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A/N: A Host Club Christmas! I have five minutes to write something amazing. So here we go.

Haruhi had lost the spirit of Christmas a long time ago. She stopped believing in Santa Clause at age six when she figured out it was physically and scientifically impossible for one fat man to deliver a gift to every child in one night. And plus reindeers don't fly and nobody cab live in the North Pole. This revelation broke her father's heart the day she told him, and he promptly went crying to her mom about how their daughter lacked imagination.

So Christmas was never anything special, save for the exchanging gifts in front of warm fire traditions with her father. It was also around when they started realizing there was something seriously wrong with Haruhi's mom. So nowadays, Christmas wasn't a very happy time for Haruhi, because it brought back bad memories. She could put on a good face for everyone else though. Well, she could fool everyone EXCEPT our favorite clueless blonde who seemed to have a sixth sense for other people's emotions.

"Haruhi, are you okay?" Tamaki leaned over to look right into the troubled brunette's eyes.

"I'm fine, senpai." She replied, shoving his face away in her usual cold manner.

"Here!" He handed her a candy cane and placed a kiss on her lips. "Feel better?"

Haruhi blushed. "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT, SENPAI?" She burst, touching her lips and blushing.

Tamaki grinned and pointed upwards. Kyoya was posed over the couch, holding mistletoe above their heads.

"Merry Christmas, Haruhi!" Tamaki winked.

"Merry Christmas idiot." Haruhi grumbled in response.

She could never admit that this was probably her best Christmas since she was six.