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Warnings: Yaoi, mpreg, lemon later on

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Naruto was walking home with a sappy grin on his face, he couldn't wait to tell Sasuke. Finally he did something good!


Yeah Kyuubi?

You shouldn't be in such a hurry to get home to your lover, you'll get lost.


Admit it brat you are stupid I mean why else would your lover call you dobe

Don't ruin my mood you old fox! I was happy just 5 seconds ago.

Whatever kit, I'm going to sleep

Boy, are you active

Well at least you're not stuck in a dumb idiot's body

Hey! I resent that!

Ummm, Kyuubi


Where am I?

Naruto looked around and nothing was familiar to him. Yep, he was lost.

Ahahahahaha! I knew you'd get lost! Ahahahahaha!

Shut Up! Oh great and it's getting dark.

Hahahahaha! Hahahaha!

Are you done now?

Yes, but I never knew that you'd be THAT stupid. You just proved that all blonds are stupid.

Ino's a blond and she's not stupid

Yeah, you're right kit all blonds are either stupid or aggressive demons

Hey kit isn't that the Hyuuga kid with the idiot who calls you dickless?

You're right!

'Night kit

'Night you lazy fox

NEJI! SAI! Naruto ran to catch up.

"Hey dickless, never thought I'd see you in this side of Konoha."

'About that, eheh, I was wondering if you could tell me how to get back to the main street.'

Neji raised his eyebrow "You're lost?"

Naruto blushed "Dickless got himself lost, in Konoha!? HAHAHA Should we also call you brainless?"

'SHUT UP SAI! I get enough of that shit from the old fox, and Neji why are you with this asshole? Are you dating?'

"Don't assume Naruto," Neji stated flatly, "You know I have Gaara."

'Won't Gaara be sad when I tell him you're cheating on him with an ass' Naruto snickered

"…." Neji started walking away

'Waaait! Aren't you gonna give me directions!'


'I'm sorry! I won't tell him! I'm lost and it's … 10 at night already! Sasuke will be worried!'


1 hour and 30 minutes later

'Finally' Naruto whispered staring at the Uchiha main gate. It was pouring and Naruto was very wet and distant thunder and lightning could be both seen and heard.

Naruto walked into the dark house he switched on a light but it didn't open, a blackout.

He walked upstairs.

I should check up on Sasuke, he's cute when he sleeps

He opened the door to the his lover's room, only to find…

His lover and a person he presumed to be one of his best friends snogging each other in their undergarments.

A tear fell…

Sasuke and Sakura? Why…

Lightning could be seen from the large window as Naruto stared at the two, they didn't know he was there.

More tears fell…

Naruto let out a tiny gasp as he cried silent tears but that was enough to get the two to turn their heads.

"nnnnaruto!" Sakura gasped

Sasuke's eyes widened as he turned to look at the said blond, he expected a fuming, angry Naruto but instead… Naruto had tears coming down his face and he was… smiling, one of those hurt smiles and he looked so hurt, Sasuke gasped.

"Naruto…" Sasuke said.

'I know Sasuke, I didn't deserve you… I… I… I'm sorry." Naruto bent his head low so Sasuke couldn't see his eyes as more tears fell…

"Naruto… I…" Naruto ran, he didn't want to hear, he ran and ran through the rain untill he reached the forests where Sasuke and him fought, the Forest of Death.

"Sasuke" Naruto whispered to the rain, " I guess it's a little late to say but… I'm pregnant."


That was short and I thought it went a little fast, but the next chapter will be mostly flashbacks and what Naruto plans to do.

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