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Chapter 1: What are you thinking

In an office building in the heart of Tokyo A woman with long black hair and teal eyes was pacing back and forth on the top floor.

"Narumi what am I going to do that's the fourteenth nanny this week." Mrs. Hyuuga said frantically. She was a beautiful woman thin black hair down to her back that was held by a headband.

"Well little Youichi can be a handful." Narumi said from his chair in front his boss and good friend. He was cute light blonde hair guy in a business suit.

"Handful? Ha no woman in their right mind would stay 20 seconds around my son." Mrs. Hyuuga said plopping into a her big blcak office chair.

"I have an idea why not have young teenage girls between 16 and18 take care of him."

"I tried that, but all the girls that showed up didn't know anything abot taking care of kids and completely obsessed with Natsume." she gave a frustrated sigh.

"I need a girl whose smart, pretty, can cook, clean and take care of my son," she said taking a long drink of her tea.

Narumi's face brightened. "Well there is someone who fills all those requirements. My student a couple years back Mikan Sakura, but she lives in Kyoto with nurse program for abandoned children."

"Well then if she agrees to be Youichi's nanny then I shall provide for her." Mrs. Hyuuga said perking up.

"I'll give her a call right now." he said rushing from the room.

Mikan Sakura


Height: 5'8"

GPA: 4.0


hair: brunette

Bra:36 C

fan site hits: 10,576.783,123,374

Special Skills: Culinary, dancing, singing, acting, modeling(school for all of these she's not famous)

After 10 minutes he came back. "Her caretaker Mrs. Nakamura said that she will pack her right away. So I have decided to go fetch her tonight and bring her back here in the morning for you two to discuss things."

Next Morning

Narumi and Mikan were sitting in Mrs. Hyuuga's office waiting for her to say something as she shuffled around the papers on her desk. She was wearing a suit with her hair in a tight bun and her square glasses on.

She let out a sigh as she put the papers in a folder and walked over to a filling cabinet and put it in the third drawer. She walked to the front of her desk and half sat on it observing the girl in front of her. She wore a blue sun dress tha had a white floral design with a white sun hat that had a blue ribbon tied around it that sat in her lap. Beautiful brunette locks were in a side ponytail.

"I like her." she said to Narumi. "So young lady please tell me what you can do."

"Well my jii-chan taught me how to play the piano and I taught myself how to play the violin Asuka Nakamura that's my nurse, she taught me how to cook and clean and how to be patient with kids."

"She's hired." Mrs. Hyuuga walked back to her seat and took out her hair pin that made her black hair fall onto her shoulders and took off her glasses.

"So here's the thing I will have you live in my house and go to my son's school and pay you in exchange for you taking care of my son.Deal?"

"Deal." Mikan felt she had been helpful to the children in the nurse home for long enough.

Arriving at the Hyuuga House

Narumi and Mikan left the office with Mrs. Hyuuga reassuring her that everything will be taken care of. Mikan was nervous she didn't even know these people and she was about to live with them.

"It will be okay Mikan we'll get you to your room and uniform and give you a short test." Narumi said with a smile.

"What kind of test?" Mikan said getting out of the car.

"You'll see." Narumi said winking while he carried her suitcase up the front stairs.

The house was pretty big ok it was HUGE. She followed close behind Narumi as they walked up a huge staircase turned left and then another left and went down to the third door.

He opened the door and stepped into a beautiful bedroom. It had beautiful furniture even a t.v. with a DVD player. After her shock her eyes fell on some boxes that were on the study desk.

Narumi follwed her gaze. "Those are for you."

She walked over to the dsk and opened the boxes. Inside was a maids uniform, a school uniform that was red and black with a hat socks and shoes, in the other box was a laptop, and in the last box was a cell phone.


"Well shall we give you the tour." Narumi said.

Mikan nodded and put her hat on the bed and followed Narumi out.

After the tour of the house inside and out they went to the library to await the arrival of the Hyuuga's.

At about 3'o clock Mr. and Mrs. Hyuuga came into the library to greet her.

"Hello again Ms. Sakura. This is my husband Kaito Hyuuga." patting her husbands knee.

"Very nice to meet you sir." Mikan said standing and bowing respectfully.

"No need to be so formal. It's very nice to meet such a respectful girl though." Mr. Hyuuga was tall lean and well built he had silver hair and ruby eyes.

"Arigato Hyuuga-san." Mikan said taking her seat again.

"Now Mikan this is a PDA it allows me to send you messages about stuff that need to be done daily and what I need done specifically. It also has Youchi's schedule and what he likes and dislikes in terms of food and habits. It also allows us to message each other. Youchi also has one to inform of things he need and school notices."Mrs. Hyuuga said handing Mikan the PDA.

Mrs. Hyuuga looked at her watch "Looks like the boys should be here soon you should get changed."

