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By The Light of Day

Wilson felt House's forehead.

"Wilson..." whispered House, trying to fend off the younger doctor. Wilson easily overpowered him.

"House, you're running a fever."

House sighed and closed his eyes.

"Open your mouth," directed Wilson.

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"Wilson! Where's House?" demanded Cuddy as Wilson entered her office.

"He's got a temperature of 102," replied Wilson.

"And you left him alone?"

"I left the phone, his Vicodin, and his cane where he could get it if he needed it. I also told him that I would be checking in on him around noon."

"What's to stop him from leaving?"

"Cuddy, he could barely stay awake. I doubt he'll have moved an inch since I left."

"Wilson, I want you to go back and stay with him. Make sure he doesn't kill himself or something."

Wilson sighed.

"What about my patients?"

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"Hey, House, how are you feeling?" whispered Wilson, as he knelt down beside House's bed.

"Horrible," grumbled House.

Wilson began to stroke the older doctor's head. House was too sick to fend off the not-entirely-unwelcome show of affection.

It wasn't until about noon that the telephone rang.

Wilson answered it.

"Doctor Wilson speaking," he said.

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