Title: Dean Knows

Author: electricgurl

Disclaimer: I don't own anything get it….good….evil laughter

Timeline: none

Paring: none

Genre: Angst

Show: Supernatural

Summary: Dean Knows a lot of things.

A/N: this will seem repetitive; hopefully it's not horribly so and you stick it out. I hope you enjoy it anyway and you let me know what you think. Feedback is a great thing!

Dean knows a lot of things.

Dean knows how to cook a chicken, properly. He knows that Sammy likes mustard on his Mac and Cheese, that John hates anything red. He knows that you let a steak marinate in the sauce before cooking it. Dean also knows the best places to shop-lift when they are low on cash.

Dean also knows that if you twist the knife during impact it will do more damage than after. He knows how to salt and burn a body; how to hid demon caresses. He knows about the sweet spot between the forth and fifth rib, he picked that up after dealing with those crazy ass Hill-Billy's. Dean also knows that Sammy doesn't cover his right side as much as he should so he always stays on that side of him in a fight.

Dean knows how to disinfect almost any cut that you can think of. He knows that alcohol is as good as a cleaning agent as it is a numbing agent. He knows how to stitch a wound without leaving a scar. Dean also knows ever scar that Sammy, John and he has.

Dean knows that if you pet the Impala on the wheel just above the ten o'clock position she will roar to live every time. He has known the license plate for the Impala since he was two; it was the first thing he learnt. Dean also knows that you can carry at least two extra spare tires in the trunk with all the ammo.

Dean knows that there are five extra shotgun rounds under his seat. He knows that there is a handgun under the passenger seat, just in case. Dean also knows that his father carries at least two guns and a knife at all time, and that Sammy only carries a gun.

Dean knows that everyone has to die at sometime. He knows that his mother died when he was four. He knows that Sammy left him when he was twenty-three. He knows that his father died when he was twenty-seven. Dean also knows that Sam will leave him again once this Demon is dead.

Dean also knows that the most important thing he ever learnt was that holding back tears only really hurts the first time.

Dean know a lot of things.