Detective Lindsay Monroe stood at her sink, the stick in her hand and a forlorn look on her face. A positive pregnancy test. This was going to complicate everything.

Her relationship with Danny Messer had blossomed and progressed six months prior when her niece was accused of murder and they'd been in a state of honeymoon bliss since. They just clicked like that and kept personal out of professional much better than she'd thought they would.

But pregnancy? She wasn't sure if either of them were all that ready for a baby in their lives.

She sighed as she set the stick down on the edge of her sink, her hands curling around the edge of the counter. She wasn't sure if she was ready to do this again. With the hours she kept at the New York Crime Lab, a baby wasn't a good choice.

Still, half of her was more than excited at the prospect of being a mother. Her parents would finally be proud of her for something.

What about Danny? They hadn't talked about having kids because it hadn't crossed their minds. It was an unspoken agreement that they wait for if or when they got married. Her decision was made. She wouldn't tell him just yet.

Her phone chose that moment to ring merrily, though Lindsay was more tempted to whip it across the room than answer it. Still, it was Mac and she didn't get much of a choice.


She met Stella Bonasera at the crime scene, her stomach still churning from the effects of the subway ride. This was the worst part, the idea of morning sickness.

"Morning, Lindsay. You okay?"

"Peachy," Lindsay responded, managing a tight smile. The effect of a week of overtime and little time with Danny was starting to show and she knew it.

"Are you sure? I'm sure Mac would be fine with you taking a few days off."

"I'm fine, Stella, okay?" She sighed. "Just tired."

Stella shot Lindsay an overly concerned look. "Mac hasn't got you working crazy hours again, does he? I told him to back off a bit…"

"No, Stel. I'm working normal hours, I promise," Lindsay said reassuringly, even if she was only telling a half truth. It was, after all, her decision to work the overtime. It was better than going home without Danny. "I… haven't been sleeping."

Stella's brow creased. "Everything's okay though right? With you and Danny I mean."

Lindsay allowed a soft smile to slide over her lips, the same one that always did when Danny was on her mind. "We're fine."

"Just fine?"

"Stella! You're worse than a gossip magazine," Lindsay exclaimed, bagging a hair, then a fibre.

Stella picked something up with her tweezers, looking at it in confusion. "What is this?"

Lindsay scrutinized the bit, a frown on her face. "I have no idea, but is that a big piece of potato?" She knew most trace was going to be a write off because they were in a kitchen, but the potato piece she picked up looked like it had been broken, not cut.

Stella shook her head, her mind already shifting back to work. "What the heck happened here?"

Lindsay walked into the break room when she and Stella made it back from the scene and dropped their evidence bags off. Originally, she made a beeline for the coffee maker, but decided against it, remembering that high doses of caffeine weren't good for a baby. Instead, she searched the cupboard for a tea bag, surprised when she couldn't find one.

She let out a frustrated huff as she finished inspecting the last cupboard, then jumped when a hand brushed her hip. "Danny!"

"Good morning to you too, Montana," Danny responded, smiling as he went to make himself a cup of coffee. He brought the cup to his lips to take a sip, made a face, and poured it down the sink. Then he faced her. "You up for breakfast? Coffee here sucks."

Lindsay sighed. This was the hard part. "I wish I could, but I've got evidence to process. Can you do me a favour though and pick me up a tea if you go out?"


"Don't feel like coffee," she lied. She forced herself not to hold her breath as he studied her. She hated lying and was generally horrible at it but she hoped that, just this once, he would take her request and reason at face value.

He shook his head. "One tea it is. I'll come find you."

She rewarded him with a dazzling smile. "Thank you, thank you, thank you," she said, kissing his cheek quickly before exiting the room.

Danny watched her back until she turned the corner out of his sight. Lindsay never drank tea unless she was upset. Making a mental note to ask her about it, he meandered off down the hall to the elevator, his mind set on a half decent cup of coffee, his thoughts consumed by Lindsay.

She was on the phone when she stepped into the trace lab later that afternoon, Stella already going over evidence.

"Noon on Thursday is perfect, thank you for fitting me in on such short notice," she said into the cell phone at her ear. Then she said goodbye, pulled it from her ear and snapped it shut.


"Doctor," Lindsay answered. "I need a check up."

Stella raised an eyebrow but didn't ask more questions. "So the chunk you grabbed was indeed a potato. Trace on the bullet is also potato."

"Poor man's silencer," Lindsay volunteered. "From the kitchen?"

"Potatoes were in one of the bottom drawers by the fridge," Stella agreed.

"Means we can probably rule out the family."

"Back to robbery gone wrong, but wrong for one of the robbers, not by the family."


"Also means we're back to evidence, but no suspects."

Lindsay smiled at Stella. "Story of our lives."

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