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Ok, in the last chapter… the 'Dylan' scenario… I took that from a personal experience. But his name was Dil, he was from Nepal, didn't speak English very well, first guy to ask me out, thought he was TOTALLY gay… everything else happened to me exactly how it happened to Grace… except he was 26, not 24... And I quit the job, not him… I thought it was funny, I had to put it in here! Oh, and my best friend saw him a couple weeks later in a porn shop!! It was great!!

Oh! I based Ben and Perry loosely off of Brian and Ben from Queer As Folk, one of the best shows ever… Ben isn't promiscuous like Brian, but looks just like him in my head. Perry looks more like Michael then Ben, but not as short… If you've never seen Queer As Folk, I highly recommend you watch it. Or just Google the images to get a better picture, never mind I'll just put some pics up on my profile!! Check 'em out!!… Well, I should stop babbling and get on with it shouldn't I?

Okay… Homecoming wasn't as much bullshit as I thought it would be. Well, most of the music sucked (though I did like some of the songs), decorations blowed, shitty tasting food… But I did get to dance with Mr. Peace… HUZZAH!!! After our dance I didn't see Warren again that night, didn't see Will either… I guess they had to do some manly bonding… hopefully not the same kind Perry and Ben do, or else I'll be completely depressed for the rest of my life. I was getting some very icy glances from Sophie-Bitch. Don't really understand why. I mean, she dumped him in one of the worst ways ever, then has the nerve to get jealous because he was forced to dance with a friend? And I basically did force him… and I am his friend… There's nothing to be jealous about… hehe.

When it was time to leave, the girls went to their respective homes and I was stuck with Perry… the interrogation master! I had to give a full report on what happened. I left out no details. If he found out anything that I didn't tell him through his resources (namely Magenta), he'd rip out my liver and feed it to me.

Monday at school, word got around that I brought a citizen to Homecoming… I was the talk of the school. Some congratulated me on having enough balls to bring a citizen, others looked down their noses at me for bringing 'filth' into the school… people can be total dicks.

"I still don't understand what the big deal is." I shrugged, sitting on Spex's swivel stool, sucking on a cherry lollipop.

"Gracie, you're the first to ever bring a citizen into Sky High who wasn't a direct relation to you. You made history here. Of course people are going to talk about it." Spex reasoned, straightening the supply closet. I had stopped by her office this Wednesday morning before classes started to vent a little bit.

"Well, all this whispering behind my back is getting on my nerves." I stood, pulling up my jeans and straightening my fitted long sleeve PFLAG shirt (white with black sleeves and collar) I got at the Gay Pride Parade last year. I completely support my Gay Perry and now my Bennie-Poo. He still hasn't heard me call him that yet, I'm waiting for the most embarrassing moment to bust that one out.

"You should just ignore it." I nodded, gave her a quick hug and left for Sidekick Math. I wish I had Perry with me in this class. That was his power, he could do any mathematical equation in his head or something along those lines. I never really understood it too well… that's also why he was a sidekick. Boomer's a dick anyway so it doesn't really matter. He became an Accountant for some major Advertising Corp. in Baltimore. Which I found out was where he met Ben, who works as a drafter. Sweet, huh? I know.

As I walked down the hall, I could hear the whispers about me and Evie. Why don't these people get a fucking life? I'll never understand High School… good thing this is my last year! WHOOT!!

"Hey Geek." Lash growled in my ear, making me stiffen. Now what did I do? "I didn't know you were a dyke." I could feel the anger rise in me. Not only was that a false accusation about my sexual orientation, but that name is an insult to all Lesbians. I have quite a few Lesbian friends and I feel insulted for them just hearing that word. Only ignorant, backwoods assholes use that word.

"How dare you." I spun around and slapped him across the face. The sound practically echoed in the hall. I didn't even hit him that hard!! I think he was more stunned then hurt, though there was a nasty red mark already on his cheek. "You ignorant little snot." I was calm, but the words were dripping from my mouth like acid. "People like you are the reason 30 of the gay communities youth kill themselves. People like you, who are not worthy of breathing the same air as those wonderful, brave people. You're pathetic." I glared one last time at his outraged face before I spun on my heel and walked away… right into Sophie Freeze.