Mikan got up and went to her room and changed into her uniform. It was a pink off the shoulder curved dress (like a gown) that fell above the knees. It had white frills on the hem, around the neck, and a frilly bow that tied the white apron. It had pink and white flat boots. It also had a pink choker with frills on the end with a heart pendant attached in the center.

She looked at herself in the mirror and blushed she looked really pretty the outfit showed off her upper figure. Her hair was tied in a ponytail with a pink ribbon and a white frilly bonnet on top to top it off. She sprayed some strawberry perfume on the exposed part of her chest(not clevage...yet).

She walked down the hallway and bumped into Mr. Narumi.

"Gomen ne." Mikan said.

"It's fine Mimi-chan." Narumi said. "Everyone's in the sitting room waiting for you. This way." Narumi said taking her hand and pulling down the hall.

The made a few turns and were outside the double doors to the sitting room.

"Ready Mikan-chan."

"H-Hai." Mikan still a little nervous.

"Don't worry you look really kawaii." Narumi said giving her a thumbs up.

Mikan gave him a big smile. Narumi knocked and the double doors opened revealing a big room with armchairs and 2,3 and 4 seater couches.

"Oh how wonderful it fits," Mrs. Hyuuga said getting up from the two seater where her husband was also sitting. She was now wearing a casual blue dress and blue heels. Her hair was in a ponytail with a blue band.

"Everyone this is Mikan Sakura. She's going to be taking care of you Youchi." Mrs. Hyuuga said placing her hands on Mikan's shoulders. A little boy in a big green arm with silver hair and teal eyes looked up at Mikan then back to his PSP.

"This is my eldest son Natsume," turning mikan towards a boy with raven hair and ruby eyes who was staring her dead in the eyes.

"These are his bandmates Ruka, Koko, Tsubasa and Yuu." Mrs. Hyuuga said pointing out each one as she called the names.

The four boys stood and walked over to her.

"This is the new girl at our school." Ruka said smirking.

Yuu just pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. "Nice to meet you."

"Man she's so cute!" Koko complimented walking around her like a vulture.

Mikan appeared with a lavender backround with pink roses and a gentle breeze making her clothes and hair sway.

"Yeah those boys at school are gonna need a leash." Tsubasa said then started howling like a wolf.

Mrs.Hyuuga wrapped her arms around Mikans shoulders protectively. "I'll put a leash on the two of you!" she snapped the four of them imediately took their seats.

'Mrs.Hyuuga sure can be scary sometimes.'

Mikan who was in shock was just staring into space and snapped out of it when Youichi suddenly stood up. Hands in his pocket no expression (like a mini Natsume KAWAII!!) He walked up to Mikan the room was silent. Mrs. Hyuuga unwrapped her hold on Mikan and took a step back.

Mikan was lost in the young boy's cold teal eyes.

'These are not the eyes of a child more like eyes of a predator.' she thought.

He stuck out his hand as if for her to shake. Her hands were clasped together in front of her so she took out her right hand and stuck it out timidly.

She grabbed his hand 'Why's it so quiet?" she thought almost panicking. He held her hand softly then tightened his grip and pulled her down on her knees in front of him. Her eyes were wide with surprised as she gasped.

He took his other hand out of his pocket and reached out for her face she watched him unable to move or speak. She stopped breathing as his hand passed her cheek he grabbed something.

As he moved his hand back she could feel her ponytail become looser. Then he tugged fast and her hair flew out behind her landing gracefully on her shoulders down to her lap and the rest trailed down her back to the floor.

He held the ribbon in front of her face then stuck it in his pocket. He then grabbed the hair the rested past her shoulder and tugged it gently letting it slide through his fingers.

Mikan was stiff as a board. As he put his hand on her cheek it was warm.

'She's like a doll. Now she's my doll. I have something onii-san doesn't she's not a hag.Not like Sumire anyway that cow. I bet she'll be surprised when she gets back from Paris and I have a new toy. I bet I can get her real mad if I make this girl and onii-san fall for each other.'

"She smells like strawberries." Mikan blushed and looked at the ground.

"I like strawberries." Mikan looked up to see the little boys back as he was beginning to walk away still holding Mikan's hand dragging her along. She stood up and jogged behind the boy who was pulling her.

She gave one final look at the people in the room all were smiling and waving except Natsume. She stared into his ruby eyes until she was out of the room.

'A girl can lose herself in those eyes.' she thought as she jogged as the boy was still puling her.

Natsume's POV

I stared at her as my brother pulled her out of the room. She has beautiful eyes and body I'll give her that. Youichi doesn't speak at all I wonder what's so different about this girl. I watched her hair trail behind it was up to her knees. That outfit my mom picked is preet cute. What does she smell like? Strawberries, huh? Youichi's favorite fruit and mine. I never really looked at a girl eyes before hers are hazel, but now their olive. Interesting. He played with her hair and made a sort of scene. I smiled inwardly what are you thinking little man.

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