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Harry Phantom or 'Harry the Halfa!'

by Shadow Crystal Mage

Disclaimer: Not mine. Please don't sue me. Post 'Urban Jungle'. Set in summer between GoF and OoTP.


Harry stared out the window as he tried to get comfortable in his very tight, uncomfortable economy-class seat, trying not to think about the fact that the Dursleys were sitting up in business class. He could have gotten all philosophical and asked what they heck he was doing here, but he already knew. The Dursleys were going to Visit Uncle Vernon's cousin in the United States and didn't trust him to be left in Privet drive. He'd tried suggesting that he stay with the Weasleys, but apparently asking help from freaks, as Vernon had put it, did not fit in with their plans. Despite of Harry's statements about how he'd be happier being left behind and staying with the Weasleys– or maybe because of them– he now found himself on a plane to Wisconsin.



Harry found it slightly amusing to watch his Uncle Vernon being bear-hugged by a man even bigger than he was. His cousin Jack was very different from the straight-laced, xenophobic Dursley if the orange suit he was wearing was any indicator. He busied himself with picking up the Dursleys' luggage so that they wouldn't notice that he was snickering and trying not to laugh his head off.

"Here, let me help you with that," a voice said, and Harry looked up, finding himself looking at a pair of blue eyes. A boy his age with messy black hair was leaning over the trunk he was struggling with containing all of Dudley's clothes.

"Thanks," Harry said, and the two struggled to get the trunk on to the trolley.

"Man, what's in these things? Bricks?" the guy said.

Harry thumbed back at Dudley, who was now being hugged by Jack. "His clothes."

"And all that?" the guys said, pointing at more trunks.

"His toys and stuff," Harry answered. "I'm Harry, by the way."

"Danny," the boy said. "So, you're my cousin too?"

"Um, I'm not sure. I'm from Aunt Petunia's side of the family."


Staying with the Fentons proved to be an unusual experience almost akin to staying with the Weasleys. Their house was some kind of headquarters, their RV was like something out of the Ghostbusters, the food was dangerous, there were explosions coming from the basement, and did we mention the fact that 'Uncle' Jack (as he'd asked to be called) and 'Aunt' Maddie were Ghost Hunters?

Harry didn't know how the Dursleys managed to keep themselves from exploding with apoplexy.

Danny's friends had come later that day to meet the relatives (though Harry suspected there was more to it than that), and Dudley had quickly revealed himself as the pig he was when he'd leered at the dark-haired girl (who Harry had later learned was Sam). He'd quickly earned himself a kick to the shin, and Harry and the three took advantage of the opportunity to make themselves scarce.

"You're nothing like that, are you?" Sam had asked him.

"I can't stand the guy," Harry had answered truthfully.

The four took to hanging out together and avoiding the Dursleys as much as possible. Harry was thankful that, for appearances sake, the Dursleys couldn't order him around in front of the Fentons, allowing him and Danny to slip away. Dudley had wasn't exactly the boy's favorite cousin, especially after the thing with Sam. The trio had quickly welcomed him to their group, and they spent their time trying to figure out ways to make Dudley miserable, even if they couldn't put their plans into action.

On the third day of their stay in Amity Park, the Dursleys decided to barricade themselves in Fenton Works until they had to leave. Why? Well, it had to do with the fact that the three of them were unfortunate enough to be in the RV with Jack and Maddie when a ghost attack was reported…

After Vernon yelled himself into laryngitis about maniacs and cranks, the three locked themselves up and never stepped out. Harry and Danny then spent nearly every waking moment outside. At first, Harry had been wary, since he'd seen the ghost attack as well, but after Sam, Danny and Tucker had assured him that in the event of another attack all he had to do was duck and cover until the local superhero arrived ("Superhero?"), which then led to them explaining about Danny Phantom.

Watching the three interact, Harry was poignantly reminded of Ron, Hermione and himself…


The reason for the Dursley's endurance of all the strangeness was explained a few days before they were to leave. Apparently, Uncle Jack had a friend who was a multi-billionaire, who Vernon wanted to get to and try and get a contract with. Needlessly to say, it didn't happen. Danny didn't seem to like the guy, although that was explained when it was mentioned in passing that Mr. Masters used to have a thing for Danny's mom. Taken with Tuckers comments on how overprotective Danny had been when screening through his absent sister's boyfriends, and Harry figured his dislike was understandable.

