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Sasuke couldn't move. He couldn't breathe. He had just witnessed the love of his life being thrown through a two-story window to land hard against the cold concrete street. Her body didn't move and it was in a crumpled mess. A dangerous amount of blood surrounded her in a large pool. Somewhere in his frozen mind, a thought ran across. The others must be in the same amount of shock since no one was moving towards Sakura. It felt like forever, but it ws really only a few seconds. Then everything sped up and Tsunade rushed forward to Sakura's fallen form. How hard the mighty fall. Death was knocking on Sakura's door. The question was, would she answer the door as she turned around to the noise? Sakura's father stumbled out the front door. Her eyes began to flutter open as Tsunade and Shizune tried to quickly heal the poor girl. They were trying to save as much blood as possible. Tsunade knew Sakura would need a transfusion soon.

"Sakura? Can you hear me?"

Sakura's eyes moved quickly to Tsunade.

"Do you remember what happend?"

Her brows creased in confusion. She tried to speak but choked on blood rising in her throat. Her eyes wildly went around trying to piece it all together. Sakura's scared eyes locked with Sasuke's. Before he even realized it himself, Sasuke had made it to her side. Gently he took her hand and stroked her bloody cheek. A tear ran down the side of her face. The confusion was beginning to life. Sakura was starting to remember. She tried to say his name but the blood once again blocked her way. She coughed up the blood, hoping to open the pathway. Sakura soon regretted that action seeing Sasuke wince at how much came up. Tsunade and Shizune were still hard at work but the healing process was slow. Sakura's head turned hearing her father mumbling. He unevenly walked over.

"Stand up you little slut."

Sakura winced in pain and something in Sasuke snapped. He roughly grabbed Sakura's father by his collar pushing him back into the wall of the house. His body roughed collided with the wall and no one stopped Sasuke. They all were thinking the same thing after all. Sakura's eyes widened in surprise in horror. Sasuke roughed grabbed the man's face to look directly at him. Her father looked at Sasuke venomously. Sakura opened her mouth but nothing came out. Kakashi and Naruto did nothing but watch Sasuke. Ino and Hinata prayed that Sakura survived. Tsunade and Shizune concentrated on Sakura. Tsunade didn't tell Sasuke to back off. After all to Tsunade, Sakura was like a daughter. This was all she could do for her inability to protect the said woman, but in some ways, child. Sasuke tightened his hold on the drunken man making him wince.

"Don't you dare... ever... call her that again." Sasuke emphazied on every word.

Mr. Haruno spit to the side. "I can call her whatever I want."

Sasuke's fist collided with his stomach. The man coughed from the impact. Blood came out from the force. Sasuke let the man go and he slipped to th ground clutching his stomach. An eerie laugh escaped him.

"Is that the best you got? That child should even be here."

Sasuke kicked him back into the wall causing a crater. Sakura gasped in surprise. A chant began in her head because she could not voice it. No Sasuke-ku, don't do it. Over and over again it repeated in her heard, never once escaping her lips.

"What? You want to screw her before she dies. I'm sure she wouldn't mind. She probably slept with half the men in the village."

Sasuke stepped on his leg and the sound of bone cracking reached their ears. Tears began to fall down Sakura's face. She reached a small weak hand up as if trying to grasp Sasuke. He pulled the screaming man up.

"Why do you hate her so much? She tries harder than anyone I know. Sakura had worked so hard by herself. She is probably just as powerful as myself and Naruto, so why?" Sasuke pushed him into the wall again. "Why?" He screamed over him.

"Because she killed her! She killed my wife." He was crying in pain. Sasuke unconciously dropped him and Sakura's eyes had widened in surprise. "I knew she had a weak heart. I told her to get rid of the baby. We would be fine as long as we had each other. But then that..." He shot a horrible look at Sakura. However, she looked up at the sky with a blank expression. "That thing came along. She wouldn't get rid of it. Everything will be fine she said. Everything will work out she said. But because she gave birth, her heart was weakened even more. Then she died, and that bitch did nothing to help her."

Tsunade remembered that incident very clearly. There was nothing Sakura could have done. It happened to quickly. The heart just finally decided to stop. Sakura couldn't have prolonged her mother's life no matter what she tried. Tsunade knew it wasn't her fault. Sakura knew it wasn't her fault, but that didn't stop herself from blaming herself. It was a cross that she must bear. Sakura looked over at the man who now covered his face as he wept. He then looked up and glared at his only child.

