, her eyes were closed shut.

"MADDY! Maddy! God, fuck, Maddy! Wake up!" Bobby gave her mouth to mouth.

"Bobby...we can't stay out here. For all we know there might be more left overs of the plane heading down here. Let's find land" Jack said.

"We're not going anywhere until I wake her up! Maddy! Wake up!" He slapped her and then her eyes opened. She began coughing.

"Take it easy" he said holding her body up.

"...Bob-Bobby?" She said in a low, husky voice.

"Oh thank God" Angel said.

"Where, why? Why are we in water?" Maddy asked looking around.

"Come on, we gotta get out of this water..." Bobby grabbed a left over piece of the jet and made it into his own transportation. They all swam to find land.


Brandy and Evie climbed up into the vent in the building. There was spiders, roaches, and rats crawlings around them.

"Evie! Come on!" Brandy yelled.

"No! I can't Brandy! I can't!" Brandy stared at her with a determined look.

"EVIE! If you don't move, you won't get to see your sons ever again! Now please darling, move, please!" Brandy encouraged her. Evie sighed and nodded her head.

"It's soo dark down there!" Evie said trying to breathe in the tight place.

"We got out of where the water was, now we have to keep moving, please, I know it's dark but come on evie" Brandy said.

"Okay, okay...I can do this" Evie took deep breaths.

"Hold onto my foot evie, hold on to it" She said in a nice way. Then they began crawling in the vent, they went pass the moving rats.

"AHHH!" Evie screamed.

"Ew! Ew! EWW! EW! Oh my God!" They began speeding they're pace up, eventhough it was dark. Evie accidently let go of Brandy's leg.

"BRANDY!" She screamed, "Wait!" Evie was trying to breathe. Brandy backed up.

"Grab my foot, we're almost there! Come on!" Evie grabbed hold of brandy's leg and they continued moving. Brandy began seeing a light and the vent's opening.

"I see light! There's a way out of here Evie! Let's keep moving" Brandy and Evie contiuned and it got harder for Evie to breathe.

The Sea

"Bobby...are we almost there? it's getting dark out here" Maddy said on the piece of the left over plane.

"We're almost there babe, and we're going to make it there before it turns nighttime" Bobby pushed the piece of the plane.

"This is too much swimming, we gotta rest" Jack said breathing heavily.

"Jack! We just took a fucking break like 15 minutes ago"

"Well, still I can't swim all night" Jack said back.

"Jack, just keep moving" Bobby demanded.

"...No!" Jack said in a high tone.

Bobby turned around, "...Wha?" Bobby asked in a shocked way.

"You heard exactly what the fuck I said, I said no" Jack said.

"Look man, we ain't no time to be playing out here" Angel said, "No com-" Bobby shushed Angel.

"Be quiet Angel I got this. Jack, when I say go you go. I'm not gonna let ma die because your fucking tired, now move!" Bobby said beginning to turn around.

"Bobby, stop fucking controlling me! I'm not you okay! Stop trying to make me become you, I'm sick of you trying to run my fucking life!" Jack said, and Bobby turned around.

"You think this is controlling your life?! Rogue and ma might die! You hear me? They might fucking die! And you might get eaten by a fucking shark if you just stay out here!"

"You know what, fuck you Bobby!" Jack yelled.

"Fuck me? Fuck you! Your soo fucking selfish!" Bobby yelled back.

"I'm selfish?! I'm fucking selfish?! I'm not the one who's always complaining about the shit they go through!" Jack yelled.

"OH PLEASE! You sit there and cry and soak in your fucking sorrow because your ma left you when you were a fucking baby!" Maddy looked back and forth as they argued.

"Don't go there Bobby! Don't fucking go there! At least I'm not the one who's mad about they're dad leaving them!" Jack's face got red.

"Yeah, well at least my dad didn't molest me" Bobby turned around, Jack plunged off onto Bobby's back and they began fighting.

"STOP! STOP IT!" Maddy yelled. Angel tried to get the two away from each other. Water began flying everywhere. Maddy covered her ears. She gridded her teeth and got off the peice of the left over plane. She began swimming. Angel looked around, and his eyes widened.

"Bobby! Where's Maddy?!" Angel asked. Bobby and Jack stopped fighting.

"Wha?" They both said in unison.

"She...she gone!" They looked in the direction they were heading. They saw Maddy swimming.

"MADDY! Where you goin?!" Bobby asked yelling.

"I'm going to save my future mother in law and my future sister in law" She continued swimming. They all followed her, Bobby and Jack gave each other a nasty look.


Brandy punched the vent door open and there was a big factory room. She looked around to see if anyone was around; no one was there. She jumped down on the boxes, and then Evie jumped down. They finally reached the ground.

"Come on, there's gotta be a way out of this place" Brandy walked over to the door. Evie followed. Brandy was about to open it.

"Wait! Wait!" Evie said.

"What? What's wrong?" She asked.

"We can't just barge in there!" Evie said, "We have to make noises first to see if anyone's in there" Evie said.

"What?! That makes no sense!" Brandy looked at her with a screwed up face.

"Umm, yes it does sweetheart. Like this" She started screaming.

"EVIE! STOP!" Brandy tried to shut Evie's mouth but it was too late. The doors began unlocking and Evie and Brandy turned their heads slowly to the door.

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