"Watch your back." She growled at me, then knocked me into the lockers before she walked down the hall in the direction I was coming from. What the Hell got her silicon in a knot?! Today was just not my day.

I got through the motions of the day. Layla, Mags and the gang (minus Warren) found me and tried to lift my spirits a little bit. It only started working when Zack tried to get Mags to kiss him. Those were some of the funniest faces I've ever seen Mags make. She don't like PDA as much as I don't. It was funny to see the stone faced, Sarcasm Queen flustered.

By the time for Independent Study (or Save-the -Citizen for everyone else) I was back to my normal self, skipping my way into Spex's office.

"Feeling better?" She smiled a me. I couldn't help but smile back.

"Yeah." I then helped her straighten out the medicine cabinets, waiting for the first poor souls to walk in the door.

"Grace McKenzie, please report to the Gym… Grace McKenzie, please report to the Gym." It was about 15minutes into the period, when Powers' voice came over the intercom, calling me to the gym.

"What the Hell?" I gave Spex a confused look, she just shrugged. "Lotta help you are." I shook my head at her. "I thought the Almighty Spex knew everything." She laughed and pushed me out the door. As I made my way down to the gym, my mind kept running through scenarios that would cause me to be called to the gym. I couldn't come up with anything other then someone really needed my help and couldn't be taken to the nurse's office. This thought made me quicken my pace.

I opened the gym doors to a bunch of whispering students. I couldn't see anyone injured, which really confused me. Lash, Speed and Warren were standing in the center of the arena, waiting for something. Boomer and Powers were standing in front of me smirking. What the Hell?

"Miss McKenzie, you have been challenged in Save-the-Citizen." Powers said in her usual cocky tone. I knew my jaw hit the ground.

"Huh?" I knew I sounded dumb… but this is insane. They wanted a Healer to participate in this evil game?

"You have been challenged by Lash and Speed. Your partner is Mr. Peace, you are the Heroes." Oh, I see… Lash's revenge. That fucking dick.

"I don't own a gym suit." I grumbled, rubbing the bridge of my nose.

"Miss Taylor has the solution for that." Powers beckoned Mags forward. She was in her normal clothes, holding her gym suit in her hands. She had a scowl on her face as she approached me.

"I tried to get you out of it." She whispered to me, handing me her clothes and glaring back at Powers.

"Don't worry about it, darlin'. This isn't the most creative form of revenge, if I do say so myself. But then again you have to look at the one who planned it." I said that loud enough that I knew Lash heard it, he just glared at me. "I don't know how I'm going to fit in your shorts. You have a narrow ass." I smirked at her and headed toward the locker room to change.

I have no idea how I got into Mags' uniform. The shirt was way too small for me and showed at least an inch of skin at the top of my shorts. The shorts themselves look like a pair of boy short panties on me. But, I have to make due with what I have. I brushed my hair up into a little pony tail and tucked my bangs behind my ear before I made my way back out to my doom. Once I was out in the gym again, I was getting more attention then ever. Maybe because I was wearing little girl clothes, but I digress.

"Let us help you." Layla smiled sympathetically at me when I gave a confused look at the padding I was supposed to put on. As Layla and Mags helped me into my armor, I noticed Warren leaning on the glass wall in front of me, arms crossed, contemplating me.

"Let me be the punching bag. Lash is after me anyway. All you have to worry about is Speed." I told him flatly. He raised an eyebrow at me. "I kinda slapped him in the face earlier." I blushed and tried to smile as innocently as I could. He snorted and shook his head.

"You have to stay focused." He said in that gruff sexy voice of his. "Don't let him corner you." I nodded, adjusting the pads on my chest.

"Good luck." Layla and the gang wished us luck as Warren and I walked into the arena.