"She should die so I can atone for my wife's death. It's all her fault!"

He got up and tried to come after her. He pulled a kunai out.

"Anbu? You make me laugh. You need help even as an Anbu. You disgrace!"

Sakura's father charged at her. Sasuke appeared in front. Sakura saw Sasuke's own kunai knife. Her stomach dropped because she knew how this was going to end. In a last bit of energy, Sakura disappeared. She reappeared and knocked Sasuke back. Sakura then faced her father. It all happened in seconds. Everyone gasped in surprise and Sasuke looked up. Her father was impaling her with a kunai. Sakura's grip on his arm was tight. He grunted in displeasure and tried to pull out. Sakura's grip held him firm in place.

"Look Otou-san."

He tried again to pull out.

"I said look!"

The authority in her voice shocked her father. Naruto and Sasuke had only hear it one other time, at the chunin exams. He looked down in obedience. Years as a shinobi taking orders from higher-ups, did not leave you quickly. It had felt like receiving an order from a captain, and Sakura was one. His hand held tight to a kunai knife. Sakura's small but strong hands held onto his dirty arm. Her blood covered everything. It dripped off onto the concrete street.

"This is the blood that both Okaa-san and you made. This body is the gift Okaa-san made in her body for me. This knife is nothing more than a weapon to kill. Whether you like it or not," Sakura coughed up alot of blood. "I am Okaa-san and you."

By now, his hand began to shake and Sakura released him. He stumbled back and screamed. Sakura's body gave out and Sasuke caught her. He held her broken body tightly as Tsunade quickly tried to remove the kunai and close the wound. Sasuke looked her body over in disgust. His eyes raised to the man clutching his head. Murder was clearly intent in his eyes. He was beginning to move when her voice stopped him.

"Sasuke don't!"

He looked down at her in shock. She slowly, weakly shook her head no. Her eyelids were beginning to feel heavy.

"Why not?" Sasuke whispered.

Sakura strained to hear him, feeling herself fading quickly. Her eyes shut in sleep and she felt Sasuke clutch her tighter.

"He's the only family I have." Sakura said before letting go of the world.

"Sakura?" Everyone turned to her in alarm, hearing the urgency in Sasuke's voice. "Sakura? Sakura!"

Sakura awoke in the hospital. She wasn't too surprised, since she always ended up here somehow. The memories of what happened came back. Tears came to her eyes. Sakura surpressed a sniffle. She turned her head hearing a moan and a squeeze of her hand. Sasuke laid on his arm while the other clutched her hand. The blanket and pillow proved he been there awhile. Sakura thought he looked tired and worn out. She briefly wondered what happned to her father. Sakura tried to lift herself before collapsing back from weakness and pain. The movement instantly woke Sasuke. His eyes quickly focused and he turned to her. Her cheeks were puffed out in anger, and Sakura looked ready to throttle something. He chuckled and moved the wisp of hair out of her eyes. Sakura then focused on Sasuke.

"How are you feeling?"



"I can't sit up on my own."

Sasuke smirked as he helped Sakura prop herself up. He raised the bed and situated some pillows. Sakura sat back with a contented sigh. Sasuke sat back down and retook her hand.

"Where's my father?"

Sakura saw Sasuke work his jaw. She knew he was having a hard time with this. Sakura felt dread move though her by Sasuke's silence. She prayed and hoped Sasuke didn't kill him after she lost conciousness. Her hand squeezed his tight. He looked at her scared expression. He was giving her the wrong impression.

"Hokage-sama had him thrown into a prison cell."

Sakura sighed in relief. Sasuke titled his head in confusion.

"Why keep him alive?"

Sakura turned back to him not understanding. Her eyes widened in surprise. Sasuke's face was in pure anger. It was an expression that they all learned was reserved for his brother Itachi. So Sakura didn't really understand why he was using it now. Her small hand touched his cheek trying to make it disappear. Sasuke captured her hand in his. His expression turned to one of anguish.

"Why? If you just let us, myabe we could atone a little for letting this happen."

Sakura made a shushing sound.

"I already told you why I'm keeping him alive."

"I'm not satisfied with that answer!" He screamed.

