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Ages: Ash: 21 Misty: 21 Jasmine: 23 Brock: 24 Daisy/Lily/Violet: 26 ish?

"Misty hurry up Jasmine is already here! If you don't get down here in 10 seconds we are all going to leave without you!" screamed Daisy from the stairs up to her sister.

"Alright I'm coming hold you horses!" Misty screamed back. She sighed as she closed her door and sat her self down in front of the mirror. She stared at herself and her reflection stared right back at her. She had grown up a lot from how she was at age 12. She had lost the yellow tank top, suspenders, and shorts outfit and let her hair grow a bit down to her shoulders, but it was still that fiery orange she always had and sometimes hated. She still had those beautiful cerulean eyes that were bluer than any ocean. She shook her hair a little bit and let her soft orange curls fall in front of her chest and she thought she looked kind of pretty, maybe not as pretty as her sisters, but still acceptable. Truth be told she was a gorgeous young girl and many guys had their eyes on the youngest Waterflower sister but she never noticed them or ignored them because there was only one guy she ever loved and she learned that she couldn't trust her self with any guy without getting her heart shattered. She began lifting her hair into a ponytail when she looked to her left, dropped her hair and sighed. It was a picture of her 10 years ago. She was standing in front of a familiar house, the Ketchum residence, and she was with her arms around her two best friends Brock Slate and Ash Ketchum. She focused her eyes on the boy to her right, that jet black hair she would never forget, the boy who brought her out of her shell, but also broke her heart. She shook her head of the thought and flipped the picture face down to get rid of the memory. She stood back up before stealing one more glance at herself and giving a small smile, hoping that maybe tonight something magical would finally happen. Boy was she right.


"Well girls, me, Daisy, and Violet are meeting up with some friends at this party so you two are alone together ok? Now same rules apply and if any guys try to mess with you, you know how to fend them off, that's why you will find a small convenient bottle of pepper spray in your bag Misty." Violet instructed them joking towards the last part, as she drove down the streets of Cerulean to Pallet Town where the biggest party of the year was being held.

"Yes Lily." Misty and Jasmine said simultaneously. Misty knew that Lily was just trying to look out for her, since she technically was her guardian along with Daisy and Violet, but she seemed to be the one with the most common sense and always looked out for Misty. She knew she was joking about the last part but knew not to mess with her sisters because as much as they cared, their punishments weren't all that pretty, like cleaning up the little gifts the Pokemon left. Misty shuddered at the thought but felt someone's hand go on her arm.

"Look Mist there it is! Wow look at all those lights and all those people!" Jasmine exclaimed. Misty looked out the window and was just as surprised as Jasmine. Normally when she visited Pallet it was the quietest town; she never saw the nightlife of it. Lily pulled up into the parking lot and everyone quickly scrambled out not being able to contain their excitement from going in.

"Name?" asked the security guard at the front of the door.

"Waterflower, party of 6." Daisy responded.

"Right this way miss, your table is number 47." The guard said as he led the girls to their table.

"Six?" asked Misty confused.

"Yeah remember how I told you we are meeting up with my boyfriend here?" Jasmine reminded her.

"Oh right." Misty replied still trying to remember if Jasmine ever told her.

"Here is your table ladies and John will be your server if you need drinks or food at any time." The guard told them.

"Thanks." Violet said.

"Oh this is so awesome!" Daisy said excitedly as she looked at the room. People were dancing everywhere and lights were flashing in every direction. The dance floor took up one half of the room while the round dining tables occupied the other. "K' girls we see our friends over there so we will see you back at the car and 12 sharp got it?" Daisy instructed.

"Whatever you say." Misty replied as the three girls left. " I think they are the ones who need the curfew not us." Misty giggled.

"Come on Mist there is someone I want you to meet." Jasmine said as she pulled her towards a boy. "Misty this is my boyfriend Brock Slate, Brock this is my best friend I was telling you about, Misty Waterflower." Jasmine introduced.

"Misty?" said a surprised Brock. He hadn't seen her in 10 years.

"Wow Brock I haven't seen you in a such a long time!" exclaimed an equally surprised Misty as she gave him a friendly hug.

"How do you guys know each other?" asked a confused Jasmine.

"Jazz, this is the same Brock I traveled with before remember?"

"I didn't know this was the Brock you were talking about, I thought it was a coincidence. Huh small world? Come on Brock we saved ya a seat at our table lets get something to drink." Jasmine told Brock as she led the two back to their table.


"So what have you been doing since we stopped traveling?" Brock asked Misty as he swirled around his straw in his drink.

"Well I just came back to Cerulean, helped my sisters run the gym, and that's pretty much it." Misty shrugged.

"And not to mention she met the best person in the world, moi!" Jasmine joked.

"Of course Jazz became my best friend." Misty added with a smile. Misty looked at the couple, they looked so happy, just like the perfect couple. Like the couple she wished she could be apart of. Brock really was lucky to have Jazz as a girlfriend, she was really sweet, talented, and pretty, and helped Misty at the hardest times. Her brown curls helped bring out her shimmering brown eyes and her smile made you feel so happy inside.

"I'm going to get a refill on my drink. Do you girls need any?" Brock asked as he stood up.

"Nope I'm good, Misty?"

"I'm fine thanks Brock." Misty smiled.

"Ok then be right back." Brock said as he gave Jazz a small kiss on the cheek.

"Wow I cant believe you are actually going out with Brock, we were best friends back in the day." Wow I'm making myself sound ancient Misty thought to herself.

"That's good though, I was scared we wouldn't be able to hold a conversation for more than 2 minutes." Laughed Jasmine and Misty joined in. They chatted for a bit until they were interrupted.

"Hi, I was wondering if you would like to dance?" asked a strangely familiar voice but Misty couldn't think of who it could be.

"Oh sorry, I'm already taken." Jasmine replied coolly.

"Oh um, I was actually asking her." The boy said referring to Misty.

"Oh sure." Misty replied as she stood up. When she turned around to get a better look of the guy she realized he looked strangely familiar. He was very handsome and Misty felt rather weak at the knees, a feeling she hadn't felt in a long time. He led her to the dance floor and a slow song began playing. He hesitantly put his hands on her small waist and she slid her arms up and wrapped them around his neck. After a few seconds of uncomfortable silence he decided to speak up.

"So do you live in Pallet?" he asked.

"Oh no, I'm from Cerulean City." She responded.

"Oh an old friend of mind lived there." He said trying to keep up a conversation.

"I see." She said causing the conversation to come to an end. He just smiled at her and they moved along to the rhythm of the song. She stole some glances at him and so did he. Why does he look so familiar? She asked herself. Towards the middle of the song the two locked eyes and seemed immobilized even though they were still dancing. Those warm chestnut eyes, and black hair, where have I seen them? Nah it couldn't be him, this guy is taller than him and a complete gentleman, it's not possible. I've seen this girl somewhere, that orange hair, and blue eyes, I just can't put my finger on it. Thought the boy just as stumped as she was. When he noticed he was staring at her he quickly broke the trance and looked elsewhere a little red in the face, Misty was just as flushed.

"So you live in Pallet I'm guessing?" Asked Misty trying to get rid of the uncomfortable silence.

"Yeah, my mom is in charge of the party this year."

"Oh that's cool, do I know her?"

"You might, she's a well known gardener now." He replied. "Her names Delia Ketchum." It seemed like someone pressed the pause on the control of the world as soon as he dropped that name. Her nightmare was back. It can't be can it?


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