Title: Don't Say That
Not for profit, just for fun.
A/N: My first drabble.. Inspired by an icon my sister had which read "Don't tell me I'm hot or sexy, it's not what I want to hear. I want to hear 'You're beautiful.'" I hope you enjoy...

"But you're so...hot! I mean, the hair, the eyes..."

"MCKAY! Guh..." She irritatedly brushed past him.

"I love that whole sexy facade of disinterest you give me, it's so...hot." He smirked.

"You're full of crap, McKay." Sam went back to working on tweaking the hyperdrive.

"But you are. Really! I just--"

"MCKAY! Back off! Let her work." Jack joined Sam at the crystal panel. "You know, as irritating as he is," he whispered, "he's got the gist of it. The words are all wrong though." She paused in her work but didn't look up. "You're beautiful."

Sam smiled.