Sakura flinched because of the volume, not because she was scared. It only took a couple things to scare Sakura these days. Sasuke's temper was not one of them.

"Please, just let it go. I don't want all this hatred that you harbor inside yourself to kill you."

Sakura shut her eyes for more sleep and Sasuke didn't try to keep her awake. When her breathing slowed and evened out, Sasuke stood. He lightly kissed her forehead and quietly left the room. He nearly collided with Shizune. Tsunade stood right behind her. She noticed his expression.

"Still angry I didn't let you kill him huh?"

"A little, more like Sakura won't tell me the real reason for saving him."

"That's all?"

Sasuke became miffed by Tsunade's surpsied face. Sasuke glared at her to get her to stop. Tsunade coughed getting the picture and her expression went back to normal. Sasuke kept glaring waiting for her answer.

"It's really just simple reason. When you know Sakura like the rest of us, you realize it's a very Sakura thing."

"The reason?"

Tsunade looked at him very seriously.

"She didn't want us to live with that sin. Sakura didn't like the thought that we would forever carry the burden of knowing that we killed her only family member left."

Sasuke didn't know say anything.

"She didn't let her hatred drive her so far to hurt those around her." Tsunade pointed out to someone in particular.

Sasuke ignored it. He knew full well why he didn't accept Sakura's love declaration so long ago. He knew full well that if Sakura was ever forced into the same situation, she would never had followed him down that path. She probably knew it too. Seeing what became of him, Sakura didn't want to become like that. So she endured what he had not and still came out the better person. He was glad that she did, because he never would have wished for her to become like him. Sasuke walked away.

"Where are you going?"

"I need to clean up and get some food. I'll be back before she wakes up again."

Tsunade frowned seeing him leave. However, she thought it was best that she have this conversation with Sakura without him around. She entered Sakura's room feeling Sasuke leave the hospital. The girl's eyes instantly opened and she looked directly at Tsunade. She gave the older woman a small warm smile. Tsunade returned it as she sat beside her. Sakura could see the bags around Tsunade's eyes and she felt sorry for the trouble she caused. She patted Tsunade's arm in an apology. Tsunade smiled and shook her head.

"Don't worry about it. I'm fine."

Silence ensued and Sakura looked at Tsunade again. She knew that this wasn't the reason Tsunade was here.

"We healed the major wounds. The small wounds we left to heal on their own. We had to give you a couple transfusions due to all the blood loss. We really almost lost you this time Sakura-chan. However..."

"I know."

Tsunade's head shot up in surprise. Her wide eyes met those of Sakura's content ones. Sakura closed them and leaned back into the pillows.

"You don't need to say it. I already know. After all, the person who should know my body best is me. Thank you for all your hardwork Tsunade-shishou."

Tsunade looked at her with such a sad expression. Sakura just smiled and tried to find sleep again to recover some strength. Tsunade sat beside her until Sasuke returned.

"I don't want an apple Sasuke-kun!" Sakura complained.

Sasuke sighed.

"Then what do you want?"

He rubbed his forehead in anger. Sakura was currently being difficult.

"An orange."

Sasuke sighed again and tossed the half peeled apple away.

"Sasuke-kun that's wasting!"

"What would you have me do with it Sakura?" He asked through clenched teeth.

She giggled.

"Make Naruto eat it."

Sasuke smirked. He should have done that for some entertainment. Sasuke peeled the orange. He tossed the peelings into the trash.

"Why haven't you been training? Tsunade-shishou is going to get angry if you start lagging during missions."

Sasuke scoffed.

"Not possible."

"It is too. Even the best will lag if they don't train and rest properly Sasuke-kun."

"Don't argue with me Sakura."

Sakura puffed her cheeks out in anger.

"You're the one arguing with me."

Sasuke smirked and handed her the peeled orange. Sakura's eyes brightened and she tossed a piece of the orange into her mouth. She happily munched her food. Sasuke became irritated hearing the sound of loud footsteps. The door slid open with a bang and Sakura choked on the orange. Naruto quickly came in shouting.

"Hi Sakura-chan!"

