In Those Empty Glass Eyes

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Author's Note: "Ami" is the French word for friend, and I believe it is pronounced "Ah-mee". Also, this story is based on a short story from the Comic Anthology. Though I do not know Japanese, it was the only story that was easy to understand, and I found it extremely touching. I made up a lot of the events in here too, so a good deal of this is also my original work.

Chapter One

For the Girl Who Has Everything

You're such a lucky girl

That's what they always say

Rich and beautiful and bright

Sir Rosenqueen sighed,looking truly downtrodden as he exited the dress shop. All the gowns he had looked at had been beautiful-worthy of a princess. There was not a girl in all of Marl's Kingdom that would not love to simply try on such a dress, let alone receive one as a birthday present. And yet…

Tomorrow was the sixth birthday of his daughter, Etoile Rosenqueen. He was extremely wealthy and could afford to buy her whatever she wanted, but she had not asked for anything in particular, and despite weeks of searching, he had not found a suitable gift. Dresses were nice, but she already owned the prettiest and most expensive ones. There were always new toys out on the market, but she never played with the ones he bought her, so what was the point?

He wanted to make this present especially special, as a sort of apology to her, Both he and his wife were extremely busy people, running the large Rosenqueen store and such, so they had little time to spend with their young daughter. Etoile had never noticed before, as she had spent most of her free time playing happily with her friend Cornet and Cornet's mother, Sister Cherie. But last year, Cherie had been killed in a tragic accident, which had deeply upset Etoile, who seemed to blame herself for it, saying over and over again, "I shouldn't have let her go down there…". Then Cornet had started playing with that strange little puppet, Kururu, and Etoile had seemed to feel left out of their close friendship. She would still join in their games, but no longer seemed to enjoy herself. It was as though she was a shadow of her former self.

Her parents had longed to fill the void in her heart themselves, but simply could not spare the time. To make up for it, they gave her money instead, hoping she would buy something that would make her happy. She did buy many lovely and wonderful things for herself, but none of them made her smile. He had not seen his daughter smile since Cherie's death.

Sir Rosenqueen walked wistfully down the streets of Mothergreen, looking into the window of each shop he passed, feeling envious each time he saw a small child lovingly clinging to an adoring parent. He had often wished he and Etoile could have simple lives like that, but, alas, it was not to be.

Just as he was about to give up hope, something caught his eye. Sitting there in the window of a simple toy shop, was a doll that looked eerily like his daughter. It was not as magnificent as the many other dolls she possessed, but he could not take his eyes off it. The same lovely gold locks falling freely to her waist…that frilly white, pink, and red-all her favorite colors-dress that she wore…but it was her expression that made her look so much like his Etoile.

She was smiling, but her pale blue glass eyes had a sad, empty look in them.