What Haley Doesn't Know…

Disclaimer: I don't own Stick It. I only love the movie to death.

AN: From Poot's POV.

I make Joanne believe that she's the girl for me.

Wrong. So wrong.

There is so much that she doesn't know. So much that I haven't told her.

I took her to Prom. So what? To me, that doesn't mean anything.

I've been keeping a secret for years.

No one knows it. I even rejected it when it first came up.

But hiding it from myself doesn't work. So I write it down.

She is the girl for me. Always has been. Always will be. There's no changing it, no stopping it. It's uncontrollable.

There are so many memories with her. Most of the good ones starting around the time when she got sent to what she called Juvy.

Like when she busted that window pulled off that stunt against the skaters. She didn't name names.

And when me and Frank tried to bust her out. That Burt dude seriously was messed up. She needs to see her boys, doesn't she?

Okay, so I didn't give a damn about her seeing Frank. I just wanted to see her.

Then there was after the classic. After she walked out. When she climbed into the car. And she broke down into tears, something she almost never did.

But… That was when I came to terms with the fact that… I wanted to be more than her friend that was a boy.

I wanted to be her boyfriend.

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