Naruto sweat dropped at the sight in front of him. Sasuke was worriedly patting Sakura's back, trying to dislodge the food. Sakura was coughing violently. Ino came in and hit Naruto hard across the back of his head. He screamed at her in pain. Ino then hit Sakura's back hard and the orange flew out of her mouth. She gave a couple more coughs and then thanked Ino with a smile. Sasuke sighed, glad now that was over. He directed a deadly glare at Naruto. The poor boy gulped nervously before inching away. Sasuke was already at him and beating him up. Sakura just giggled.

"I'm okay now Sasuke-kun. Stop beating up Naruto now."

Sasuke let him go and came back to Sakura. Ino sweat dropped. She looked at Sakura, mentally telling her she had Sasuke trained well. Sakura just looked back with a smile.

"So you're leaving tomorrow eh, Forehead-chan?"

"Ah. I'll be staying with Tsunade-shishou."

"Why not with Sasuke-san?"

Both teenagers turned a bright red. Naruto laughed and pointed at Sasuke.

"Teme, are you blushing?"

Bad move once again by Naruto. Sasuke resumed beating up the poor boy. Sakura just sighed as she talked with Ino. Sakura felt a sharp pain but didn't show anything.

Sakura sat under the shade of a tall oak tree. She watched as Sasuke and Naruto threw punchs and kicks. Kakashi was helping them prepare for the Anbu test. Sakura sat close by to observe and give pointers. After all, she knew what was going to happen at the test. Naruto collapsed in exhaustion as Sasuke rested on his knee. He slowly walked over and collapsed next to Sakura. Sasuke put his head in her lap and she giggled. He was acting like a child. Kakashi sat and read out of his book, and Naruto crawled over to the shade before collapsing. Both boys slept as the afternoon went on. It felt like back when Team 7 was still young and naive. In Kakashi's words and thoughts, they had been cute. Hinata soon came with a large basket. The smell of ramen instantly woke Naruto. He nearly tackled his girlfriend. Sasuke woke from all the noise Naruto was making Kakashi waved his hand.

"I'm off to have lunch with Asuma and Kurenai."

Kakashi disappeared in a puff of smoke. Naruto began shoveling in the ramen as Hinata gave Sakura onigiri and tea.

"Those two are spending alot of time together." Naruto said with a mouthful of noodle.

Sakura made a disgusted face. Hinata forcefully shut his mouth.

"Naruto-kun, don't talk with your mouthful."

Naruto nodded his head in udnerstanding.

"Anyways, it's not that surprising that Kurenai-sensei and Asuma-san are always together." Hinata answered.


"Because they're married." Sakura replied like it was an every day fact.

Both boys choked on their respective food. Hinata patted Naruto's back as Sakura gave Sasuke a weird look. Sasuke easily got his dislodged and drank some water Sakura handed him. He kissed her cheek in thanks.

"What was that about?"

Sasuke shrugged.

"I guess I just never pictured them together."

Sakura looked like she just discovered treasure.

"The 'Uchiha, Sasuke' actually thinks about stuff like that?"

Sasuke attacked her sides sending her into a fit of giggles.

"Ha, ha, very funny."

He eventually relented and they resumed eating happily together. Naruto and Hinata were blushing like crazy. They felt like they had just witnessed a very private moment. Both were happy that Sakura and Sasuke were getting along. There didn't seem to be any problems. Then again Sakura just had a close to death experience. So it was actually natural that they would be getting along. Sasuke did have his moments when he thought something would be too straining on her or just didn't plain want her to do something. Sasuke was having a possession problem. Sakura just smiled through all the overbearingness though.

That night, Sasuke was walking her back to Tsunade's like usual. Sakura was a bit chilled and Sasuke had given her his jacket. He carried one around lately because Sakura was very sensitive to temperature change. Sakura was still too clumsy and forgetful to remember to bring one. So the responsibility fell on his shoulders. It's not like Sasuke minded taking care of her, but sometimes it was like taking care of a five year old. He felt Sakura break through his thought when she took his hand. She wrapped her arms around his and gave it a squeeze.He stopped and looked down at her. She looked up and smiled. Sasuke returned it before they continued back to Tsunade's house.

"You're going for the test next week right?"


Sakura giggled.

"I guess you'll never change Sasuke-kun."


"Make sure to at least open your heart to someone."

"I have you for that."

Sakura giggled while blushing.

"I meant someone other than me."


Sakura just smiled and then stopped reaching Tsunade's house. She raised to her tiptoes as Sasuke leaned down. She gave him a light kiss on the cheek before releasing Sasuke and climbing the stairs to the front door.



