Final Chapter: Merry Christmas

In the previous chapter, Ganondorf woke up during Christmas morning and is a changed man. He sees Jigglypuff walking in front of his mansion and shouts to her, "Hey kid! This is Christmas morning, right?"

"Yes," she replies. "But you no like Christmas, so no point for you!"

"Kid, would you mind going to the nearest store and buy me the best turkey there? I'll give you whatever amount you want as a reward!"

"You lie!"

"I'm serious! I'll surely pay you greatly!"

Jigglypuff felt suspicious at first, but after thinking of the money she'll get from someone rich but grumpy like him, she runs off to the store and ordered a huge turkey, so big that she got crushed underneath.

"That's so unlike of you to buy something big like this," says the store owner, Bowser.

Ganondorf comes into the store and pays Bowser, much to his surprise, the price for the turkey, and then gives it to a deliveryman to send it to Luigi. "Luigi will never know what's coming to him!" says Ganondorf with a smile.

"You're so different today!" Bowser says to him. "You were so demonic yesterday, and now…"

"Things change! Merry Christmas to you!"

"Merry Christmas!"

Ganondorf goes outside (and offering Jigglypuff the reward he promised) and hops and dances around like some guy on crack, and resulting in many people staring at him with strange eyes. Ganondorf comes upon Fox and Falco. "Hi…" Fox says to him without interest.

"Die!" says Falco, pulling out his gun.

"Don't!" Fox grabs his hand and tries to pull the game away.

"Don't be so angry! I apologize about yesterday!" says Ganondorf. "Here's the money you want!" He takes out a bag of coins and hands it to Fox.

Fox's eye opens wide in surprise. "Are you serious?!"

"Not enough? Here's more!" Ganondorf gives him another bag of coins.

"What the…?"

"Here's more if you think it's not enough!" Ganondord offers him 5 bags of coins and jewelries!

"That's so unlike of you!" says Fox in surprise.

"So unlike of you…" says Falco in awe.

"Merry Christmas and hope you good luck in helping those poor people! I'm off for business!" says Ganondorf in a jolly voice before dancing away. Fox and Falco wave good-bye to him happily and set off to do their work.

A kitten is walking on the road when Ganondorf comes by. Seeing Ganondorf, the kitten quickly curls up in fear that he will kick him, but instead, Ganondorf bends down and pat the kitten on the head. "Nice little kitty!" he says. "Here's a treat for you!" He takes out a fish from his pocket and offers it to the kitten before moving off.

Ganondorf spends the rest of his day going around and greeting people and surprising them. Soon, the word of Ganondorf being a good guy spread everywhere, and people start to respect him more. For some reason, Luigi doesn't know all these, though he did wonder who sent the turkey.


That evening, Ganondorf goes over to his nephew Captain Falcon's house and goes inside. "Hello, my nephew!" he says happily.

CF comes to him and welcomes him happily. "Uncle! I've heard that you have changed your attitude!" he says. "Come on in and let's have fun!"

Ganondorf gladly joins the party, and he just had the most fun time he ever had in his whole life. He joined in all the games, foods, and singings. He was very good at everything, from pie-eating contest all the way to Smash Bros. games, and not to mention dancing.

"What a great day!" Ganondorf tells himself while drinking beer. "I've never had so much fun!"

"It's so amazing that you changed so greatly!" CF says to him. "I really like the way you are now!"

"I'm going to be like this forever! Hahahahaha!"

"You're so different from what I heard about you!" Susanna says to Ganondorf. "You're the man I like!" He gives him a great big hug and tries to kiss him, but Ganondorf pried him off before the dreaded lips come in contact.

And so, he spent the whole night there partying with his relatives and newly-made friends.


The next day, Ganondorf got to his office earlier than he used to, despite the fact he barely slept last night due to the partying. Still, he is full of energy and not tired at all. He sat down in his office and notices that Luigi still hasn't arrive. "He's late…" he tells himself. "Maybe I should give him a little surprise."

He continues sitting there, and when the clock struck 8 A.M. (office starts at 7 A.M.), the door opens and Luigi quietly slips in. He hangs Ganondorf's jacket that he took by mistake on the clothes hanger and pops into his desk and begins working frantically.

Ganondorf comes up to him and says in a grumpy voice, "Have you realized that you are late?"

"Um… Sorry…"

"You think you can get away with this? I have enough of this! Now I shall…" Ganondorf takes out a sheath and reaches his hand to the hilt.

"No! Don't cut off my head!!!" screams Luigi.

"Show you magic!" says Ganondorf, and he pulls the sword, revealing it to actually be flowers.


"And let me tell you, I'm going to increase your salary too!"


"And you can have all the coals to warm yourself too!"


"And I will give a surprise to your family and look after your sick son!"


"C'mon! You can have a day off tomorrow! Let us go to your house and have a happy day!"

"I must be dreaming…" Luigi tells himself.


Luigi comes back home early with Ganondorf behind him, much to Peach's surprise. Ganondorf was carrying a big bag with him, and he opens it and reveals several toys and foods inside! "Hey kids! Come have your fun!" he shouts to Luigi's children.

"Yay! Thank you very much!" exclaim Popo and Nana as they run to have the toys.

Ganondorf sees Pichu sitting in the corner all alone, so he walks to him and pats him on the head. "Little fella, I will be your second father and look after you!" he says to him.

"Uncle…" says Pichu in a tiny voice.


"You stepped on my pee."

"Eeks!" Ganondorf quickly lifts his foot off the smelly puddle on the floor.

"I'm so sorry for my son's behavior!" says Peach, scared to Ganondorf will go angry.

"That's all right! He's just a kid after all!"

"What's wrong with you today, boss?" Luigi asks him.

"Let's not think about that! From now on, I will make sure that your family is rich and also your youngest son is healthy!" says Ganondorf, sitting on a couch with Pichu on his lap. Popo and Nana run to his side and hug him happily, and they all had a fun time.


And so, this is the story of how Ganondorf became a changed man. He lived longer than he should and so did Pichu. The ghost of Snake watches from wherever he is and smiles to himself that Ganondorf was able to escape his fate.

And yeah, that's the end of the story. What were you expecting?


That was short, but enjoyable, right? I hope you like it! Merry Christmas!

All game characters belong to their rightful owners, except for the OCs I've mentioned.