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"I'm bored."

"You could help me." Hermione said, placing another present next to her, wrapped and ready to go.

"I know," Fred said, "I just choose not to."

"So you are bored, but you are just going to lie there and watch, drinking cider?"


She could feel his eyes on her as she moved, wrapping the countless presents from Santa for their children. Fred had been all set to do it the magic way, pulling out his wand, and about to do the incantation, when she stopped him. Ever since she was a child she'd done it this way, and he seemed quite content to lay in front of the fire and get more than a little tipsy on cider. So it was a win-win situation.

"You know," he said slowly, "I have an idea that would make all of this so much easier for me."

"Easier for you?" She laughed, "Yes, you have it so hard, what is it?"

Putting his glass down, he reached over onto the side table and grabbed his wand, "I'll show you." Then with some quick wand-waving and a silent incantation, her clothing was transfigured. Into some kind of extremely naughty elf outfit.


"What?" He asked in an innocent tone, the smile giving him away.

"What if one of the kids walks in? How will I explain this..." she said, gesturing wildly.

"I think you would be busy explaining why you are wrapping the presents from Santa, to worry about your clothes," he laughed.

"Change it back," she said, in her no-nonsense tone.



"No, not unless you finish these now, and come entertain me," he said, pulling his smile into a pout.

"Fine, just like a big child," she muttered.

Fred helped her, completing the remaining presents by magic. It was a lot quicker that way.

"Time for bed?" He asked, smiling at the scowl on her face, and watching her walk away in the outfit, the boots were a nice touch. She was adorable when she was angry, but she wasn't really angry. This was all for his benefit, he'd have to make it up to her naturally. There would be much grovelling at her feet to be done, it was a hard job, but he would have to do it.

And that would help. Picking up the roll of ribbon, he shut of the lights. He went off to bed, he had one very cranky elf to cheer up.


Merry Christmas!