Tony swore

Tony swore. He was so close, yet so far; he couldn't believe this was happening. Wasn't this nightmare due to be over sometime soon? Didn't life owe him at least that much?

Ray picked his arm out and dragged Tony's limp body out to the car. Tony's eyes closed. He knew Gibbs was probably only a little bit away, but he was quickly loosing hope for rescue. His body was giving in. He knew he shouldn't sleep, but that was all he wanted to do.

"Thanks to you, your father might actually get arrested," Ray snapped as he locked the door. He didn't bother to tie Tony's hands; it was obvious that by now the man would have no energy to escape. Besides, all of Tony's fingers were broken, so it wasn't as if he could open the door.

Tony gasped as his body fell on the floor. Gibbs, find me, he begged, tears welling in his eyes.


Though the office people were about ready to give up on Tony, Gibbs refused. Abby, MeGee, and Ziva also refused. Gibbs had often confided to Abby in private that "Tony would make a good marine because he's so damn suborn."

The office lead hadn't turned out to be a dead end. They'd found traces of Tony's blood at the scene, which meant Tony had been there. Gibbs had also found tire tracks, which he hoped to be able to link to the car that was there.

Tony's father had been released on a 200,000 bail, something that made Gibbs furious. He knew if he had longer to question Tony's father, the man would eventually tell him where Tony was.

"Hey, Gibbs!" Ziva ran into the room. "I got some news!"

MeGee and Gibbs bolted from their seat. "We got a call from someone," she said. "She says she saw Tony being dragged into her neighbor's house. She described this man," Ziva said, flipping to the image of Tony's father, "helping another man drag him in. It's a white male, about forty our so, she thought she heard the name 'Ray.'"

Gibbs swore angrily. "I know who she's talking about. I don't know why it didn't occur to me before. Get Abby. We're going. Now!"


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