And my killing spree leads me to Sasuke...

Her tears slid down her cheeks, blending with the blood on the ground.

Why? her mind screamed.

"You came back?" Tsunade asked, confused.


Blood continued to seep forwards toward her petrified body. Was she shaking? She couldn't feel it...


"Coward," one of the elders spat.

"Give him what he deserves" another spoke loudly.

His decapitated body hung limply from the guillotine.

Why was he so stupid?

Kakashi cleared his throat, looking sadly upon the three. Naruto's body was shaking, eyes flashing red. Sakura stood close to Sasuke who was handcuffed and sitting on a chair, looking out the window.

"I'm sorry... I couldn't do anything..."

Sasuke's eyes slowly glided up towards Kakashi's single eye.

"You recieved the death sentence..."

Naruto's hands gripped her shoulders. "I'm sorry Sakura-chan. We really tried hard, but they wouldn't listen to us"

Sakura tried to nod, but the feeling just didn't come. Only the tears, they continuously streamed without head.

Why?! Why why why?!

Two anbu pushed the handcuffed Sasuke along.

Sakura trailed behind, no one even tried to stop her. "Sasuke-kun... Sasuke-kun" she cried out to him hopefully.

They pushed him onto the guillotine, locking him up and readying him. She stood before him, catching her breath.

He stared impassively up at her, curiousity not something he knew of. "I still love you" she said softly, the tears beginning.

Why did he have to come back?

His eyes closed, "Hn"

The guillotine's blade fell.