May 10, 2005

Alexis can't believe that she would dare go this far, but walking past those high glass double doors and the sight of Kristina with Sonny reading her special storybook infuriated every possible nerve in her body. He almost caught a glimpse of her outside, but before his eyes could lift from the page, she raced to the nearest set of bushes.

"He does this crap on purpose. He knows nothing about Where the Wild Things Are. I bet he doesn't even know the author. Does he know the meaning of the story? There is a meaning Sonny!"

Alexis tries to not show any sign of fear as Helena creeps her way across the docks to the bench in front of the abandoned warehouse. Helena takes a seat at the other end and barely turns in Alexis' direction.

"How much are you paying me for this job Alexis? May I turn the gun on you when the it's done?"

Alexis looks at Helena and breaks out a cunning smile.

"I'm already selling my soul Helena. Don't rub it in. I don't typically do business with the dirt on my Manolo Blahnik's but for my daughter I will always make an exception."

Helena chuckles and coifs her hair.

"Helena, you will not get the money until Sonny is dead and he's carefully placed in that nice pink coffin I have picked out for him."

Helena looks at Alexis perplexed.

"Pink coffin?" Helena scoffs.

"A form of embarrassment. He won't know I'm the one that killed him, but I'll eventually be the one to bury him. I'll even let Kristina pick his coffin. She's quite partial to pink."

Helena shakes her head in disbelief that she's even getting involved in such foolishness.

"My I tie him up first and have my way with him?" Helena looks to Alexis for a response.

"I don't care how you kill him. So if sleeping with you does the job. So be it."

Kristina runs to her mommy with open arms. Sonny crosses his in an offended stance at the warm and fuzzy mother and daughter moment. Kristina looks back at him forcing Sonny to drum up a fake smile.

"You dropped her off so soon. Tired of being a father?"

"I have a meeting. And it's very important that I be on time. Later."

Sonny waves goodbye to Kristina and races to his limo. It quickly disappears in the screeching and scatter of the pavement dust.

"What is your father up to? I've never seen him haul ass so quickly in my life. Is he going to prison soon?"

Kristina looks up at her mother and shrugs her shoulders not fully understanding her questions.

Sonny races down the stairs of the docks and looks around. He stuffs his hands in his pockets and whistles a tune. Helena walks over and stops inches from his pacing.

"Did you bring the money Sonny?"

"I'm having second thoughts. Kristina loves her mother you know. I don't know if I can sleep at night knowing I put a hit out on her."

"Sonny, you silly silly boy. She won't die by your hands."

Helena pulls out a knife, gleaming in the dusk. He touches the blade and nicks his index finger.

"I don't think I want her to die by knife Helena. Too familiar. I don't wanna be cruel."

Helena takes the tip of the knife and taps Sonny's shoulder.

"That's why you pay me the big bucks. How Alexis goes should not be your concern."

"Alright. Alright. Just get it over with. I won't pay you till the job is done and I pick out the appropriate urn."

"You plan to cremate Alexis?"

"Oh hell yea. No trips to the cemetery. Hey Kristina, you wanna visit Mommy? There she is on fireplace. Visit her."

"Don't worry about my effectiveness Sonny. If I can eliminate Kristen, there is no doubt I can repeat history with her bastard daughter."

Helena points the knife at Sonny's jugular. He pulls back from the reach of the tip close to penetrating his skin.

"Alright Helena. I get you. No need to be a drama queen. Just kill her ass and pretend you never saw me."

Alexis sips her coffee and watches Luke flip aimlessly through the New York Times. Sonny walks into Kelly's and makes an effort to not see Alexis sharing a table with his buddy.

Luke looks up. "Hey Sonny."

Sonny nods his head. "Sup Luke."

Alexis puts down her mug and throws up her hands. "Does he do that shit on purpose?"

"What shit?"

"He can't say hello? How was your day? What the hell does he think I am? I only gave birth to his only living and breathing child. Mark your calendar. Kristina will celebrate 1,825 days of avoiding a bullet or car explosion in about a week and 8 days."

Luke pops an animal cracker in his mouth and shakes his head. "You know what I think Alexis?"


"Marvin Gaye has this thing called sexual healing. You and Sonny need to get some of that."

"You honestly think that's the underlying issue that Sonny and I have with each other?"

"Hey I'm just saying. That shit festers up long enough you get gangrene."

Luke continues to flip through his paper.

