Yuuri laid his precious burden upon the mattress carefully, and then stood back to appreciate his prize. Wolfram's nightgown's oversized collar had fallen off one shoulder and Yuuri hungrily gazed at the milky-white skin revealed to him then.

Wolfram, all of a sudden self-conscious, tried to pull up said collar but the gown only ended up falling off of the other shoulder. Realizing it was pointless, he just sat as primly as he did earlier, blushing profusely as Yuuri rid himself of his pajama top and drew closer to his still-shy bride.

Wolfram closed his eyes as Yuuri took both of his hands in his and placed them against his chest, implying it was okay to touch and that they were in no hurry.

Wolfram slowly smoothed his hands over Yuuri's chest before pulling the king down towards himself for a kiss which at first was nothing more than a brushing of lips but which soon enough deepened into a passionate embrace.

Yuuri pressed Wolfram to himself, moaning gutturally at the contact as their bodies touched from chest to groin. Already the king could sense that the blonde knight wanted him, and Yuuri started to go about the pleasant business of driving Wolfram insane with rapture.

Yuuri's hand slid around Wolfram's torso, up his back and nape, deepening their kiss as his other hand worked from the hem of Wolfram's gown and pushed upwards to cup and then stroke Wolfram's heated flesh.

Wolfram moaned loudly and arched into Yuuri's touch, his body instantly aflame. Yuuri always did this to him – always left him wanting more, needing more until Yuuri gave him his fill, and even then Wolfram wanted more. As far as Yuuri was concerned he was insatiable.

Yuuri opened his eyes for a moment to drink in the sight of kiss-bruised lips, flushed cheeks and glazed green eyes before diving back in again to the sweet depths of his consort's mouth. Yuuri was as much a virgin as Wolfram when they first made love but a couple of nights ago, but somehow Yuuri already knew what to do and where to touch to make Wolfram squirm. It was a good thing too, because Yuuri felt like he would never get enough of Wolfram, and he trusted that this feeling would never wane.

For the second time that morning, Wolfram felt himself melting into Yuuri's arms. Yuuri in turn eased Wolfram onto the cushions before he straddled him and slowly placed his own weight upon his spouse and rubbing their still-clothed erections together. Wolfram moaned at the delicious feeling but his whimper was swallowed by the deep kiss that soon followed. Wolfram haplessly wound his arms about his husband's shoulders and pulled him closer, his own legs instinctively parting to allow for more contact, and then it was Yuuri's turn to groan.

Yuuri's mind reeled at the knowledge that Wolfram had opened up to him at last, and it was almost all he could do to keep himself from claiming the other without preamble so, to distract himself, Yuuri deepened their kiss for a moment before breaking it unwillingly to leave a trail of kisses down Wolfram's body, all the way down to the uke's weeping manhood which now all but begged for attention Yuuri was only too willing to give.

Wolfram's breath caught when he felt Yuuri swallow his shaft, occasionally tonguing it slowly and moving the moist warmth that was the king's mouth up and down and around him. The blonde knight's fists clutched at anything and everything he could hold on to – anything at all to distract him from his husband's exquisite torture.

Yuuri grinned as he saw Wolfram trying his damned best to keep his sanity, but Wolfram staying rational was not what the king wanted at all. Simply put, he wanted Wolfram to lose his mind. So Yuuri stopped what he was doing just then and hovered over his spouse, grinning evilly. Yuuri then brought his own fingers – his longish middle finger and his pointer – up and into his own mouth and did to said digits what he had been doing to Wolfram's cock just moment's before, moaning and groaning around his own fingers as he suckled upon them; making Wolfram wish with all his being that the suction was being accorded to his private parts instead. Yuuri grinned. Wolfram seemed to have at least lost his faculty of speech, as a pleading "Yuuri…" was all that the other could say. But the way Wolfram said it – needy and passionately – made Yuuri almost sorry he had been a tease so he quit taunting his consort and used his wet digits to at last prepare Wolfram for even greater pleasure.

When Yuuri's first finger entered him, Wolfram still clinched involuntarily at the intrusion. He still was not used to being penetrated, but previous experience from the past two days taught him it was going to be okay, great even. But it was not until Yuuri's double assault of a mind-blowing kiss and stretching his entrance simultaneously did Wolfram at last loosen up enough for Yuuri to be able to add a second finger.

