Blood. All over his body and torn clothes.

The smell of acid and burnt flesh.

Fear that made even the greatest of fires look weak.

His tongue was cut, he couldn't speak. His eyes, full of fear. Those eyes that saw something no living thing should see, no good person.

There was no way he could tell her the horrible news. But, he could show, couldn't he?

He moved around frantically, he needed something to write with.

There beneath the broken desk a pen. Now where to write?

The wall!

She stood confused at his actions. What was he doing?

Finally he moved his body so she could see what he had written.

She gasped at his words and screamed before someone knocked her out. One thought was on her mind right then, what happened to him?

On the wall his useless words stay

"He is coming, get out of here"


Serena sat up panting and sweating like crazy.

She looked around frantically.

Her scared eyes locked with the ones of a very concerned Zoicite.

"Wha-What happened?" she said. She blinked a couple of times.

"I've been trying to wake you up. You've been screaming like crazy none stop. Are you okay?" He asked worriedly.

"I –I don't know, I saw him"

"Saw who?"

"What happened to him?" she answered his question with another question.

"What?" What the hell is wrong with her? He thought.

"What happened to him?" Zoicite sighed. It was no use; she wouldn't be able to tell him anything now. He had to get her back to sleep, there was nothing else he could do when something obviously played with her mind like that.

He brought her water and held her tight calming her down.

When she was finally back asleep he didn't return to his own room, he lay with her his thoughts in a haze.

What the hell is going to happen to us?

"So Sere, what was your nightmare about?" Zoicite asked at breakfast. Serena looked at him like he had grown another head.

"What hare you talking about?" she asked biting a piece of her toast. Zoicite raised his eyebrows.

"You were screaming your head off because of a nightmare, and when I woke you up you were talking about how you saw 'him', and now you're telling me that you don't know what I'm talking about?" he asked unbelievably.

"Zoi, you are working way too much, I had a peaceful night and now I'm refreshed. I didn't wake up, maybe you dreamt it" she suggested. Zoicite furred his brows together. Could that be true? But no, I know I didn't dream that. Damn, what the hell is going on?

"Well who was that guy at the door yesterday?" Zoi said switching the subject.

"What guy?" Serena said looking at him weirdly. Finally she sighed.

"Zoi, are you on glue or something? What guy? I had a late night with Mina and then came home, there was no guy." She said looking at him like he was crazy.

Zoicite's mouth formed an 'o'.

Serena shook her head and sighed. "I'm going out to meet with Mina, you should get some serious sleep, you may have been working too much"

"I'm sure that she had that dream and I know that she had a date" Zoicte said after Serena left.

But maybe I do need some sleep.

"Hey Mina, what's up" Serena greeted Mina as she sat down in of the chairs in the café.

"Nothing much" Mina shrugged. Serena rolled her eyes.

"I can see it in your face, your dying to ask me something" Serena pointed out grinning.

"What are you talking about?" Mina asked innocently. Serena raised her eyebrow.

"All right, Who was that gorgeous guy, huh?!?" Mina exploded. Serena looked at her weirdly.

"What 'gorgeous' guy?" She asked confused.

"The one from last night, hello?" she rolled her eyes.

"From last night? What are you talking about? Have both you and Zoi gone mad?" Serena was going insane. Was this a joke they both were playing on her?

"You know the one you were talking to while I was throwing nuts at Edward, the guy that wouldn't leave me alone, but finally did, then I decided to annoy him?" Mina explained like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Serena inhaled deeply. Something was definitely wrong.

"You know what? Let's just forget about a gorgeous guy, all right? I have to go anyways, my thoughts and everything" Serena said waving her next to her head. She picked up her stuff and left before Mina could say anything.

Darien sighed looking through Serena's file. He regretted that decision of leaving her alone so she wouldn't be uncomfortable greatly. What was he thinking?

There were some interesting things in the file, but not much. Over all, Serena was an enigma. Darien chuckled bitterly. Just perfect

He stood up and went to change. He had so many things on his mind, like what Kelie was trying to do? He was pretty sure that he knew Serena was his mate, but how? And why would he try to kill her? And the most interesting thing happened; Kelie just disappeared after the incident.

That bastard, now he has a better chance at doing whatever he wants to do Darien thought clenching his fists. He forced himself to calm down; nothing would be accomplished by anger.