"This is gonna suck." I grumbled. Lash was glaring something fierce at me and Speed just had a goofy grin on his face. That's when the buzzer went off. Speed rushed Warren as I felt something wrap around my legs and jerk them right out from under me. My head smashed against the floor, making me see stars. I knew I was bleeding… I knew it. I could feel that gross, hot, sticky mess running down the back of my neck. I was smashed into a few more things before I felt a hand grip both of my wrists and dangle me in the air. From this vantage point, I could see the blood smeared on the floor… I knew I was bleeding. I glared into Lash's eyes as he wrapped his other arm around me, constricting me like a snake. He was smirking at me. Then I felt a hand slide down and grope my ass.

"Hey! Watch the hands, asshole!!" I screamed at him, trying to wiggle away from the hand that was currently molesting me. He only gripped his arm tighter to were I couldn't really breathe. I was starting to see black spots swimming in front of my face as the evil hand wound it's way around and under my armor to grope my breast. I was being sexually molested in front of the wholeschool and no one could help me. I gritted my teeth as the hand wound it's way down, aiming for the nether region that no one has ever touched other then myself… on multiple occasions.

It was almost there when I felt myself fall and smash against the ground, gasping for air. I looked up just in time to see Warren land a punch square to Lash's jaw, arms aflame. Half of Lash's sleeve was on fire, which is probably why he dropped me. I was so disoriented, I didn't feel someone haul me up and throw me at Warren. I mean, I was flying through the air and there was no way to stop.

"Look Out!!" I screamed, hoping to give him enough time to move out of the way. He spun around and I smashed right into his chest, sending us straight into the wall. I screamed as my shoulder came right out of it's socket. Warren's arms were wrapped around my waist and he was breathing heavily. I don't think he came out unscathed in that one either. A hand wrapped around my ankle and flung me right out of Warren's arms and into the other wall. I couldn't focus anymore. There were too many injuries for my body to heal all at once. I was still bleeding from my head and my arm hung lifelessly at my side.

"Not so tough now, are you?" Lash growled, standing threateningly above me. I saw Warren move up behind him and grab the back of his armor. In his one last chance to hurt me, Lash grabbed a hold of my ankle and flung me through the air… right towards the citizen. I reached out and grabbed a hold of the dummy, taking it with me as I hit the wall, smashing my already injured arm against it.

"MAC!!" I heard Mags scream through my haze of pain. I moaned and tried to roll over onto my side and my arm came in contact with the floor, making me scream again. I knew people were crowding around me. I can hear them asking if I was alright.

"Help me…" I felt someone gently lift me into a sitting position. "Someone hold my arm-gently!" Someone held my arm while someone else held my tightly around the waist. "Don't let go." I quickly rotated my body, screaming as I popped my arm back into socket. I sagged back into whoever was holding me from behind. That hurt… that hurt just as bad as when it was popped out. I could feel the gash in the back of my head finally closing as I opened my eyes. The whole gang was crowded around me, but I couldn't see Warren.

"Are you alright?" Warren asked. He was the one holding me. I could only nod as the black spots finally went away. The pain in my body started to dull. That fuckin' sucked.

"That sucked." I grumbled.

"At least you won." Will smiled sympathetically.

"True." I smirked.

"Can you stand?" Layla asked, concerned.

"I think so." Will held my hands and hoisted me up out of Warren's arms. Surprisingly, after a minute or two, I could stand on my own. "That fucker groped me." I growled, still feeling completely molested, glaring in Lash's direction. He was sporting some nasty burns on his neck.

"He what?" Mags growled. She has my back, I know.

"I was molested… in front of the whole school… I'm lucky Warren came when he did or he would've got a hold of the goods." I gave a disgusted shudder as Layla helped me take off the armor. The back of the chest guard was covered in blood, my back must be too. "If they wanted me to mark the damn gym, I could've just pissed in the corner or something…" I growled trying to wipe the blood from the back of my neck. "They didn't have to make me spill blood… Sorry, Mags. I kinda ruined your gym suit."

"No worries." She smirked.

"Warren, are you ok?" I looked over at him. He had stripped of his armor as well… leaving those beautiful arms for my eyes to feast on. Wait… he has tattoos?! Why haven't I noticed that before?! He was pushing gently on his ribs, I probably broke a couple of them when I hit him… oops, now I feel bad. "Here, let me fix that." I walked up to him and gently lifted his shirt.