Upon the addition of the king's second digit, Wolfram had begun moving toward the sensation instead of away from it like he was doing before. Wolfram also learned that he could count on Yuuri's kisses to calm his nerves and used said caresses to his advantage, so much so that he did not even feel Yuuri's third and fourth fingers slip into him until those fingers managed to probe deep enough into him and hit his core, impact to which made Wolfram eager and ready to proceed.

Yuuri held his own rigid organ in his own hand and slicked himself with some lube from a jar he'd kept at the bedside console. From the time they had first made love Yuuri at once recognized that even in this world, he was of a bigger size than was ordinary, and that he would need to be extra careful not to hurt Wolfram so after slicking himself, Yuuri slowly pushed himself into Wolfram, taking care not to rush through it. One, two, three thrusts was what it took to just get his manhood's head in, and Yuuri sighed in relief that Wolfram didn't seem to be in pain.

Wolfram pushed himself at Yuuri, determined to take all of him in. Wolfram opened his eyes and watched fascinated as Yuuri's rock-hard arousal melded with his own body's flesh, that Wolfram was no longer sure where he ended and his husband began. Wolfram's back arched as he felt and memorized Yuuri's shape as it felt within him and as he did, he pushed himself up at his husband, wordlessly offering even more of himself to Yuuri.

Yuuri for his part almost saw his end at the last gesture of submission Wolfram did for him before the blonde prince climaxed, quivering slightly as he did. For Yuuri though, he had only began.

Slow thrusts gave way to forceful advances as Yuuri started to claim and reclaim Wolfram that morning. In between several thrusts Yuuri would bend down for a hungry kiss and then resumed his merciless ravaging which Wolfram joyfully met at each crest. Yuuri then pulled Wolfram up so that the prince sat upon him, thus increasing their intimacy as their bodies rubbed together, slicked by sweat. Not even that satisfied Yuuri. He wanted all of Wolfram so he once again kissed him as his hands felt their fill of soft porcelain skin.

Wolfram wanted to move more, to reciprocate more, but he couldn't. He was as new to this as Yuuri but perhaps far more shy. Yet he found enough consciousness to at least tease his husband by wrangling his lips away and looking down where he had then began to touch himself which proved to be Yuuri's undoing at last.

The two lovers collapsed together, spent and sated at last. Wolfram then pulled Yuuri atop him and without letting the king pull out of him just to tease him again.

Wolfram knew that Yuuri was tired by now from the powerful exertions from before and took Yuuri's sudden seeming reticence as his cue to attack. Using certain selected muscles Wolfram clamped on Yuuri's shaft, making the king groan as his arousal started to stir back into life. Delighted with what he was feeling was the result of his efforts, Wolfram started to rain little kisses on Yuuri's face and neck and jaw, even as he wrapped his legs around his husband to push him in deeper before he abruptly pulled away, torturing Yuuri even more with his having released him.

Yuuri felt like his insides were all going to twist painfully when Wolfram suddenly pulled away, cruelly keeping him wanting with searing inexperienced kisses and touches all over his body which told him that Wolfram had waited eighty-odd years for him, and the thought sent Yuuri to depths of longing from which he knew there could be no redemption. Those eyes, those lips, those cries for him… Yuuri needed to be away from them and yet near them to accomplish his goal so he held his consort lovingly away from him, flipped him onto his stomach and took him again in one thrust before ruthlessly claimed him, although truth be told, Yuuri knew he was the one who was submitting.

Wolfram's vocabulary was reduced to animal growls and pants and sounds that vaguely resembled Yuuri's name as the king rammed into him, each thrust harder and faster than the last but Wolfram didn't care. All he wanted was Yuuri to carve deeper into him, to give himself to him and to give back to him until they could no longer do so.

A light rivaling only the Christmas star clouded their vistas and soon enough they rose to the familiar and yet new heights of bliss only lovers were allowed to reach before they caught each other from falling afterwards.

Wolfram burrowed his head into the crook of Yuuri's neck and snuggled closer, his body enveloped in the king's arms, safe and secure in his husband's love. Wolfram smiled, half-asleep, entirely dreaming. It was going to be a perfect Christmas.