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Riku Harada has always been an unknown writer. Though top of her class and an unbelievable talent, she's still thought of as an amateur.

She had finished college a year ago and yet no matter how hard she tried to get her stories published something always seemed to go wrong. She and her sister went to New York after graduation to try their luck. Unfortunately everything didn't seem to go as planned—at least for Riku, not so much with her sister.

Riku had endured a year of pain from self-absorbed and conceited publishers and she was fucking sick of it all. She swore to herself that she'd find a way to make them regret everything they ever did to her. She promised herself when she first stepped into her college building five years ago that nothing would get in her way to get all her dreams fulfilled—as long as she had a say in any decision—and she was keeping that promise. Year of torture or none, she was going to do everything she could possibly imagine to be known by the whole world as one of the best.

"All of you bitches and assholes deserve one another. I swear the time will come when all of you will regret the day you turned me down. Just you wait and see, soon, every single person in this planet will know of Riku Harada."

Riku was sitting down, finishing a new story for yet another interview. It was useless, she was sure of it, but she needed all the experience she could get. The one good thing about working with all those damn editors and publishers over the last year was her learning of all the necessary tasks to be done and so on and so forth. She needed the skill of editing because an author in the twenty-first century didn't rely on anyone to do the job but themselves. Unlike decades ago, anyone who had money and the skills of a good writer could hire anyone to do the editing when they were done making the story.

The only other help an author could get nowadays is their publishers, if you're lucky enough to find one. But of course, to get a publisher you have to have edited your story and experience in other forms of literature, like journalism, to prove to the publishers that they could still use you in some distant future. If you asked Riku, she would tell you that all that's just bull and she couldn't care less about work experience if only publishers didn't have so many ulterior motives.

In all honesty Riku was in her predicament now because all of the publishers she went to gave her jobs instead of agreeing to publish her book. For example, she's had offers to become the editor of magazines or a columnist in some famous newspaper—but it was never what she wanted. It was a big waste of time but she had no other choice. The silver lining of it all was that the jobs have good pays and Riku was now rich and successful. It was just promotion after promotion but she still wasn't an official author.

Risa appeared then and apparently overheard her twin sister mumbling to herself—again. Risa shook her head, standing in her sister's open doorway.

"What are you mumbling about now, Riku? Is it something you want to talk about? " asked a long haired, soft-spoken young woman with a sweet smile and sincere innocent eyes.

Her name is Risa Harada, the well-loved and the more well-known of the Harada twins.

She just also happened to be one of the most well-known fashion designers and run-way models of their time. Everyone knew her even though she graduated at the same time her sister did. She was the more fortunate one though, being seen with and by the right people. Obviously, being a fashion designer is much, much easier than being an author because of fashion's being the center of New York's economy. Risa knew that, thus her choice of careers—she wasn't all that great with words either.

"It's none of your business. If you really want to help, I suggest that you leave my room and avoid talking to me for the rest of the day. I cannot bear having you hanging around here asking me freaking questions that you know I won't answer."

'The hell I won't answer! If I don't answer half of your questions on a regular day, the more I won't today! I have yet another editorial position to think about, thank the gods. Why can't they get it through their thick skulls that I don't want their bloody jobs?'

"Are you sure?"

"Of course I'm sure." Riku rolled her eyes and folded her arms across her chest. She faced her sister knowing that whatever reason Risa came to her wouldn't wait.

"Um…Riku, can I ask you a question?"

"What is it this time?" she asked back with an exasperated sigh.

"If I said that I have a boyfriend and that he's coming here tonight for dinner, would it be alright if I introduce him to you?" She paused to let the question sink in.

"And will you not stay in your room to finish your story instead of going downstairs and having a civilized conversation with people other than me and or our close friends and relatives?" Risa looked at her sister with a sheepish look on her face.

"It would really mean a lot to me if you gave your approval, 'Ku. Please, please with ice cream and hot fudge on top?" the younger twin pleaded hopefully, a worried smile etched on her face.

Riku couldn't help the laugh that escaped her; Risa just knew the right things to crack her up. She glanced back at the half-finished manuscript on her desk then back at her sister. Riku sighed knowing that she would do anything for her sister. "Sure, if it means so much to you then I'll talk with this guy of yours." She shrugged nonchalantly.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! You're the greatest, 'Ku! You're an absolute angel!" Risa squealed, jumping up and down with a grin that almost reached her ears.

"He isn't Dark Mousy, is he?" Riku thought aloud suddenly, a scowl replacing the smile she was wearing only seconds ago.

That was the golden question Risa wished her sister would never ask. But she knew it was coming, it was her fault anyway, talking about only Dark for two years straight.

"No, it's not him but to be honest, I really did like him before, 'Ku. But now I think of Dark as a friend and no more. Riku, I've met someone else! Someone so wonderful, someone who made my heart beat so fast I couldn't resist finally falling for him!"

"Finally falling for him? What do you mean by that?" Riku raised an eyebrow, the scowl only slightly lifted from her face.

"Don't worry, sis, we'll get there when we'll get there," Risa tried evading—but very poorly. Riku could see right through her but let it slip for now.

"Well, let's get this over with. If you're going to make me suffer, better make it quick or else I might slam the door on your boyfriend's face and you wouldn't want that as his first impression on your family, now would you?" A smile was now playing on Riku's lips.

"You're not mad anymore? What perfect timing for him to come!" The other burst out into a fit of giggles.

Riku sighed inwardly.

Just then doorbell rung. Both of them looked at each other and smiled and before Riku realized it, Risa was already on her way out of her sister's room. The elder Harada simply went back to writing, trying to think at the back of her mind who Risa's mystery man could possibly be.