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Super Heroes are completely over rated. Costumed adventurers with a trail of property damage everywhere they go, leaving your average joe citizens to clean up the mess they leave behind. Villains are no better, causing all the trouble. You may ask me why I think so low of the people who have these great powers? Well, I actually see the what goes on. I'm not one of those fools who gets caught up in the Hero Fetish that seems to have the whole world by the balls. I see the people injured from falling buildings or flying cars. I see the Mothers holding crying children as they stand on their home, which is now only a pile of rubble. I see these things and I ache for these people.

That's why I refuse to be a member Super Community. I'd rather be a contributing member of society, working my way to retirement, then going around "saving the world." I expressed these opinions my freshmen year at Sky High, which immediately got me a one way ticket to Sidekick. Not to mention Boomer, being the egotistical son-of-a bitch he is, would've put me there anyway since my power won't cause carnage in battle.

I'm a Healer, one of very few. Supposedly, I'm the 15th ever in recorded history and the first ever in the USA. Me being a Healer is kinda funny since both of my parents come from a long line of doctors. My Mum's a psychologist, Pop's a physician. I'm a first generation Super. Meaning I can't figure out where my powers came from. I've researched extensively and all the family I can trace have been average citizens. Which is really weird. Usually there has to be something to start the whole chain of bull shit, but in this instance, I start it for my family. Whatever.

So, me being Super kewl like I am, was sent to Sky High for my high school career. I think it's utterly ridiculous that I had to start my training when I was 14 instead 7, when my parents first noticed my unique self. I know I sound bitter... I am. The whole Super Hero community is ass backwards. I'm not even going to get into it, I'll rant forever.

So, Sky High... how can I put this? Oh yeah, it's as bad as the Segregation in the 50's. Hero, Sidekick... rubbish. It's a Hell hole, a cesspit of raging hormones and serious egos. If you don't conform to what everyone else wants you to be, then you're immediately an outcast... that goes for both sides of the spectrum, Hero and Sidekick. I do have to say Sidekicks are a lot more easy going when it comes to that though. But, you do come across a few who think they're Hero's and walk around like they own the fucking universe with the rest of those bastards.

Well, not everyone of them is like that. There's one guy who doesn't act that way, don't get me wrong he's rough around the edges but I really don't think he sees himself any better then anybody else. He just tries to get through the day and get away without being ridiculed for his parentage. I think that's why I have a bit of a crush on him. Me and over half of the female population at Sky High. The difference between me and everyone else is I liked him despite who his father is. It never mattered to me. Funny thing is, he has no idea who I am. But, for him to show the slightest bit of kindness to a total stranger shows me that he isn't like his father. It started in Power Placement our freshmen year. Yes, I am the same age as he is. Anyway, I was walking into the gym, scared shitless being around all these strange kids. When my super cute brown Chococat beanie was snatched off my head by that fucker Lash, though at the time I had no idea who it was. I just new he had my favorite hat. I tried to get it back, he laughed in my face and called me fat. I'll admit, I was chubby back then, but that was no reason to take a girls hat! It was childish! School yard worthy! Then, out of nowhere, he came up behind Lash, hand aflame and burned his arm. Lash dropped the hat and nearly flew into the gym. He picked up my hat and handed it to me, not a word spoken, not a glance in my direction. I nearly swooned. I wanted to melt right there on the spot. All those damned romance novels and girly manga got to my head, I swear. That's when I developed my lil crush on Mr. Warren Peace. Ever since that day, I haven't gone anywhere near him. I'm way too much of a klutz. I would humiliate myself infront of him. Not to mention he's been dating that Ice Bitch, Sophie Freeze. Ugh! That cunt makes my life a living Hell. It doesn't really matter anyway, everything about my high school life is Hell...

I'm an outcast among my own class, always quiet, gets good grades. Doesn't bring attention to myself. But outside of school, I'm weird. I was very sheltered as a child, and I got a hold of my Mum's romance novels. That can really fuck up a kid. Not to mention Spex, she's a total loon... it rubs off. I did get her into homosexual romance though... HUZZAH! Go me!

As high school progressed, I dropped my baby fat even though it never really left my ass ::growl:: and my boobs never got any bigger either ::double growl:: I do like my hair though and my eyes. My hair is dark brown in a curly Shirley Temple meets Betty Boop kinda thing with long straight bangs parted to the side and angled to my chin, and my eyes are bright green. Both attributes I get from my Mum (as well as her hips and ass ::grumble::)

In school, I was spent a lot time in the nurses office. Not because I had any injuries, but because I was healing everyone else. So, Spex and I became pretty tight. I have one close friend who is now my house mate, Perry Taylor. Me and Perry, that's a story for another day, I will say we met in my freshmen year, his senior and have been inseparable ever since. But we live together because I really didn't like mooching off of my parents, so ever since I was able to work I've been saving money left and right just to be able to get out of the house. We didn't move to far away though. We live a couple houses away from his Aunt and Uncle and two streets over from my folks. Perry has a cousin named Magenta, who happened to be one of the sidekicks that saved the school from Royal Pain last year at Homecoming. I'm pretty close to Magenta in a big sis little sis sort of way, but have never really met her friends. Even though I heard Warren was one of them.

This year is going to be different. I'm sick and tired of being in the shadows. I'm gonna be myself this year, fuck everyone else! I done with being picked on, done with being ridiculed by those fuckers who think they're better then me. I'm gonna get mine this year! I'm going out with a bang and no one's going to walk over me ever again.

Oh, geez. All this time I've been blabbing my life's story and haven't even introduced myself. I'm Grace Diane McKenzie, and this is my crazy Senior year at Sky High.

The title of the story is kinda funny to me. Grace has such an angelic power, healing of all things, but she is no angel! I've read a lot of fics where the girl that Warren falls for has a power that can rival his own in destruction, so, why not the opposite? One injures, the other heals. Opposing side of the spectrum.

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