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A Little Town Where Wizards Weren't Allowed…

by Shadow Crystal Mage

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Harry Dresden knew there were places that he, as a Wizard, couldn't safely go to for more than, say, five minutes at a time. Heck, sometimes it was fifteen seconds. To that end he avoided the ICU of hospitals, stock exchanges, telephone switchboards, those new-fangled gas-stations where you pay on the machine by credit card, and anything with electrical connections smaller than an appliance power cord and more complicated than a flashlight. He'd been banned from museums, datacenters and whichever room his friends kept their computers and tape-decks in.

This was the first time he'd ever been banned from a whole town, though.

He'd been on the way back from a job and had gotten a little lost on the way back. One wrong turn led to another and, well… Eureka.

He took it as lucky when the first traffic light he passed blew up instantly. When every other traffic light in sight blew up in a shower of sparks, he took that as a bad sign. When a teeny one-person helicopter fell out of the sky, he knew he was in trouble…

For a seemingly civilized town, it was disturbing how quickly their thoughts had gone to 'witch-hunt'. And him without a single one of his pamphlets. He'd been lucky the sheriff had gotten him out of there in time. He'd been taken to the city limits, and they used one of those little metal detector things to see if he'd had anything on him. Apparently there was a big company that did a lot of hush-hush stuff in the town. After the third one had broken, the words 'Cavity Search' had been uttered.

It had not been pretty.

Satisfied that he hadn't stolen anything, the sheriff agreed to let him go, with a stern warning never to go near the place again. That was fine by Dresden. He didn't want to be anywhere near that nut-colony.

He nearly killed Ramirez for not telling him about 'that fun little town'. Apparently, everyone in the frickin' Accords not to go anywhere near the place.

For the first time in his life, Harry Dresden briefly considered getting Lasciel's coin back from Father Forthill, accepting the title of Winter Knight, and going on a rampage…


- To be continued...


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