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Vincent looked down at his claw. Grimacing slightly, though not enough for it to really register on his face he flexed it.
He didn't look up as he felt someone come to stand next to him. Vincent already knew who it was. He was the only one who would approach him so casually.

"I'm a monster." Vincent said dully.

Cid said nothing as he took a drag on his cigarette. His expression strangely thoughtful and sad.
Vincent looked up and Cid confused. He normally immediately contradicted Vincent, but why not now?

"Do you finally believe I am a monster?" Vincent asked after a couple of minutes, hiding his hurt.

Cid looked down at Vincent with his sky eyes and shook his head,
"What is a Monster, Vin?"
Vincent felt puzzled at such a deep question from Cid. Then he felt Melancholy set in as he answered his voice dull.

" A monster is someone who kills the innocent. Who wants to kill."
Cid took another drag on his cigarette. "And what is Humanity?"
Another deep question from Cid. Vincent wondered if he was feeling all right. "Humanity is…not killing the innocent, being able to feel, to love and hate and laugh and cry, I guess." Vincent said looked at the sky.
"Then you're Human Vin, all the way through." Cid said quietly.
Vincent looked at him and gave a bitter laugh. "No, No I'm not, not with those monster's inside of me. I'll never be human again."
Cid looked at Vincent. Vincent shrank back a bit from the sadness and anger contained in the man's eyes, and what looked like pain. "Do you like what they do Vince? Do you feel guilty? Do you want to cry for what they have done? Do you want to laugh at the sun with us?"

Vincent looked away. "No… I hate what they do. I feel the guilt like a huge weigh on my back. I have cried for what they've done and I do want to laugh with you all but…" Vincent trailed off.
Cid crouched down besides Vincent. Vincent looked at him a bit startled. "Then you are Human Vincent Valentine and don't let them tell you otherwise." With that Cid stood up, snuffed out his cigarette on the deck of the Highwind and vanished into the dark. Before he was completely invisible Vincent heard him say one last thing, very softly, probably not meant for his ears at all

"At least one of us is human still…" With that Cid vanished completely into the dark, beyond even where Vincent's super night vision could reach.
Vincent mused over what Cid had said. "Even more then you Cid Highwind?" He murmured out loud.