Greetings fellow readers and writers! Here's my eighth story and I hope you like it! Once again we journey into the lives of our five favorite girls from Heatherfield as they battle the diabolical Pai-Mey and the demonic forces of The God Hand. This time around, Will and her fellow Guardians are joined by the Elric brothers: Edward and Alphonse. Also joining the cast is none other than Guts from Berserk, my own creations; The Ramblers, and later on the stars of Naruto and One Piece. Now I don't own W.I.T.C.H., Fullmetal Alchemist, Berserk, Naruto or One Piece. It would be nice if I did. What I do own are my original characters, The Ramblers. On with the show already!

First there was 'Of Ninjas and Pirates.' Then there was 'Heart of the Cards.' Now there is…

Fullmetal W.I.T.C.H.

By AndrewK9000

Chapter1: Discovery

God I'm bored! Thought Irma as she walked down the streets of Heatherfield towards the park on that un-seasonably warm Wednesday in February of 2008. A freak lightning storm the previous day had fired everything electrical at The Sheffield Institute, and it wouldn't another week at the earliest when school would reopen. So Irma and her friends found themselves with a surprise vacation. However, in additional to knocking out the school, the storm had cut power to the mall, the movie theaters, the Cable TV, and as if to ad insult to injury, cell-phone reception was almost nonexistent in the city.

"Dear God in heaven," said Irma out loud as she entered the park, "What have I done to offend thee so as to merit such treatment?" Irma then noticed that she was standing less than ten feet from Hay Lin, who was sitting on a bench reading a book. "Perhaps this is God's way of telling you," said Hay Lin, "That you should be nicer to Martin."

"In that case," said Irma as she sat down on the bench, "God has a really bad sense of humor." She leaned back against the bench, her head looking up towards the overcast sky, "I am so bored right about now!" she exclaimed to the heavens.

"You certainly sound bored," said Taranee as she walked towards Irma and Hay Lin. "I have a solution," said Hay Lin, "Maybe you should try reading a book for a change; you might learn something." "Believe me if I could get rid of this boredom simply by picking up and opening a book," sad Irma, "I would, but I'm bored not just because I can't go to the mall, the movies, watch TV or use my cell-phone."

"I know what you're feeling," said Taranee, "It's been almost six months since we stopped Nerissa and Pai-Mey from destroying Candracar, and we haven't had any need for our Guardian powers." "Exactly," said Irma, "Everything's been normal all autumn and almost all winter. I just wish something would happen."

There was a moment of silence as the three Guardians pondered the lack of excitement. "I wonder how Will and Cornelia are dealing with the boredom?" asked Taranee, "Has anyone seen either of them today?" "Will took Cornelia to Meridian to see Caleb this morning," said Hay Lin, "That's the last I saw of either of them." "Typical," said Irma, "While we're stuck here with nothing to do, Miss Oh So Blond and Pretty is with her precious boyfriend."

"First of all," said Hay Lin, "Read a book, you might just like it. Second, if you're worried about not having a boyfriend, try being nicer to Martin. He's a sweet guy who really cares about you." "I would be nicer to Martin if he would just stop calling me those stupid pet names," said Irma, "and I'd go so far as to say I'd like him if he were to act less like a turbo-nerd."

Before either Taranee or Hay Lin could retort, they noticed Will running towards them like there was no tomorrow. Will stopped in front of her friends panting for breath. When she managed to slow down her breathing Will said most anxiously; "You are not gonna believe what Elyon found! You gotta come with me back to Metamore!"

"What is it?" asked Taranee, "What did Elyon find?" "You gotta see it to believe it!" said Will as she pulled out The Heart of Candracar, "It's incredible, it's beyond belief!" Making sure there was nobody around to see, she made a Fold to Metamore. She jumped through, followed by Irma, Taranee and Hay Lin.

They emerged at the edge of what at first appeared to be a large stone quarry. As Will closed the Fold she made, Irma noticed that the quarry was filled with people with various digging equipment. The quarry was in fact an archeological dig.

Will moved into the quarry, followed by her friends. All around them Irma, Taranee and Hay Lin could see various stone tablets with strange markings carved into them. They made their way to the middle of the dig where a tall metal column stood. A second metal column was being raised next to the first one. Standing next to the first column was Elyon. With her were Caleb, Cornelia and Vathek, he supervising the raising of the second column. Also there were about 20 palace guards around Elyon, and to add to the picture, there was Martin with his laptop, typing away madly.

"There you are!" exclaimed Elyon gleefully, "I thought you girls wouldn't make it in time!" "In time for what?" asked Hay Lin. "For that," said Caleb as the second column was secured in place next to the first one, forming a fifteen-foot gab between the columns. "Well?" asked Elyon eagerly, "What do you think?" "I'm looking at them," said Irma, "But I don't know what they are."

"These columns, Irma," said Martin, "In fact this whole area, is proof that extraterrestrial intelligence once walked this planet" "You mean aliens?" asked Taranee eagerly, "Now I'm interested!" "It's funny how we found this place," said Elyon, "About ten years ago my 'brother' sent a slave labor gang to mine for gold in this quarry. They didn't find any gold, but they found that column," she pointed to the second metal pylon, "It was brought back to the palace. Phobos spent years trying to figure out what it was. Eventually he had it stored in the basement. When I saw it I didn't think much of it either, until two weeks days ago. There were rumors of iron in this quarry, and when the miners dug deep enough, the found this monstrosity here," she pointed at the first column, "I had the whole area dug up and found all these tablets."

"That's where I came in," said Martin, "Elyon brought me here three days ago to translate the tablets." "So that's where you've been," said Taranee, "Everyone at school thought you were sick. You missed a hell of a lightning storm yesterday, knocked out power to half the city."

"Good thing I missed it," said Martin, "Anyway, the writings on the tablets don't correspond to any recorded language on Earth or Metamore. However one tablet had markings on it that I could translate; the tablet had symbols from both this language and Futark; the oldest written language on Earth. