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A soft knocking echoed within the Uchiha manor. Sakura look quizzically at the door.

Could it be…? Did he..?

Sakura slowly made her way to the door from the kitchen. She reached for the knob and felt a cold sensation run up her spine.

She opened the front door.

Greeted by the man in front of her, surprised she questioned the grinning male.






"Merry Christmas, Sakura-chan!"


She ushered Naruto to come inside from the freezing cold.

"What brings you here?" Sakura said with a smile.

"To wish you a merry Christmas," he said sheepishly as he handed her a small pink and white box tied with a pretty red bow.

"Thank you Naruto," she said appreciatively.

"How about a cup of hot chocolate?" she offered, he nodded in return.

Sakura made her way to the kitchen, and sighed.


He disappointed her again.

It wasn't him that came.

It was Naruto.


Not that she wasn't glad he came.

She could use some company on Christmas.

Something that he never offered her.

Or so she thought.

Thinking about it made her want to cry all over again.


Naruto cast his cerulean eyes down. He knew as soon as he saw Sakura tired and puffy eyed, that he didn't come back like he'd thought.

Naruto clenched his fist. He could have been in Sasuke's position. But if he was he would do more.

So much more for her.

He looked back up again seeing Sakura holding two cups of steam-rising chocolate.

They sat on the couch and drank in silence.

Naruto looked at Sakura, her gaze was in the swirling hot and dark liquid that occupied the mug.

"Sakura," he began to speak. She looked up at his saddened azure eyes.


"Sasuke…" he continued as she looked down.

"Sasuke, he, his team came back last night…" he sighed. The cherry blossom female snapped her head up, eyes widened.

"Say what?" Her emerald eyes looked up at his serious cerulean ones in hope.

"He and I had a talk last night, I was sure he was going to come back last night." He said with a small smile.

She didn't know why, but the news was supposed to make her happy, right?

So why did she feel even worse?

Crystal droplets skimmed down her rosy cheeks, her fists on her lap clenching her skirt.

"Excuse me," she quickly said and abruptly stood up and ran to the kitchen.

"Sakura!" Naruto followed after that weeping woman.

She was leaning against the kitchen cabinet, with her arms over her knees and her head situated in her hands.

Sakura didn't know what to do with the crying beauty; he wrapped his arms around her and gave her soothing words to calm her down.

When her cries and whimpers subsided he stood back up.

"Thank you, Naruto," she said as she brushed her tears with a small smile on her face.


Sasuke wanted to go home, to see her, and possibly get a nice sleep. Sleeping on some tree in a training ground wasn't exactly what he liked. So that's where he was….

But that's not what kept him up all night.

It was her annoying voice calling out to him.

It was an image of her smiling face that kept flashing through his mind.

It was her fragile form that he felt wrap around his.

He groaned.


She tried to pry herself up using the cabinet handle as her support only for her hand to slip. Naruto acted immediately to the falling girl he leaned out his hand to grab hold of her…

Unfortunately the force of the fall outweighed Naruto and he went tumbling down with her.

Sakura felt Naruto weigh on her petite body.

But that's not all that she felt. Sakura noticed his body was different from Sasuke's, thinner but well build, with his strong arms on the side of her.

Closer and closer the two went, Sakura noticing the longing in his eyes, lost in the spur of the moment, she felt the warmth of his lips against hers. It was different from the Uchiha's in her dream. She knew he loved her like no other, but she just didn't feel the same way about him.

Both shocked to do anything about it, remained in that position. Sakura slightly flushed. 'Don't tell me I'm enjoying this kiss'

They stayed in that position only a little while before a familiar presence was felt.

Realizing the situation both pulled away. Naruto hurriedly got off the meek female, while she did the same.

Her eyes widened like saucers when she saw who it was.

"Sa-sa-suke-kun!...It's not…I…" She stuttered out, with teary eyes.

Oh, she blew it big time.

"Sasuke. It's not what it looks like…" Naruto continued. "Sakura tripped and…" he stopped knowing this would get him no where.


Naruto actually kissed her.

Naruto kissed her before he did.

He was her husband for fuck sake!

But it was his best friend that took away Sakura's real first kiss.


The dark avenger, stood there in silence is face lowered so that his bangs covered his flashing eyes, his fist clenched tight. A dark killer intent radiated from his figure. Sakura was afraid. The tension build and build, until he disappeared out of there in a flash. She swore she saw the Sharingan violently whirling his eyes.

Sakura sank down.

He was just here.

He came back.

But now he went again. But of course you would walked away too, if you saw the one you married kissing another, no matter what reason, first instinct is to get out of there.

Sakura cried herself to sleep as soon as Naruto gave her one seriously-long-as-frantic apology and left.








A sound from an opening door woke Sakura from her slumber. She rubbed her eyes and immediately sat up.

'Who could it be? Sasuke?'

The room was dark but she did not move a muscle to turn on the lights. The door slowly squeaked open. A brooding shadow walked into the room. Her eyes trialed up the solid form. Strong legs. Flat stomach. Builted torso. Good cheek bones. Dark orbs. Spiky short raven hair. Devilishly good looking.

Sound familiar?

"Sa-sa-uke-kun?" She questioned.

Not believing he came back.

He came back after he saw her moment with Naruto?

He came back on Christmas.


'No way.'


'It's a dream. It's just a dream.' She told herself.


But was it a dream?


"Did you forget me already?" she heard him say sadly.

"How could you forget your own husband?"

'Its just a dream,'

'It's just a dream,'

'It's that stupid dream again!'

She shook her head slowly. Not sure if she was she answering his question, or denying it was a dream.

"Miss me?" He asked with a small smile and a tinge of pain in his stoic onyx eyes.

"Did you miss me?"

'It's just a dream,'

'That dream that rid your hopes,'

'Don't believe it again!!'

"…" She said nothing as the familiar scene played in her mind.

"I missed you."

"I missed you."

'He missed me.'

'He actually missed me?'


'No! It's a dream!'

'That fantasy that fooled you,'

'Are you going to let yourself get hurt again?!'


Confused more than ever.

"It's just a dream!!" She shouted. That took Sasuke aback.

"I'm sorry." His voice strong, deep and full of emotion and honesty.

"Sakura…I'm sorry."


Her eyes widened, "It's just a dream." She said.

"It's just a dream! It's just a dream! It's just a dream!" She chanted over and over again.




"Wake up Sakura! Wake up!" She shouted as closed her eyes and shook her head hysterically.

"SAKURA!" She frightenly looked up when a strong voice called her.


"It's NOT a dream!"

'Not a dream…'

'That wasn't in the dream…'

'It's not a dream?'

He couldn't take it anymore.

He walked up and embraced her petite form. Something he had wanted to do for so long.

"Forgive me." He whispered in her ear softly.

"Forgive me."

'But that happened in the dream…'

Right then Sakura broke out in small sobs. Not knowing what to believe she allowed herself to cry in his arms.

Uchiha Sasuke's arms.

Her husband's arms.

Warm tears dropped from her fiery pastel green eyes. Tears slowly slid their way down her cheeks and slipped down to the cold wooden ground.

Before she knew what was happening she felt his lips on hers.

Sasuke moved his lips against hers while slowly closing his eyes, as she did the same.

What began as a soft and passionate kiss had become rough and hungry. Sasuke licked Sakura's bottom lip begging to taste the sweetness in her mouth. Sakura slightly parted her lips wanting to feel his tongue wander into her mouth. His arms around her tightened as he lightly lifted her off the ground deepening the heated kiss. Their tongues skillfully exploring every crevice of each others mouth. The pink haired kunoichi moaned, burning with all the pleasure he was giving her. Her hands found its way to his raven locks as they instinctively wrapped themselves around his neck. The pleasure and hotness roamed through both of their systems as they grinded their bodies impossibly closer together, tongues dancing in a battle for dominance. The feverish kiss lasted, only breaking away, due to lack of oxygen that was taken away during the enticing kiss.

However much she liked Naruto's kiss, she liked Sasuke's a thousand times more.

Without another word he carried Sakura bridal style to their large silky bed and placed her down gently. He climbed into bed, their bodies closely facing each other as he protectively wrapped his arms around her waist.

A mischievous smirk etched itself on his features as he glanced at her. 'That kiss was just the start, we don't have to stop there.'

Sasuke stared into the emerald green orbs of his beautiful pink haired wife. How he had longed for her in so many ways. Her creamy smooth body that he yearned to touch, her soft pink hair that flowed in and out of his finger tips and the radiant smile that shone even the darkest of nights.


Sasuke slowly removed the thin layers of clothing and nipped on the soft skin of her neck, leaving small love bites.

Sakura stirred under his body and realized that she was left with nothing but her under garments. She blushed at the sight and kissed his neck and trailed down as she unzipped his jounin vest. Her finger tips lightly unbuttoned his shirt to reveal a well toned chest.

His hands wandered through her every curve. Sakura moaned his name in pleasure when she felt his finger tips lightly glide over her supple flesh. Right then and there was when things really started to heat up.


Their first time they had sex or to Sakura 'Made love', was on this Christmas night. There's no better way to warm up from the winter chills than this.


Sakura nuzzled her head under his neck. Before they drifted into very, very satisfying sleep he whispered…

"Merry Christmas, tenshi," and gave her a chaste kiss on her adorable forehead.




But was it a dream this time?





Sakura woke up in the arms of Uchiha Sasuke.

"YAY!" She squealed inside.

It wasn't a dream!

It's real, it really happened.

Sasuke came back on Christmas.

She wasn't alone.

Sasuke made love to her

She's not alone.




So I guess you could say Sakura got her happy ending.




It wasn't perfect.








It was a perfect start…




She didn't care, she was happy and so was he.


Her dream came true, sort of literally.




Uchiha Sakura…


Is not…


An impassive devil's broken angel.


She was simply …just an angel.


Uchiha Sasuke's angel, to be precise.




He's as cold and bitter as winter. She's as sweet and warm as spring.


Inevitably winter will always melt into spring.




And that was Uchiha Sasuke's and Sakura's case after all.






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