On the second to last day before they were to leave back for England, Harry was walking alone to meet up with Danny and the others at Sam's house to watch a movie. They'd gotten separated earlier during another one of the ghost attacks they seemed to happen to constantly be in, hence his walking alone. Fortunately, Danny had given him a Fenton Phone in case that happened, and he'd managed to contact them with it and confirm the plans.

As he approached a veritable mansion on the way to Sam's, Harry felt a small strain of wistfulness tugging at his heart. He envied Danny, having such a normal life with just the right amount of insanity to keep it from going stale. He envied his life.

"What a life," he muttered as he walked. "I wish I could be like Danny…"

Did we mention Desiree was somewhere close by?


Even as Harry was surprised that Sam was actually loaded and the big house was hers, the wish, unknowingly made, began to take effect. Like Danny, ectoplasm became incorporated into Harry's DNA.

Like Danny, Harry suddenly had tangibility problems over the next few days…

After meeting with a strange girl who seemed to be a little too needy, like Danny, Harry suddenly had someone hot for his human self (Dorathea of Aragon almost never had anyone nice to her and she was latching on to the first hot guy that was!).

And like Danny, he suddenly had a female clone named Harriet (or, as she would like to be called, Hari). Scared the heck out of Dani when she found out she wasn't sleeping alone anymore…


Many, many weeks later…

Hogwarts had certainly changed. For one thing, the Ministry was trying to interfere with it. For another, some weird ghost girl (weird because she was green-skinned and blonde) was constantly hanging around Harry Potter and fawning over him, driving Ginny Weasley and Moaning Myrtle into conniptions of jealousy, especially since he was always so nice to her. And for a third…

"Where is he?" Skulker, a technological muggle ghost from overseas cried as most students initiated the 'duck and cover' routine. Some idiots (cough Crabbe and Goyle cough) who still didn't get it ended up running into things (like each other) as they tried to get to cover. "Where is the other whelp?"

For a third, Muggle ghosts kept popping up all over the place, bullying the local ghosts and terrorizing the students.

Ron, Hermione and Ginny all knelt around Harry under the Gryffindor table, giving him a chance to phase through the floor without anyone noticing. Just a few seconds and…

A black and white blur suddenly erupted form the floor, striking Skulker in the chest with a burst of blue while he was in the middle of interrogating some poor student.

"WHELP!" Skulker cried after he finished bouncing off a wall.

A figure in a black and white outfit floated in midair, white hair and pale skin seeming to blend in with the white scarf he had wrapped around his neck and pulled up over his mouth. Glowing blue eyes glared at the hunter in annoyance as a blue glow surrounded his hands. "You know Skulker, it's getting annoying getting called that. Really, can't you think of anything more original? Better yet, why don't you go back over the Atlantic and bother my cousin? Seriously, this stalking is getting disturbing."

People risked peeking out form under the tables and applauded as Hogwart's newest hero faced off against it's newest annoyance. Some people began waving banners, flags and handkerchiefs that had his symbol, a stylized H and a P separated by a lightning bolt, emblazoned on it, while Draco Malfoy began cheering his lungs out for his hero.

"GO PHANTOM!" the Slytherin yelled. "KICK HIS ARSE!"

The being known only as the Phantom (after his introduction of "I am… The Phantom! And I hate opera!") twitched as the blond spoke, but proceeded to duke it out with the teched-up ghost, finally managing to use the strange cylindrical object he carried to capture the invader, disappearing to loud cheers just as one of the new ghosts– a blue-skinned, blue-haired woman with a flame-themed guitar– finally appeared in a burst of rock music.

"Darn! Missed him again!" she said in annoyance, before turning to the nearby Malfoy. "Did you see which way he went this time?"

Malfoy nodded. "He when that way, Miss Mclain!" he said, pointing.

"It's EMBER, dipstick! Get it right!" she swore, flying quickly in the indicated direction. "Oh, Phhhhhannn-tooooooommm hoooonnnneeeeeeyyyyyy………"

Just another day in Hogwarts. You could almost forget Voldemort was out there somewhere…


"And STAY IN THERE!" Harry cried as he thrust Skulker violently into the portal hidden in the Chamber of Secrets. Apparently, the reason the chamber was such a secret was that, besides that basilisk, Salazaar Slytherin didn't want anyone finding out about the portal to the Ghost Zone he'd accidentally opened while drunk.

