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Chapter 2

The sun shone its rays down upon the Obelisk girls' dorm. Its blinding rays cause Asuka's eyes to stir. She sat up and rubbed her eye.

Was that all a dream? She thought back when she witnessed Judai, Edo, and Daitokuji (aka Professor Banner) transforming into animals.


Three puffs of smoke appeared before Asuka's eyes. As the smoke cleared, she spotted a dog, rat, and a cat.

Edo sighed and explained, "When we are hugged by the opposite sex, we become the animals of the zodiac. Also, please keep this is secret."

"Oh, I see."

Asuka's eyes widened like saucers when the three turned back into their normal human forms. "AH!! Put your clothes back on!!" she squealed, blushing.


Asuka sighed. "I guess not." She heard a knock on her door. "Yes? Who is it?"

The door opened and in came Momoe (Mindy) and Junko (Jasmine), Asuka's roommates.

"Breakfast is ready downstairs," Momoe informed.

"And Good Morning!" Junko said cheerfully.

"Okay, and good morning to you both, too," Asuka said.


Asuka walked down the hall reading her schedule of classes for her first day. "Hmm, let's see. First class of the day is math." She paused when she spotted Judai coming her way.

"Hi there," Judai said with a grin.

"Um, hi." That's odd. He seems in a happy mood today unlike yesterday when he looked like he wanted to kill Edo.

"About yesterday, sorry about that," Judai apologized rubbing the back of his head. "You know, falling on you."

"Oh, right. Forget it."


Asuka spotted a short boy wearing an Osiris uniform and light blue hair running towards them. He huffed and puffed grasping for breath.

"Hey Sho…"

"Aniki! You didn't wait for me!!" Sho scolded.

"Uh, sorry."

Sho sighed.

"Sho, meet Asuka. She's new here," Judai introduced. Asuka smiled and waved. She bowed slightly.

"Nice to meet you."

Sho blushed a little bit. He thought she was kinda pretty. "I-It's nice to meet you too. Sho Marufuji (aka Syrus Truesdale)."

"Move it!!"

Asuka spotted a teenage boy with black hair in a unique hairstyle and jet eyes. He wore a black trench coat and all black. He stomped and pushed his way through the students.

"Hey Manjyome," Judai greeted with a grin.

"It's Thunder!" Manjyome corrected.

"Meet our new student, Asuka. This is Manjyome (or known as Chazz Princeton)," Judai introduced.

Manjyome pushed Judai to the side. "Jun Manjyome at your service," he bowed slightly in a gentleman manner. "People call me Thunder, but for a pretty girl like you, you can call me anything you like." He winked at her.

Asuka blinked couple of times as a response. "Er….okay…."

"I wouldn't catch him flirting with you and following you everywhere," Sho whispered to Asuka.

"What was that you little shrimp?" Manjyome exclaimed at Sho.

"I am not a shrimp!!" Sho retorted. He and Manjyome glared at each other.

"Judai, do they always bicker like this?" Asuka asked Judai.

"I wouldn't worry. Manjyome can be such a cow over certain dumb things," Judai assured.

Manjyome's ear twitched as he heard Judai. "I heard that you slacker!!"

"Are there any Jyuunishi like you on this island? Asuka asked curiously, whispering to Judai.


"A cutey knows!!" Manjyome's eyes turned into shape of hearts and hearts hovered above his head. He rushed towards Asuka with open arms. Sho quickly stood in between them with his arms spread out.


A light blue bunny with light gray eyes lay on Asuka's lap. Asuka found a black cow with jet eyes looking at her. Sho and Manjyome's clothes were on the floor around Asuka.

"Uh oh this is troublesome," Judai said.

Some students stared at them and wondered where the bunny and the cow came from. Also, why Sho and Manjyome's clothes are on the ground.

Asuka quickly grabbed the clothes and scooped Sho in her arms. She, Manjyome, and Judai rushed down the hallway until they found a storage room. Judai opened the door and pushed Manjyome in, trying to make him fit through the door. Asuka helped shove him in face first. Sho hopped in the room, following the clothes that Asuka just threw. Judai and Asuka quickly closed the door just in time to meet Professor Chronos (Dr. Crowler).

"What are you two doing? Shouldn't you two be in class?" Chronos asked, cocking an eyebrow. "What are you two hiding?"

"We'll be right there," Judai replied nervously.

"We're hiding nothing," Asuka defended.

Chronos looked at Judai then Asuka with suspicion. He then walked off. "Class will start in 3 minutes."

Judai and Asuka sighed with relief. They heard banging from the inside. "Open this door slacker!" they heard Manjyome from the inside.

Judai opened the door and saw Manjyome and Sho back to human form and in their clothes.

"Judai, I have a bad feeling that Professor Chronos suspects us," Asuka remarked. "He was looking at us suspiciously." Judai didn't respond but agreed.

"Suspicious about what?" Asuka, Judai, Manjyome, and Sho heard a stern voice near them.

Judai, Manjyome, and Sho became shocked to see whom the voice belonged to.



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