Sakura turned around to meet Sasuke's determined eyes.

"I... I want... I want to give you something."

Sakura tilted her head.


Sasuke nodded his head as a deep blush splashed itself across his cheeks. Sakura came back down and Sasuke met her at the bottom. He began to fumble with something in his pocket. Sasuke pulled out a silver ring. Her handed it to her and they both blushed. It was a simple silver ring but a small fan was engraved on the inside. Sakura smiled lightly.

"That's what you've been fumbling around with the last two weeks."

Sasuke blushed harder, realizing he had been caught.


"What's it for Sasuke-kun?"

"Ah, my mother had these made a long time ago."


"She always figured I be married before... before him."

Sakura laughed.

"I guess she had to dream since she never had a daughter."

Sasuke blushed.

"She always said that's what I was for."

Sakura laughed harder and Sasuke glared. Her poked her in the side which made another peal of laughter escape her. Sakura looked around.

"Where's the other one?"

Sasuke pulled the larger one out. Sakura took it and slipped it onto his right hand's ring finger. He gave her a raised eyebrow. Sakura looked up at him and smiled.

"We'll switch it back when we actually get married."

Sasuke smiled and placed her ring on her finger. He played with the ring a bit. Sakura giggled. She wrapped her arms around his neck and brought him into a light kiss. Sasuke wrapped his arms around her waist and returned it a little more roughly. They broke apart a few seconds later. A blush colored both of their cheeks. Sasuke placed his forehead on hers. Sakura looked up at his face.

"I want you to move in with me. I know you like living with Tsunade-san but I rather you live with me."

Sakura giggled and nodded her head. The pain in her chest began to grow though.

Six months later, Sakura was putting her wedding dress away. She was one day away from their wedding day. Sakura heard the click of the front door and the sliding of the door. Sakura exited the master bedroom and raced down the stairs. She practically flung herself at Sasuke. He instantly dropped his bag and caught Sakura. Sasuke was used to this behavior whenever he returned from a mission.

"Sasuke-kun, welcome home!" She squealed.

Sasuke smirked and hugged her back.

"I'm home."

"Are you hungry dear?"

"Iie, the dobe made us stop and eat ramen."

Sakura laughed.

"Then a bath?"

Sasuke patted her head.

"Sakura, you don't have to work so hard."

"I know. I just wanted to help in any way possible. I feel so useless the past six months. Tsunade-shisou still won't let me resume my work at the hospital or my mission work."

Sakura's cheeks were puffed out in anger and Sasuke just smirked. He unzipped his Anbu vest and took it off. He lifted his bag and using his free hand, he caressed Sakura's cheek.

"I don't mind if she never gives you missions back."

He began walking up the stairs with Sakura following close behind.

"But I do Sasuke-kun!"

Sasuke dropped his bag beside the door. He tossed his vest on the bed. Sasuke noticed Sakura's wedding dress box. He smirked. He then began to disrobe and Sakura turned a new shade of red. Sasuke couldn't help but smirk seeing Sakura.

"It's not like you're not going to see this on our wedding night."

Sasuke walked into the bathroom, leaving a very stunned still Sakura.

Later that night, Sakura woke with a violent start. She looked to her side to find Sasuke still sleeping soundly. Sakura closed her eyes fighting the tears and looked at the clock. It was about five in the morning. It was her wedding day. Sakura should have been getting up in a few more hours to prepare for the afternoon wedding. Sakura turned to her side and shook Sasuke. She wrapped the robe around her body and shook Sasuke again.


"Sakura." He mumbled into the pillow. "Go back to sleep. We don't need to be up quite yet."

"Sasuke-kun this is important."

Sasuke was instantly awake and looked at her. She smiled at him.

"Let's go for a walk."

Sasuke looked at her like she had snapped. He rolled out of bed none the less. He pulled on a pair of pants and shirt. Sasuke offered a hand to his soon-be wife. Sakura took it greatfully.

"Where do you want to go?"

"A place with a good view of the sunrise."

Sasuke gave her a raised eyebrow look before leading the way. They would remain on private Uchiha land so there was no point in getting fully dressed right now. They walked down a familiar path. Sakura had become accustomed to all the land in the last six months. The lake soon came into view and Sasuke and Sakura stopped here. They sat under the Sakura tree. Sasuke sat with his back on the trunk and Sakura sitting in between his legs. He brought along two blankets; one to sit on and the other one to wrap around them. Sasuke rested his head on top of hers. They sat in silence as the sun slowly rose.