Of course I wasn't thinking about doing this in front of the whole school. But I did it anyway. I put my hands on his chest and healed the three broken ribs he had. When I stood back up, everyone was gaping at me except for Warren and Will since they've seen me in action already. Warren did raise an eyebrow at me though… sexy eyebrow.

"Umm… I should go change." Then I high-tailed it out of the room. Too much attention makes me nervous. Layla and Mags must have followed me, cause they were on my ass about that little stunt I just pulled.

"What was that?" Mags smirked at me.

"Helping a friend in need?" It was worth a try.

"More like feeling up your hot crush in front of the whole school?" Mags teased.

"Hey! Don't you be dippin in my Kool-Aid!" I glared at her, she just rolled her eyes.

"Please, I wouldn't think of 'dipping in your Kool-Aid', as you so articulately put it." Sarcasm dripping from her mouth… that cheeky little bitch. Just then, the locker room doors banged open and in walked Sophie Freeze and all her little cronies. I had to roll my eyes. She acts like her shit don't stink… and I have yet to meet a single person who has good smelling shit. Anyway, she strutted her stuff right in and made a bee-line straight for me.

"I don't know who you think you are, bitch. But you better stay away from my man." She sneered at me. Time out! Did she really just say that to me? PFFT!!!!! I couldn't help but bust out laughing. I mean I was laughing so hard I had to lean on Mags to stay standing. She just kept glaring at me… Her left eye started to twitch a little bit too, which made roll all over again.

"Oh… you weren't joking?" I finally managed to calm down. She's frickin hilarious. "I thought you were screwing that guy you had your ass all over at Homecoming. And I must say, have you gotten tested yet? No? Well, I see you already have a cold sore. Cold sores are a form of Herpes, just so you know. I'd make an appointment if I were you." I could hear Mags and Layla giggling behind me. Sophie looked at her cronies, who shook they're heads. Probably reassuring her she doesn't have a cold sore… which she totally does. I can see it through all that make-up

"Stay away from Warren, I won't tell you again. It's not like anyone else can love him, with the reputation of that Father of his always there. He's only good for one thing." She smirked. Alright, I've had just about enough of her shit. I'm about to knock this bitch off her high horse real quick. NO ONE talks about Warren like that in front of me. Just the thought of her having sex with him pisses me off. I glanced over at Mags, who looked like she was going to laugh. She knew what was coming. Out of no where, I slapped myself hard across the face. I mean hard. I heard a couple gasps of surprise but dismissed them.

"You all saw that right? You saw her hit me first?" I looked at all of the girls, most of them looked back at me confused except Mags. She just smirked and nodded at me. In a flash, I grabbed a hold of Sophie's hair and punched her in the face. My Dad taught me how to fight… and McKenzie's fight dirty. I heard a beautiful crunch. It was like music… I swear.

"You bitch!" Sophie screamed at me, clutching her bloody nose in one hand and throwing the other at my face. It got my in the chin… it hurt, I won't lie. But that didn't stop me from leaping on her.

"Take it bitch!" I yelled at her, grabbing her hair and smashing her head into the ground. "You know you like it all the way to the balls, whore!" That's when I kneed her in the crotch. Now, every girl knows that getting hit in the vagina bone hurts like a sonava bitch. If you've never experienced that pain, lucky you. So when she rolled over onto her side clutching herself, I couldn't stop myself from kicking her in the ass. She sat up and I threw a punch at her nose. I connected, but something connected with my chest.

"MAC!!" I was in shock. I looked down and saw a huge icicle protruding from my chest. I heard someone run out of the doors, probably going to go get some help. I couldn't really register that I was just stabbed in the chest.

"Well, would you look at that?" I think I was becoming a little delusional. I was standing there in little girl clothes with an icicle poking out of my chest, staring at it. "You know… this is attempted murder." I glared down at Freeze. She was looking up at me with wide eyes. I think her nose is broken too. It's crooked and gushing a nice amount of blood.

"WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED IN HERE??!!!" Boomer yelled somewhere behind me. I slowly turned around. Boomer and Powers paled at the sight of my chest. The locker room doors were swung open and most of the student body was standing behind the two pale Sky High staff members.

