The Elemental Chronicles

Part VII: In Charge


Mea Culpa

Terra´s POV

Dear Diary,

It was not supposed to be like this. This is wrong in so many levels. I mean, two months ago I was merely a stone statue, who could barely tell the difference between day and night; I did not breath, drink or eat either. And I didn't care – not that it really mattered what I wanted or not; trust me, when you stop a volcano from destroying an entire city, there is not much energy left on you. But I guess I didn't care because I was a traitor.

A cold – hearted traitor that tried to kill her best, only friends and the boy she loved. Because of that, I spent two years of my life incased in a rock deep inside Jump City's darkest caves. Until my brothers and sisters, who I hadn't seen for five years, found out I never died. Or at least not in the way they believed.

They were just about the people who raised me ever since I was five years old, when our parents died in circumstances I'm not the certain person to tell you about . Not that I don't trust you or anything, but since I don't remember a thing about it, it just doesn't feel right to me to tell you that story. Also, because it isn't fully mine and I wasn't the one deeply hurt by its cruel details.

But the fact is that when they died, our lives turned upside down. At the time, my oldest sister was twelve and my youngest brother was a baby, brought to the world exactly on the same day our mom and dad died. We knew that, as orphans, we would be separately sent to foster homes and more likely never see each other again. After all, who on their perfect judgment would adopt twelve kids all at once ?!

So, we started running from city to city, from place to place before the social workers could split us up. Even with all the trouble in arranging shelter, food, water, money and things like that, those were the best five years of my life. More and more, with each passing day, we bonded in ways most people won´t live to experience. Now, not only blood and flesh unit us but also all the pain and suffering all of us had to endure to stay together.

Other things changed, too. We had to mature much faster than most children do, and that also contributed to the relationships between us. For example, my baby brother, who never had the chance to meet his biological parents has in our second older sister a true mother figure while our oldest brother is his role model, just like his father should have been if he were alive.

With that in mind, they put their best efforts into making of each other, including me, decent people, whom would think twice before making their choices and whom would fight for the good of their not so small family. And I thought I would be just like them when I grew up: strong, smart, brave, good …

But Fate had other plans for me, I guess. And after five years of running away from one city to another with two older sisters, four older brothers, three little sisters and two little brothers, I got separated from them. That's when they thought that my ten – year – old self died after losing control of my powers for the first time after I heard the dreadful truth about our parents death. And I thought I had accidentally killed one of them.

They never actually saw me die or found my body, but with my disappearance following the accident I didn't meant to cause and my older sister's injuries to tend to, they presumed I died that day. Realizing just how much trouble I would give everyone with these powers, I let them think what I thought it was the best.

Now, that was the first big mistake of my life: not trusting my own family, to forgive me and to help me. To this day, I still hate myself for that !

From them on, trust was always a serious issue for me. My many older brothers and sisters were only trying to help when they kept that truth hidden, I know that now, but the single fact that they lied to me after everything we had gone through together was just too much to bear at the moment. And it almost cost my sister's life.

And for three years, I traveled alone, believing they hated me for killing one of them when without their support I couldn't have survived.

As you must be guessing by now, the second big mistake was, also, not to trust, but this time when the boy I loved told me he did not reveal my horrible secret to his friends. Although the time I spent with them made me feel alive for the first time in a long time, that pain was strong enough – or as strong as I once wanted to be – that I became not only the local villain's apprentice but along with that, I was forced to help one of the worst villains in history.

He told me he could help me control one of the two most precious things I had ever possessed: my powers. These powers, who allowed me to master everything that has to do with the Earth element, were both blessing and curse, for they were the only connection I had with my siblings all over those three years of separation. Besides, of course, the blue, butterfly shaped hairclip that once belonged to my second older sister, the one who took care of me as only a mother would do and who I still didn't know I hadn't killed.

In our family, each one of us has powers, or gifts, based on the twelve elements: Soul, Fire, Light, Ice, Air, Thunder, Earth, Water, Wood, Metal, Dark and Body. Having these abilities was not easy at all. They come with a certain cost. On my case, it was two years in the form of that statue. Those two years plus the three ones I traveled without my family kept me away from them for five years which is a third of my present age, 15 years old.

Yet, you could say I had luck. Because, for others, the cost is their own lives. I at least had five blissful weeks – in which we all vowed to never abandon each other again - to make up for the five years of longing from my siblings. Of course, that only happened after they freed me from my state and before they left me in charge of younger brothers and sisters while they look for provisions. Within the time before they went, I obviously discovered the truth about what really happened on the day I " died ". On my part, I told them what I had done and what the villain did to bring such a thing upon me as it was becoming that rock

Everything was going according to the plan, though I have to admit I did have some trouble taking care of five kids when I was one of them myself, but them it came time to my third big mistake in which I shamefully broke my vow .

And that was letting one of us pay with her life.

The Dark was the one who paid with her life. That is, my little sister Dark. It was supposed to be such a happy day: I had a feeling the elders were supposed to come back that day, in time for her birthday. To tell you the truth, they were two weeks late, and that worried me lots, but it was up to me not to let them frustrate themselves. I had been given a second chance and simply wasn't going to throw it away.

But them it came to my third big mistake. I had a real big fight with the birthday girl and then told her to stay at home, while the others and I would go to the park to play. She swore she never wanted to see me again and I, stupidly, replied using the same words.


I got my wish. Because of me, not eighteen hours ago, my little brothers and little sisters and I stood on her grave, on Nox´s grave.

Again, I made a vow. To kill the one who took my little sister's life. And this I am going to keep it, no matter what it takes. Even if it costs my life, I will send her murderer to the hell.

And then, I'll go keep him company. I told her to stay at home. I gave the bastard the chance to kill her on her own birthday.

Please, please, forgive me,

Tara Terra Markov.