"The Earth Kingdom...has fallen." Mourned the Earth King. Appa roared his greif as Team Avatar escaped through the sky.

" The Fire Nation rules the whole World now." Toph said softly. The world's only metal bender was curled up in a self hug.

" There's still the Northern Water Tribe." Katara tried to lift everyone's spirits. Everyone started at her with the same crestedfallen expressions.

" Don't worry guys!" Aang cheered. " I have the perfect plan to end the war quickly!" When no one perked up Aang continued. " All we need to do is get Sokka to kiss Azula and her minions!" Even Katara started at him as if he had been drinking cactus juice.

" There's NO way I'd do that!" Sokka protested.

" You liar, I sensed your reaction to that bubbly contortionist." Toph accused.

" I wasn't..."

" Give it up, I can tell you're lying remember?"

" Let Aang explain." Katara told her friends, then glared at Aang " I'm sure Aang has a good reason for why my brother has to kiss that fire bending snake, right?" Which translates to ' You'd better have a good reason arrowhead.' Aang laughed nervously but renerved himself.

" Sokka who was the first person you kissed?" Sokka looked down.


" And the second?" Aang continued as if unaware of his friend's sorrow.

"...Suki." Sokka was even sadder now.

" And what happened to both of them?" Aang asked as if leading a dull student to the right answer.

" ...They both died." Sokka's voice was heartbreaking, in fact the Earth King was crying.

" Exactly! Every person you kiss dies soon after!" Aang turned toward his friends. " I think Sokka has this special power he's unaware of. Whenever he kisses someone they die, so all we have to do is get to kiss Azula and her minions and we'll get Ba Sing Se back!" Toph smacked him.

" That's the dumpest idea I've ever heard twinkle toes!"

" ...But it would explain why most of the girls at home avoided him..." Katara mused.

" Sokka, one more thing." Aang began hesitantly, Sokka looked up.

" What?"

" Well.. ...since I only have a few months to learn fire bending and I don't even have a teacher yet...would you mind kissing the Fire Lord?" Sokka leaned over Appa and threw up.