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Note: This is a drabble. It is supposed to be short. Thank you!

I'm leaving. I belong in Makai; not here. Not with you.

He remembered his words clearly. It was hard to forget them. It was hard to forget the hurt her face displayed when he said them. And it was hard to forget the strong pang he felt in his heart when he turned his back on her.

It was hard for him to learn that he needed her; he never needed anybody. He was alone and he had liked it that way. But then she wound her way into his life and he found that maybe alone wasn't as great as he had once thought it was. So he left her, just like that. And it was hard to leave her.

It was hard when he realized he missed her. He found himself thinking about her at night when he stared out the window. He found himself hearing the ring of her laugh in his ears at the most inopportune moments while he was training. It was hard to think about her.

It was hard to go back to her. His pride refused to let him do it, but his heart, something that was hard to acknowledge he had, wouldn't let him live another day without her clumsy tripping, annoying personality, and enchanting smile.

It was hard to run his hand down her tear stained cheek and say he was wrong.

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