(5 years later)

"Ne, Otou-san are we still going to the park tomorrow?"

A miniature Sasuke grabbed on his father tugging on his sleeve trying to get his attention. His grayish eyes stared at his father as he sighed at his sons actions.

"Kazuma, you shouldn't hang on your father like that."

A long hair woman walked in giggling slightly at the scene before her. She made her way towards her husband, and gave him a light peck on the cheek and looked down at her five year old son.

"Gomen kaa-san."

Hinata bended down and kissed her son on the head. Kazuma looked just like his father except his grayish eyes, which were a mix of Hinata's and Sasuke's. Just like any other boy, Kazuma wanted to be just like his father. Hinata smiled dearly at her son and whispered in his ears.

"How would you like fried teriyaki chicken with some udon for dinner?"

Kazuma's eyes lit up as his favorite foods were on the menu tonight.


Hinata giggled at her son's antics.

"Well as I do that why don't you entertain your father, ne?"


Hinata smiled and kissed her son on the cheek. She turned and smiled at Sasuke who had made his way on a couch trying to read a book. She shook her head knowing Sasuke's relaxing time will soon come to an end. Leaving the two behind, she made her way to the kitchen.



Sasuke looked up from his book, seeing his son jump in his lap.

"Otou-san you never answered my question?"

Sasuke's eye twitched slightly from slight annoyance. He knew this was Hinata's doing knowing how she likes to leave him with his hyperactive son. He sighed slightly and looked at his son.

"Kazuma, I'm not sure if we are going tomorrow, it's supposed to rain."

"Eh?" Kazuma looked at Sasuke with a confuse face, trying to register what his father said. Soon a frown was place on his face, knowing that if it rains he can't go to the park.

Sasuke looked at his son and sighed. He ruffled Kazuma's hair breaking his train of thought.

"Don't worry, ne? I'll take you the next day if it rains tomorrow."

Sasuke smiled hoping to cheer Kazuma up.

Kazuma smiled slightly and looked at the ground. He really wanted to go to the park and spend time with his otou-san.

Seeing that his smile didn't cheer up Kazuma, an idea came to Sasuke's head.

"I know what we could. Why don't we make a teru teru bōzu?"

Kazuma looked at Sasuke with confusion written on his face.

"Ano…what is a teru teru bōzu otou-san?"

Sasuke chuckled slightly and smiled at his son.

"It's a magical amulet that prevents rainy days. But it only works for the day after. So if you don't want it to rain tomorrow we have to make on right now."

Kazuma's face lit up with childish excitement as his father gave him hope. Maybe tomorrow won't be so bad after all.

"Otou-san lets make it now!"

"Hai, hai."

Sasuke put his book down and picked Kazuma up. He smiled at his son, knowing that he was his pride and joy.

"Arigatou Otou-san."

"You're welcome Kazuma."

Teru-teru-bōzu, teru bōzu
Ashita tenki ni shite o-kure
Itsuka no yume no sora no yō ni
Haretara kin no suzu ageyo

(Teru-teru-bozu, teru bozu
Do make tomorrow a sunny day
Like the sky in a dream sometime

If it's sunny I'll give you a golden bell)

Teru-teru-bōzu, teru bōzu
Watashi no negai wo kiita nara
Amai o-sake wo tanto nomasho

(Teru-teru-bozu, teru bozu
Do make tomorrow a sunny day
If you make my wish come true
We'll drink lots of sweet rice wine)

Teru-teru-bōzu, teru bōzu
Ashita tenki ni shite o-kure
Sore de mo kumotte naitetara
Sonata no kubi wo chon to kiru zo

(Teru-teru-bozu, teru bozu
Do make tomorrow a sunny day
But if it's cloudy and you are crying (i.e. it's raining)
Then I shall snip your head off)


Soooooooooooooooo hellos yeah I made the epilogue lol yeah if you guess I was in a total mood to write. Yeah I give my thanks to Wikipedia for supplying info about the teru teru bozu. I hope you guys liked it. Please review!