Disclaimer: Lost is by no means mine, nor the character in this story.

Ok this scene takes place post "I Do". I just went off of what I saw on the preview we got. That's why I have them running with Alex.


Scene 1 (Decisions)

Kate felt the weight of the rain pouring down on them as she and Sawyer ran out of the "Other's" captivity and into the jungle. There was an even heavier weight that she felt—this one was in her heart. She was lagging behind. Something was pulling her back—an aching feeling, that something was just not right. Kate found herself not running anymore.

Sawyer noticed and called out to Alex, who was guiding them, to stop.

Kate didn't see the point in all this running if there was in fact another island. Kate wanted some answers on where they were being led to, "Where are we going?" She asked looking suspiciously at Alex.

"We have to keep moving. There's a boat. You can use it to get back to your camp." Alex said with urgency.

"What about Jack? What will they do to him?" Kate asked in a demanding voice.

"He's in surgery with Ben—I don't think they'll hurt him—but I can't protect you against Pickett."

"Which is why we need to keep moving", Sawyer stated looking steadily at Kate.

Kate nodded in affirmation and they began to run again. But Kate had already made up her mind and started moving in the opposite direction. Back to Jack—if she could find him.