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Not only beautiful

She was having them again. Those nightmares that stung like little needles, made her sweat like crazy, oh and made her feel guilty. She groaned. The only reason SHE felt guilty is because she had no idea how to save those innocent people in her dreams.

She had seen two people die because of her stupidity. She wasn't a fast thinker, she knew. One of the deaths belonged to a girl no more than 10. She was kidnapped and cut to pieces mercilessly after the parents had called the police, which her dreams had warned her about, to WARN the parents not to call the police. She had found them right after they had made the phone call. Naturally the daughter was killed and Serena had all the guilt.

The second one, well she didn't want to think about.

She looked at the night stand for the alarm clock. It showed 2 a.m. She groaned again.

These nightmares had been going on for about a week now. She couldn't get sleep at night, which resulted in falling asleep at work. It didn't do well when your manager hated your guts and looked for an opportunity to make fun of you or even fire you.

She sighed. Her life sucked. But it sucked even more now. She had to find this person in her dream now and "protect them". She was sure she had seen the sign "Welcome to New York". She groaned. She lived in Clifton, New Jersey. Sure it wasn't a long, long trip from New Jersey, but looking for person in New York was a hard job when you only saw the face of the man you were looking for.

She sighed, got out of bed and walked to the phone.

She dialed a number. After a few moments a muffled voice spoke.

"Yeah", she smiled. Leave it to him to sound like you're in the middle of a conversation.

"Yeah yourself." He muttered a few colored words under his breath.

"Sere it's 2 a.m. in the morning. What is so important that you had to call me?"

"We have to move to New York." Zoicite sighed. It understanding that she'd make stupid comments like this during the day, but calling you up in the middle of the night just to tell you annoying stuff was another thing.

"You're kidding right. Is that why you called me? Well?"

"I'm having them again." There was long pause before he spoke again.

"Are they a warning or a vision that shows you how the person is killed?

"Zoi they're real as hell. I can't even sleep anymore. They are a vision that shows me how the person gets killed." He sighed.

"Who is it about?" Now he was curious. He'd known Serena to have the weirdest nightmares about people being killed. Of course he hated the idea of not being able to rescue them and having Serena to not even smile for months, blaming herself for the death of the person, but didn't it always end up that way.

"This young guy that gets killed by another guy I can't see. But I know he's strong," pause, "really strong. He basically has the guy in the air while stabbing him or whatever he is doing. Then he lets go and the man falls down lifeless."

"Wasn't that how the last victim was killed?" Zoicite asked. Somehow it seemed to him that the two the second victim and this new person were related. Both had something with falling to the ground lifeless.

She sighed.

"You think there is a connection?" There was a chance of there being one, but the two cases just seemed so apart.

"Maybe, maybe not. You never know. But can we meet tomorrow to discuss this. I'm about to fall asleep on you." Truth is he just wanted to go back to his warm bed and drift back to the nice dream he was having about two lovely ladies. He may be a nerd or geek but he still loved the chicks.

"Oh am I boring you Mr. I-rather-read-a-book-on-Saturdaynight-than-to-go-to-a-"drunkparty". Or is it that you have someone over. That cute girl from the book store perhaps?" She knew that no one was over. But she liked to annoy him in every way possible.

"Ami is not that kind of girl, we both know that. And since when did you start rating girls, maybe all those waste-of-time relationships turned you to the other side huh?"

He knew what she was doing. Well two can play that game.

"Now I'm really starting to question if you really are smart. I'm not gay. And frankly guys rate girls and girl's rate girls, that's just how it is. What do you think we gossip about? Anyways I'll leave you aloneā€¦.for now. Let's meet by the book store. I'll help you win her over." And she hung up.

He sighed. He really liked Amy. She was different from all of the other girls he'd ever seen or met in that case. She was beautiful and intelligent. Something most of his girlfriends lacked. He hoped Serena wouldn't screw this up, seeing how he really wanted to date Amy. He stared up the ceiling for a long time before his eyelids felt too heavy for his own comfort. It wasn't long before he drifted into peaceful dream.

Next day

"Hey Zoi. Sorry I'm late. I saw Orlando Bloom." Serena said as she hurried to the table in the book store they had agreed to meet in. She hadn't seen Orlando Bloom. She had accidentally passed the U-turn sign. Seriously they should make those signs bigger.

