The door burst open and two green people entered the room.

Invader ZIM: Are we late?

Fred Fredburger: YES!

Basutei: They're not sitting at our table.

Invader ZIM: Well I did something evil. Don't you want to know what?

Sam: Not really.

Puff: I'd rather argue with my girlfriend about my spending habits and she's not here.

Fred: Yes.

ZIM: Okay then I the amazing ZIM! Shall tell a story better than all the stories ever told.


ZIM Narrating

It all started when something happened. He, he look at me so amazing and ZIMMY. Then the dirt-monster giant-headed enormous cranium Dib showed up.

Dib: (To the heavens) MY HEAD IS NOT BIG!

ZIM: How could you here that?
Dib: I don't know. It's kind of creepy.

Fred: YES!


Fred: Yes. (Leave)

Now AS I WAS SAYING! My incredible brain of ZIM had cooked up an evil plan.

ZIM: Hey Dib!

Dib: Huh?

I threw a rabid squid at giant head. I'M SO AMAZING!

Dib: AHHH! (Runs around screaming as a squid mauls him)


ZIM: And then Dib stopped breathing. THE END!

Sam and High Warlord Van Krakken clapped everyone else just stared at the alien.

Fred Fredburger on the other hand and gotten up and was standing at the center of the room.

Fred: I like to tell stories here's a good one the momma told and sometimes she back me cookies with chocolate chips and sometimes she bakes peanut butter bars and sometimes she doesn't bake me anything.


Fred Fredburger Narrating

I like music, I like, I like music that goes like this FA LA LA LA LAAAAAAAA! But sometimes I like the music that goes like this na na la na na la! And I also like the music that goes like this BOOM BA BOOM BA BOOM BOOM! Yes.

ZIM: Get on with the story chub monster!

Once there was a moose with a glowy nose. None of the other moose liked him or let him play their moose games. But his nose really was glowy. Yes. And he then ate cocktail weenies. I like cocktail weenies! And filling out paper work, and frozen yogurt.

Billy: I love those things too! But not as much as nachos!

I like nachos. And I can spell my name my real good. F-R-E-D F-R-E-D-B-U-R-(Long Pause)G-E-R! Fred Fredburger! YES!


Everyone stared at Fred.

Dirti: I thought it was awesome! Does anyone wanna join my guild?

All: NO!

Dirti: But what's wrong with the Knights of the Totally Awesome and Happy Making Friendly Time?


Next chapter is a vote it will be either: How Zinwraith met Santa Claus or The Toilet that Almost Ruined Christmas.