"Just what exactly are the chances of that?" Hermione asked as she, Ron, Ginny and Dorathea (as Harry always called her, since she seemed to like it so much), waltzed in, followed by a couple of Hogwart's regular ghosts.

"Zero," Harry Potter, a.k.a. HP, a.k.a. Harry Phantom, a.k.a. the Phantom said as he pulled down his scarf, his scar still covered by his wild white hair. "He never listens. I hope he stays in Amity and bugs Danny for a few days, though. Not getting to finish dinner is getting tiring."

"Oh, my aching neck," Nearly-Headless Nick moaned, rubbing his little sliver of flesh. "Why does that hooligan treat me so?"

"He probably wants the worlds only improperly decapitated ghost," Hermione suggested reasonably, giving Harry a once over, checking for injuries. "Are you okay?"

"Standard question, Hermione?" Harry said, amused as he pulled off the scarf and tied it around his waist like a sash. "I'm fine. Plus, I just discovered something really cool. Lumos!"

At this, his hand began to glow.

"Apparently, I can do spells without a wand when I'm a ghost," Harry explained, grinning widely. "I think the ectoplasm in my body acts as a focus the way my wand does."

"Wciked!" Ron said as she stepped closer to examine the light.

Hermione, meanwhile, was feverishly taking notes. "I've got to get that mailed to Jazz. She, Tucker and I have been making so much progress comparing yours and Danny's powers! I think I've finally managed to formulate a solid theory on the differences between muggle and magical ghosts!"

"Oh?" Harry said, extinguishing the light as two green rings appeared around him, changing him back to his normal human form.

Hermione nodded. "My theory is that when wizards and witches die, their magic somehow anchors most of the energy field that later metamorphoses into ectoplasm, allowing only a small amount of ectoplasm to be produced, thus producing the faint, silvery ghosts we know. Muggles, lacking this magic, are able to completely change into ectoplasmic entities, becoming much, much more powerful ghosts. Ironic, how non-magical beings are more powerful than magical beings in death than in life."

"How does that affect me?" Harry asked, his curiosity over his condition coming to the fore.

"Well, since your ectoplasm manifested without death, it was not affected by your magic. That's probably the reason Skulker is so set on you. You're truly unique!" Hermione gushed.

"Stupid Desiree," Harry muttered. "This is all her fault."

"Phantom honey!"

Harry was barely able to blink before he was suddenly glomped by an ecstatic Ember. Ginny and Myrtle twitched some more as Dorathea looked like she might turn into a dragon.

"Hello Ember," Harry deadpanned.

Hermione sighed, shaking her head in amusement. "See, that's what you get when you save everyone you come across."

"I thought she was in danger!"

"Harry, she had blue skin and set off your ghost sense. You really should have known better."

Ember ignored them, snuggling against her 'honey'. Too bad he wasn't Phantom right then. He was so much cuter as Phantom…


- To be continued someday…(highly unlikely)


A/N: Because I have yet to find a Halfa!Harry fic.

And now, the exposition: when Harry wished he could be 'like Danny', he obviously didn't realize what that entailed. For the purposes of the concept, the wish gave him a parallel of what Danny had, instead of giving him Danny's life like how some fics would do it.

That means people suddenly having parallel roles.

Hermione is the counter part of Jazz.

Ron is the counter part of Tucker (only without the technical know-how).

Ginny is the counter part of Sam (for obvious reasons, whether or not you're pro- or anti-Ginny).

Dora is the counter part of Valerie (in the sense she likes his human half).

Ember is the counter part of Paulina (ghost half. He rescued her as Phantom– how she ended up in Britain is a mystery– and the wish decided she was good for the role).

Malfoy is the counter part of Dash (who saw that coming?).

Hariet (Hari) is the counter part of Dani (Danielle). She was created by the wish and has false memories of being cloned.

The wish is a work in progress, so it will change people over time, creating parallels as it goes. Voldemort might suddenly reveal he developed ghost-powers during one of his old experiments but it required the resurrection ceremony to manifest, for example…

Am toying with the idea of a Halfa!Snape, as I'm a fan of Esme Kali Phantom's Spirit Quintology and like the idea of Snape being Lancer's parallel. It'll make for an interesting 'Half-Blood Prince'…

This is very unlikely to be continued, but I like the plot bunny, so I wrote it for posterity's sake…

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