"Right, of course. He has nothing to do better than to be in New Jersey." He grinned. He knew she'd be late. He wasn't mad though, after 14 years of friendship it was something you got used to. He had thought she would get over that habit as she grew, but at 24 she was still going strong as ever.

"Whatever. I figured he was a look alike after he called security on me and made them explain that he wasn't indeed Orlando Bloom. What a bummer I tell you. And not to forget the humiliating part where the police dudes treated me like a mental hospital escaper. "Miiiss IIIII aaaassssssuuuurree yyoooouuuu ttttttthhhhhaaaaat tttthhhhhhiiiiss ggggeeennntteellmmaaannn iiss nnoott Orlando Bloom." Of course that was after they had contacted every insane asylum in the area asking if any of their patients had escaped!" It was fun to make up stories. Especially when you had one on your mind.

"Your nose keeps getting longer and longer. Well I forgive you for making me wait but lets move on to more important matters at hand now shall we? First I want to know how long you have been having these nightmares?" He answered. It was a new story every week. Just last week she had told him that there was a fire in her apartment. But when he offered a hand at cleaning it, full of knowledge that there was no fire, she was forced to give her story up. He smiled, the stories were cute. Unnecessary but cute none the less.

"I have been having them for a week now. They keep getting worse with each passing night. I always need a few seconds to realize that it was a nightmare after I wake up. I'm afraid we have to hurry. I really want to help this victim."

"What does he look like?" Zoicite knew they would have to move. He couldn't just sit back and watch one of his best friends running around not thinking logically but only

based on emotions. Serena was the moment type while was the planning type.

"I don't know." He raised an eyebrow. So they were looking for a guy without a name or address not even a picture. How was that even possible?

"Well I do know. But it slips my mind in the few seconds when I realize reality. It's hard to explain. I just-" He interrupted.

"Sere calm down. It'll all come back when needed. I called a few apartments for rent. They aren't luxury seeing how we both aren't rich and need to worry about New York prices but we'll manage through until we find jobs that'll afford us to have a nicer apartment. I have no idea where they are but I'll say the prices now. Either it's the two bed roomed one that costs 1200$ a months water included or the again two bed roomed one that costs 1100$ a month without water included. Voice your pick." He himself had picked the 1200$ a month one, but you never know what girls might blame you for. One girl had blamed him for loosing her dog when it was HER that had left the door pen and when it was SHE that had responded with a "Don't worry he's probably in the back yard" when he had told her that the door was open.

Not surprisingly SHE had broken up with him.

Girls were always a mystery. The ones where you went around in circles when one got lost or had no body to ask what to do next seeing how the ones you wanted to ask where on the same page.

Sighing he went back on studying Serena's face. He was dumbfounded on the concentration looking face before he understood it and hid a groan on why she had that expression on her face.

Was it so hard to decide which apartment she wanted when there was obviously a big money saving difference?

Finally she answered.

"The 1200$ a month"


"Ewwww! It stinks in here. Are you sure the other apartment was worse?" She asked. Not trying you hide her disgusted looking face at all.

"No Sere for the sixth time already" He groaned. Serena had so easily given all of her luggage's for him to carry then complimenting on what a gentleman he was. He winced at the sight of the stairs. Their apartment was on the fifth floor and there was no Elevators in the building. He wouldn't have used them anyways seeing how the building was older than his great grandfather.

He sighed, well up we go. And down we fly. Great he had just fallen down the stairs and could hear Serena's stifled laughter that she tried to hide unsuccessfully. He lay there thinking why he had agreed to this when he heard Serena's worried words.

That's right he was here to help his dearest friend.

"I'm OK Sere. Just help me get these heavy duties up." This was going to be a long , long day he could tell.

Hours later

"Phew. If I have had the money I would have hired someone!" Serena said.

"Sere if you have had the money we wouldn't be in this crap whole. Well at least the apartment is clean. Let's go try to buy some furniture and some food, I'm starving!" Zoicite thought the apartment was ok do to the conditions it handled. But right now the only thing on his mind was to eat. He hadn't eaten since the flight which was hours ago and he was hungry. Just then a loud sound came from Serena's stomach making her blush furiously. Zoicite had tears in his eyes from laughing which Serena apparently didn't like due to the angry look on her face.

She really was a wonder All of the emotions she felt she wore on her sleeve. Zoicite didn't know anyone who could even do that for one lousy day. It just seemed that everyone these days had an emotional mask on.