"Luke, do you just say random shit to get me off your back?"

"Absofuckinglutely Natasha. You know I don't believe half the shit I say."

"You used to be my free therapy Luke. What happened?"

"I figured out I was getting ripped off. You're hopeless."

"Would you consider Helena reliable Luke?" Sonny looks to Luke for his reaction.

"Your move."

"Are we jumping back?"


Sonny moves his piece across the checkerboard.

Luke puffs his cigar. "What a dumbass question. Why the hell would you ask me if Helena is reliable? Depends on what you want her to do."

"Kill somebody."

"If the first name begins with Luke and ends with Spencer, I'd say no. Otherwise you got the right vulture for the job. What's wrong? Jason becoming a monk?"

"Nah. Don't worry about it. I just needed a reference."

Luke laughs and almost chokes on his cigar smoke. "You need a reference on a hit woman? Jesus Christ."

"Let it go Luke."

They continue their focus on their next moves. Sonny looks up at Luke pondering.

"Luke, do you think Alexis would go out with me?"

"Like a date?"

"Yea. A night on the town. Or a nice quiet evening at home."

Luke rubs his eyes. "Ok Sonny, I'm all confused. Don't you hate Alexis? And I know she's not too flattered by you."

Sonny laughs. "No way. I don't hate her. We just don't communicate that often. Since I obtained joint custody of Kristina, she's been pissed at me."

Luke snorts. "Obtained. I like that word. And you and Alexis do need to learn to share a sandbox."

Sonny leans back in his chair. "You wanna go out with us Luke? I could use some witnesses…I mean support."

Luke puffs his cigar and furrows his brow. "What are you up to Sonny?"

"Jason, let me ask you something."

Jason gives Alexis his attention.

"Yes Alexis."

"Do you think Sonny would go out with me?"

"Will he be getting ass afterwards?"

"Did you know that your sense of humor has been improving since the reverse lobotomy?"

Jason laughs. "Yea sure. Why not? Of course he'd go out with you. He seems to think you're pissed at him."

Alexis squirms in her chair. "There are days that I'd like to pump a couple bullets in him by my direction but by the hands of another individual like yourself, but I love Sonny. And I want to go out where there's a crowd of people to see me with him and him with me before his last moments…"

Alexis' thought trails off. Jason stares at Alexis to finish her sentence. She starts to laugh.

"What do you mean by his last moments Alexis?"

"My therapist shared a new concept with me today. Kevin told me that I must live every moment of my life as if it's my last and I want to live every potential last moment with Sonny. Mine and his."

Alexis tries not to cough up a laugh. Sonny walks up to Alexis and Jason outside of Kelly's.

"Hey Alexis I'm going to make this brief cause I've got my pride, but I'm not above showing a little weakness if it fits my agenda so uh, you wanna go out?"

Alexis tries not to seem overzealous. "I'm not sure if I'm free…"

Jason kicks Alexis under the table. She returns the favor with a Jimmy Choo to Jason's so very sensitive part.

Sonny peeks under the table. "You two ok? Am I interrupting?"

Alexis stands up to give Sonny her undivided attention. "Yea Sonny. I would love to go out. Any suggestions?"

"Can I surprise you?"

"No. I don't like surprises. Especially if we're leaving Kristina with a sitter."

"Ok. No surprises. How about the Greystone?"

"WHAT?!" Alexis and Jason both exclaim in unison.

Alexis crosses her arms. "Why the Greystone?"

"I'm just trying to be romantic."

"Romantic? I don't like romance. I want fun. Like a DJ, clubby kind of place."

"Ok. We'll be clubby. Whatever that means. What about someplace in Puerto Rico?"

Jason shakes his head.

Sonny throws up his hands with frustration. "Are you going on this date too Jason?"

"You're striking out Sonny. I think she spelled it out for you."

"Ok Alexis. You pick where we go and I'll pick you up in the limo."

"Your limo?"

"What the fuck Alexis!"

"I just don't want to ride in your limo."

Sonny takes a deep breath and throws his head back for serenity. "I will hop on my bike and pedal over to Wyndemere to pick your ass up. Either you go or you don't. My contact will find you either way."

"Your what?" She exclaims.

Sonny stares at Alexis.

"What I say?"

"You said your contact."

"I said my compass. I got a new compass on my bike. Shows me east, west, north, and south. Am I picking you up or what?"

"I'll take a cab."