Hi everyone! Here's a fic I made with my sister. We both thought of the idea. She let me use her OC Kiki who is Katara's little sister. She is very energetic and is a mechanic just like Otto, who she happens to like. She has light green fur and pink eyes. Just like her older sister she uses magic too.

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Katara was in her room listening to her Mp3 player, trying to relax after being Nova's punching bag..I mean sparing partner for the day. She also was working with Gibson in his lab assisting him with a few experiments, mixing chemicals and taking notes on it. Her room was the only place she knew that she could be alone. She was laying on her bed with her eyes closed enjoying the music.

Otto and Kiki were working in Otto's room building something 'Top Secret'. They giggled every once in a while when they were working on it. They couldn't wait till they were done built the machine. After a while Kiki decided to take a break and see what her sister Katara was up to.

"Hey Otto. I'm going to take a break, okay?"

Otto just smiled. "No problem. I'll work on the finishing touches by myself."

Kiki smiled and gave hugged Otto. "Kay. See you later." she said then leaving Otto's room. Kiki didn't have to walk far to get to Katara's room. Her room was right across from Chiro's. When she made it to her room instead of being polite and knocking on her door she just barged right in.

"Oh, Katara!" she sang as she opened Katara's door and entered the room.

Katara broke out of her peaceful state and turned off her Mp3 player. "What do you want Kiki? Can't you see I'm trying to relax here!" she stated as she sat up from her bed to face her.

"No, not really. Anyway I just came here wondering if you'd play with me." said Kiki.

"Well I don't want to right now. I'm trying to relax right now." Katara said laying back down on her bed and turning on her Mp3 again. "Now please leave me alone. Whatever silly little game you want to play it will have to wait."

"Why are you such a meanie to me Kat?" Kiki pouted.

An anime vein popped on the side of Katara's forehead. She once again turned off her Mp3 and sat back up. "I'm not a meanie Kiki. You just never let me have time to myself. You always barge into my room hoping I'll play one of your childish games with you or look at one of your useless inventions. You just drive me crazy!"

"Well your just like Gibson, you never even use the stuff we make for you two!" Kiki shouted "Your just a meanie, meanie, meanie." she said in a sing-song voice.

"Well if any of that stuff was useful we would probably use it!" Katara shouted with the anime vein slowly getting bigger by her getting more annoyed by the second. "You annoying little monkey!"

"They're not all useless!" Kiki shouted. "And who are you calling annoying you big meanie!"

Chiro was walking to his room to watch some t.v. for a bit. Before he entered his room he heard screaming coming out of Katara's room. He ran over to her room to see Katara shouting at Kiki.

"Stop calling me a meanie!" Katara shouted grabbing Kiki's fur and holding her now getting really frustrated at her.

"All right girls break it up!" Chiro shouted pulling Katara off of Kiki. "Kat, calm down and tell me what's wrong."

Katara obeyed her leader and started to calm down. "Well Kiki came into my room without even asking and started bugging me." She started to get upset having to bring up the topic again. "She always does this!" she said shouting again.

"I wasn't bugging her, she's just being a big fat meanie like always." said Kiki sticking her tonuge out at Katara.

"STOP CALLING ME THAT!!!" Katara shouted trying to lunge an attack on Kiki. Luckily Chiro was keeping a firm grip on Katara so she couldn't attack.

"Calm down Katara!" Chiro shouted holding her back. "Your letting your temper get the better of you again! Look Kiki why don't you just leave your sister alone to blow off some steam." After Katara started to calm down again he then released her from his grip.

"Okay then." Kiki said having a sad look on her face. She then left her room and headed back to Otto's room to see he finished their 'Top Secret' invention. She entered the room to see him still working on it. Otto looked up to see Kiki looking upset.

"I take it she didn't want to play with you?" Otto asked.

Kiki walked over and sat next to him. "No she didn't. We got into a fight again."

"Well cheer up Kiki, look I put the finishing touches on the brain switching machine see." Otto said holding up the portable machine in his hands. "Now all we need is two guinea pigs to test it for us."

"But we don't have any pet guinea pigs." Kiki said laughing at her little joke. She then started thinking about what to do about finding test subjects to test the machine. "I know I'll be one of the test subjects." She said happily, putting one of the brain switching helmets on her head.

"But then who's going to be the other test subject?" Otto asked.

Kiki thought for a minute. After a few seconds she finally thought of the perfect test subject. A smirk ran across her face. "I know exactly who's going to be the other subject, but I'm going to need your help to make this work."

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