"Why did you want to do this now? Are you getting wedding jitters?"

Sakura turned around and Sasuke was startled by her serious expression.

"We won't be getting married today."


Sasuke eye's widened in surprise.

"Do you not want to marry me?"

Sakura nodded her head and looked down with sad eyes.

"Yes, I do want to."

"Then what is it?"

Sakura didn't speak for five minutes. Then she lifted her eyes and tears filled them. She gave the sadest smile Sasuke had ever witnessed from her.

"I'm going to die soon."

Sasuke felt his jaw slacken and the tears rolled down her cheeks. She wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him close. Sasuke felt numb. He couldn't move. His voice finally started to come back.


Sakura mumbled something. Sasuke pried her away from him.

"How?" It came out more strongly.

"My heart..."

Sasuke held her close.



They sat like that for a few moments. The sun was higher now.

"Why couldn't it have been any other day, many years from now?"

"Life is like that."

"I don't want to let go."

"I know."

Sasuke took her hand in his.

"I... I... I love you."

Sakura closed her eyes.

"Yes, I love you too." It came out soft.

"We'll fight this."

"There's nothing to fight."

"Your life is something to fight for."

Sakura didn't answer.

"We were going to get married and have lots of kids. You kept saying you couldn't wait to see Naruto become Hokage. You wanted to get Tsunade-san to drink less, Kakashi to show up on time for once, how you and Ino were going shopping for her dress, the day you would be able to see Tenten in a dress, you wanted to beat the tie between you and Shikamaru, pig out with Chouji, and spend every day with me."

Tears actually threatened his eyes.


He looked down and realized Sakura had stopped. Her breathing had stopped and the chakra stopped flowing in her body. Sasuke clutched her closer.


Tsunade appeared and Sasuke looked up at her helplessly.


"He hit her so much and so often something was bound to give Sasuke-kun. Sakura-chan's heart was it."

"But today..."

Tsunade closed her eyes in anguish.

"I'm sorry. I know how much Sakura-chan wanted to live long enough to marry you at least."

"Did she know?"

"Yes, Sakura-chan knew before I even did."

"How did she know she was going to die today?"

"I don't know. People soon to die always know for some reason."

"How did you know?"

"I knew as soon as her chakra prescence disappeared. I came here, feeling it's last place."

Sasuke clutched her tighter and whispered in her ear. Instead of a day for union, it became one of mourning. Naruto was the only one to stay with Sasuke until he asked him to leave. Sasuke stood before Sakura's grave for a long time.

'Next time, I'll marry you properly.'

1000 years later:

"Sasuke-kun! You're going to be late."

Mikoto yelled up the stairs. Sasuke hurriedly threw his backpack onto his back. He rushed out his door and grabbed his jacket that Itachi offered him.

"Be careful Sasuke."

"I always am Aniki."

"Don't forget your paper." Fugaku warned.

Sasuke gratefully grabbed the paper from his father's hand.

"You're so unorganized today, Sasuke-kun."

"I know. Sorry."

"Do you have your ring?"

"Yes." His answer came out exasperated.

Mikoto had him wear it everywhere since he was mysteriously born with it. Mikoto believed his soulmate would have the other one. Sasuke snatched the piece of toast off the plate his mother offered. He grabbed it with his mouth while he pulled on his shoes. Sasuke ran out the door and down the estate. He left the gates and ran right. His bike and car were in the garage. One for repairs the other in for a tune-up. Sasuke took a quick left and collided with something or someone.


Sasuke opened his eyes hearing the small feminie voice. He looked at a very pretty girl with long pink hair. She wore the same uniform for his school, but he didn't recognize her. It was like a set amount of events crossed his mind though by just looking at her. Nothing was sticking though. She opened her eyes and he was mesmerized by her deep green eyes. Sasuke instantly recognized her matching ring on her finger as he helped her up. The girl also took notice of the ring and gasped in recognization. She looked up into his ebony eyes and then smiled. Sasuke couldn't help but smiled back.

"Uchiha, Sasuke." He introduced while offering his hand.

"Haruno, Sakura." She said while taking it.