And on top of everything, he had been told someone was taking pictures of him On His Property. He of course caught the man, and demanded who he was working for.


"Ms. Price. S-she hired me so I-I could take pictures of you and other people. She was particularly interested in the women you brought somewhere with your car personally!"

End of Flashback

Darien chuckled remembering the snakes they had put on his lap after tying him up. He wouldn't talk, so why not? But his amusement soon turned to anger when he thought about Beryl. What was that woman up to? Darien thought she knew he didn't want anything besides her body, but he guessed not. She was one of the stupid ones.

He was impatient, he needed answers now.

Sighing, Darien made his way out of his huge home. He couldn't think like this. He needed fresh air.

Serena wandered to the park and sat down. She felt bad lying to Mina, but Zoi and her were driving her crazy. They both thought that she went out with a guy. Serena was sure that she didn't. What was going on?

And on top of that her 'what if's' were killing her. What if she did go out with him? What if she forgot? What if Darien likes her but doesn't know where she lives? Oops, where did that come from?

But it was true, she was thinking more and more of Darien, her rescuer. Normally she would try to contact him and stuff, but she feared he would think that she was just after his money. There was no beating around the bush, he was loaded, that's why everything was so much harder.

Serena froze when she looked to her left. There the man that haunted her dreams sat, relaxed. Paul Magul, oh why her?

She looked at him, but quickly glanced away when he looked at her. After a few minutes she looked at him only to look away again when he glanced at her. She looked at him again, but this time he was looking at her already. Serena blushed a deep red, looking away. She heard a chuckle. She looked at Paul.

"You alright Miss?" he asked her politely. Her mouth opened and closed for a few minutes, causing him to throw his head back and laugh at her. Serena looked at her hands shyly, biting her lip. She caught herself before she looked at him again. Serena collected herself and turned to answer him. But the moment she turned she shut up again. He was grinning at her, his brows arched.

"You know Miss, it looks like you saw a ghost" he commented. You don't know anything Serena mused. She was shocked beyond belief. She wasn't counting on meeting him, just watching him and making sure he didn't get killed by whatever hauls people into the air. And also Serena wasn't prepared to meet this handsome man in real life. He had chocolate brown eyes that matched his silky hair. His lush lips were the perfect size to kiss and to kiss back-Serena blushed, stopping that line of thought.

"I was just a little startled I didn't hear you sitting and stuff" Serena explained. He nodded. He was taller than her that was for sure, maybe he was about 6.2 or 6.3.

"So, what's a beautiful Miss like you doing here, sitting all by yourself" Serena shrugged. He shook his head "You're too cute, kiddo" he said smiling. Serena's brows went up. Kiddo?

"What's a handsome man like you doing here?" Serena asked smiling. He chuckled.

"Waiting for someone" he answered, his eyebrows wiggling. Serena laughed. "Your girlfriend perhaps?" she questioned. Paul bit his lip.

"Perhaps not, I'm waiting for my boyfriend" he grinned when he saw her blush again. "I'm sorry, I swear I didn't mean to offend you, it's just that. . .-"

"-I don't look gay" he finished for her still smiling. Serena stared at him awed. "And you don't mind? You're not mad at me?" Serena asked her Idol-as-of-now. Paul shrugged. "Depends on the person really, you didn't move away or look at me weirdly when I told you I was waiting for my boyfriend. You just told me that you didn't mean to offend me, you know? So no, I don't mind,get it hon?" he explained. Serena nodded dumbfounded. He laughed again. "I can tell you, I'm in love with you already" he confessed smiling. She grinned.

"Serena, Serena McSal" Serena said holding her hand out.

"Paul Magul" Paul shook her hand. Suddenly Paul's cell rang. It wasn't just any ring tone however, this one was. . .

You must not know 'bout me, You must not know 'bout me, I coul- Paul looked sheepishly at Serena. She shrugged smiling.

"Hello?" he answered. He didn't walk away like Serena expected him to; he just leaned back on the bench. Suddenly his face saddened.

"I guess that's okay, anyways what really counts is tonight, right? Yeah. So I'll see you tonight, I'll pick you up, alright? Yeah. How about seven? Yeah good, yeah okay, bye" he didn't even bother to say I love you back to whoever it was on the phone. Paul huffed.

"You wanna talk about it?" Serena asked meekly. Paul looked at her gratefully.

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