"This-" I pointed at the new extremity waving at them from my chest. "-is what happened. Now, would one of you be so kind as to pull it out?" Don't ask why I was so calm… I have no idea either. Will somehow managed to push himself through the crowd to my side. "Do it quick… like a Band-Aid." I told him and squeezed my eyes shut. I couldn't really feel him pull it out, but I heard it crash to the ground somewhere. I threw my hands over the wound, hopefully this won't take too long to heal up. That's when I heard Freeze pleading with Powers

"But Principle Powers! She started it!" She whined, big fake tears rolling down her cheeks.

"No she didn't!" Mags so has my back, I love that girl. "You slapped her in the face. Besides, just because she got the best of you doesn't give you the right to try to murder her!" Mags sneered in Freeze's face.

"She slapped herself in the face!" Freeze screeched. Mags rolled her eyes.

"Don't tell me you believe that?" She's such a good actress, I'm going to have to do something special for her… maybe videotape Ben in the shower… she'd like that.

"That is awful far fetched, Miss Freeze. Why would she slap herself in the face?" I held in a snort. Exactly, why would I?

"But she did! And she broke my nose! I'll press charges!"

"Pfft. You think I can't get you for attempted murder? I have witnesses, sweetheart." I replied dully.

"Now, I don't think that's necessary. But there will be detention. Miss McKenzie, would you mind healing Miss Freeze's nose." FUCK THAT!

"I'm not touching her."

"Excuse me?" Powers was looking pretty pissed.

"I'm not touching her. She can go to the Hospital. You can't make me do anything." I glared at Freeze. She was SO going to have black eyes tomorrow. HA!

"Then you will join Lash and Peace in detention." Boomer replied, rather bored. I shrugged, which made me cringe a little bit. I guess I'm not fully healed yet. I wonder why they were in detention though. I'll find out soon enough.

After Powers let me change out of Mags' ruined gym suit and grab my bag from Spex's office, she led me down the to the Detention Room. In my entire High School career, I have never had a detention… I broke my streak today!! Woot Woot!! She opened the very Star Trek like door to the Detention Room and led me in. Warren and Lash were at opposite ends glaring at each other something fierce. I didn't want to be anywhere near Lash… groping bastard! So, I took a seat next to Warren.

"Now, since it is so late in the day, your detention will last 2 hours after school. Don't worry Miss McKenzie. Miss Freeze will have her detention after she is discharged from the Hospital." She glared at me. I couldn't help but roll my eyes. All I did was break her nose… geez, she acts like I stabbed her in the chest!!! Dumb bitch. "Now, I hope this will not happen again." Then Powers turned tail and stomped out. Lash glared one more time at Warren, then laid his head down, probably to take a nap. This isn't new to him, I guess.

"So, what got you in here?" Oooh, Warren's making conversation!

"I… kinda, broke Sophie Freeze's nose?" It's a little embarrassing telling your Sex God that you broke his ex-girlfriends nose.

"What?" I couldn't look at his face, but I heard the smirk in his voice. Was he happy I broke her nose?

"Well, she came into the locker room, told me to stay away from you and made a rather mean comment about…… you know." He scowled. Of course he knew who I was talking about. Only the man who sired him but, whatever. "Well, she slapped me across the face and I beat her ass. Then she stabbed me in the chest with a fucking icicle and had the nerve to tell Powers I slapped myself across the face!"

"Did you slap yourself?" How did he know? Am I that obvious?

"Maybe a little bit." I even had the nerve to blush. "But what she said was completely uncalled for. I had to put her in her place."

"I'm used to it." He grumbled, more to himself but I still heard it. That's why I admire him so much. He so strong…

"Like steel." I whispered to myself.

"Excuse me?" Oh, he heard me.

"Just something I heard somewhere. Steel only becomes strong after it's been thoroughly hammered. Then you can't help but admire then end result." I blushed and looked up shyly at him. Hopefully he won't get the comparison I just made. By the look on his face… he did. He had a strange, almost calculating look on his face. I looked away quickly and pulled out the Manga that was in there, Battle Royale. Very good, I recommend it. Hopefully this detention will fly by. I don't think my heart can beat any faster.

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