Chapter 1

I read a legend about the Chinese Zodiac animals. The rat announced a big feast, hosted by the Jade Emperor, to the other animals. He tricked the cat into thinking that the feast is the next day. The cat and the rat were best of friends. The cat slept through the feast and later found out he missed it. Thus, began a rivalry between the rat and the cat because of the rat's trickery.

"There it is. Duel Academia," Asuka smiled cheerfully seeing the island from a few distances away from the ship. Her long blonde hair whistled through the breeze.

I wonder what my first day at the Academia would be like. My new friends, what will they be like? She mused.

The Chancellor and Chronos (aka Dr. Vellian Crowler) waited at the dock as the ship made it safely. The Chancellor welcomed the new students as they all stepped off the ship.

"Follow me everyone while I'll lead you to your respective dorms," Chronos announced. The students followed him as were told.

Few moments later as they walked up the pathway, Asuka spotted a run down dorm with a red rooftop on a nearby hill. She let herself fall behind and took a little detour.

She walked up the hill towards the red dorm. As she approached it, she spotted a table with 12 cards with pictures of each Chinese Zodiac animals. Her eyes sparkled with a gleeful astonishment.

She became startled when she heard a voice.

"Hello there, May I help you?" Appeared before her was a man with glasses and long dark hair in a ponytail. He carried a cat in his arms.

"Oh, I was…a bit surprised and amazed seeing these cards," Asuka stammered. "My name is Asuka Tenjoin. I'm a new student here." She bowed.

"Ah, I'm one of your professors, Daitokuji and head of the Osiris dorm you see here. This is my cat, Pharaoh. I see you will be in Obelisk Blue."


Asuka nodded. She studied Pharaoh a bit. "According to the Chinese Zodiac legend, the cat was left out."

"Ah yes, that legend. I'm very familiar with it. These cards are my prized collection. Anyway welcome to the Academy and I hope to see you again in class."

"Thank you sensei."

"Sensei, are you bothering the new students again?"

"I never!" Daitokuji insisted. "How could you say that to your professor, Edo?"

"I overheard you're a new student, miss," a teenage boy said. He had gray hair and beautiful sapphire eyes. "I'm Edo Phoenix, born to be a Grand-prix champion in duel monsters."


Daitokuji sighed. "He was always dismissed from classes to go and compete in a tournament. He's quite talented," he admired.

"So, don't mind me asking, but why are you a student at this academy?" Asuka pressed.

"Well," Edo was cut off when a certain teenage boy yelled his name out loud.

"Edo!!! Let's have a rematch duel here and now!!" A boy with brown hair in a red jacket rushed towards them. Asuka thought the boy looked a bit angry at Edo, who sighed.

"Great, its that Judai Yuuki," Edo murmured.

As Judai came in close, he suddenly tripped and fell forward towards Asuka. Daitokuji freaked out, as the two were about to fall on top of the table of cards.

"AH!! No, my cards!!" He rushed to try and prevent Asuka and Judai from crushing the cards. Edo rushed in to try and prevent Judai's fall.

In mere seconds, Asuka's eyes widened as she was surrounded by three puffs of smoke. As the smoke puffs cleared, she blinked couple of times as she sat on the ground. Her eyes bugged out as three animals surrounded her: a brown/orange cat on her chest; a gray mouse/rat on her shoulders, and a black dog with glasses by her side. The guys' clothes were on the ground.

She freaked out a bit. What have I gotten myself into? I enrolled in a dueling school of humans transforming to animals!

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