A Very Merry Christmas

"Wakey wakey, sleepy head!" Sawyer nudged Kate from her sleep "Its Christmas!"

Kate sat up grinning broadly, it was finally the day Sawyer would find out he was going to be a daddy.

"Race you downstairs" Kate said jumping out of bed.

"Hey no fair, you got the lead!" Shouted Sawyer running down behind her.

They sat by the tree and opened presents from friends and family, until there were only two left, their gifts to each other.

"You first" Insisted Sawyer, handing her his gift it was in a big box.

"Ok" She said, looking at the tag on the present it read;

To my darling freckles, Happy Christmas All my love Sawyer x P.S Will ya?

"Will I what?" She said puzzled after reading the label.

"You'll see" He said, smiling.

Kate opened the box to find, another box. She stared across at Sawyer confused, he simply smiled at her as if he was urging her to continue, so she did and in that box she found… another box.

"This isn't like those tricks kids play when you open box after box till there's nothing there is there?" She said huffily.

"I wouldn't do that to my shortcake now would I?" He laughed, "Just carry on!"

4 boxes later and Kate had got down to a very small wrapped parcel. She ripped the paper off and found a jewellery box. She looked at him questioningly and he whispered softly in her ear "Open it."

Kate opened the box and found the most breathtaking beautiful diamond ring she had ever seen.

"Oh Sawyer!" She said, but that was all she said.

Taking the ring from the box and taking her hand he said "So will ya?"

"Of course I will Sawyer!" She exclaimed as he slid the ring onto her finger, and they kissed.

"You still haven't opened your present!" Kate said, breaking away.

"Ok freckles calm down!" He chuckled, taking his present from under the tree.

He looked down at the gift tag just as Kate had done, it said;

Dear Sawyer, The real presents inside! Love you always Kate xx

Sawyer wondered why those words had been underlined, but he shrugged it off and opened the box, he lifted out the book and read the title, he didn't speak for a moment and then he said;

"Really? I'm gonna be a daddy?" He beamed.

"Yeah!" She smiled.

"Oh I get it know!" He said "The real presents inside and Kate underlined!

Clever girl freckles!" He laughed.

"When did you find out?" He asked unable to stop smiling.

"They day I went to buy your present I went to the doctors and he told me, I wanted to keep it as a surprise for Christmas, but it looks like you had a surprise for me too!" She said looking down at her hand.

"I love you Freckles" He whispered, staring into her eyes.

"I love you too" She said and they kissed with more love and care than anyone had ever kissed before.

And after that I think its clear that they had a Very Merry Christmas!

Ok so it started out as a 2 Chapter story but i thought the ending deserved its own chapter please review! Hope you liked it! Merry christmas to all the LOST fans out there!