It was nighttime. Katara and Kiki were playing together for a while now in Kiki's room. They were having the most fun they had all day. Right now they were playing space pirates. (Which is one thing I played with my little sister when we were younger. Just plain pirates and it was make believe of course.) They made a little plank on the side of the bed that Katara was currently standing on. Katara since she was being Kiki played her pirate, which of course was part jacklope. She had Kiki's antlers on her head again which were on top of her pirate hat that she wore with her pirate costume.

"So now that your crew is down, what is the poor Captain to do?" Kiki said holding a wooden sword.

"Believe me this isn't the last time you've heard of me. You and the Hyperforce may have won this round but mark my words!" Katara said acting all dramatic standing on the edge of the plank.

Outside of the room Otto and Gibson walked through the hallway.

"So your sure that you fixed the machine and that it works to it's fullest capabilities?" Gibson asked.

"Don't worry Gibson I fixed it. There should be no problems putting the girls back in their bodies." Otto said happily holding the machine.

Kiki then put the sword between Katara's arm and stomach to make it look like the sword went through her body. "Aggh! I'm dead!" Katara shouted. She then fell off the plank and landed on the floor where her head was near the door.

Right as Katara was laying on the floor the door opened and she looked up to see Gibson and Otto looking at her with a blank look on their faces. Katara started to blush and got up quickly. "Uhh, Gibson, Otto. What are you doing here?" Katara said taking the hat off and putting it behind her back.

"Well Otto fixed the machine and...Are you sure we're not interrupting anything?" Gibson asked.

"It's cool guys. We were just about done playing anyway." Kiki said jumping off her bed.

"So you two have it all worked out now?" Otto asked.

"Yep." They said at the same time.

"Okay. Well we came in to tell you that the machine is fixed." Otto said. "Put on the helmets and I'll start the process up so you can be back in your bodies."

Katara and Kiki put the helmets on their heads and Otto turned on the machine. The harmless laser zapped them and they stood still with their eyes closed. A few minutes past and then Otto turned off the machine.

"Girls, have you returned to your own bodies?" Gibson asked.

They saw Katara's body looking at her fur and her tail. "Yes!!! I'm back! Wahoo! Back in my body at last!" she cheered.

"Yeah, were back in our own bodies. I must say it's good to be back." Kiki said.

"You know this experience was kinda fun, but I have a feeling that I've forgotten something." Katara said crossing her arms while her tail scratched her head.

"There you guys are." Sprx said entering the room. "Hey Kiki, I was able to send that video to everyone in Shuggazoom."

"What video?" Kiki asked.

Katara just remembered what that one thing she forgot a few seconds ago was and started slowly started walking back toward the door.

"What are you doing?" Gibson whispered.

"You'll see in a minute."

"Man you must have hit your head or something, the jackalope ballerina act earlier. I sent the video to everyone in Shuggazoom through the Internet."

"Oh dear." Gibson said, forgetting about the ballerina thing. Katara walked back a little more.

Kiki cracked her knuckles. "You..did..what?" She slowly said, her eyes glowing.

"Uh oh." Sprx said.

"I have some advice for you bro." Otto whispered.

"What's that?"

"SPRX!!!! KATARA!!!!"

"Great Scott you two just get out of here and run for your lives!!!" Gibson shouted.

Katara and Sprx dashed out of the room. "Done and Done!" they both shouted. They were running around the whole robot with Kiki after them.

"Hey why are you running, Kat?" Sprx asked.

"It's a long story, Sparky." Katara said "But for now just keep running!!"

"GET BACK HERE YOU TWO!!!" Kiki shouted.

"What's going on?" Chiro said running into Kiki's room. "Why is Kiki chasing Sprx and Kat?"

Otto and Gibson just looked at each other then looked at Chiro. "You don't want to know.." They both said.

Me: Wow, that's the first story that's I've ever completed. I'm so happy.

Kiki: Well I'm still mad and embarrassed about the ballerina thing. (still chasing Sprx and Katara around the room)

Katara and Sprx: Somebody help us!!!

Me: Wish I could, but you two deserve it.

Katara: You traitor!!!

Me: Whatever, I hope everyone has enjoyed this story and I hope to write more as soon as I can. Later!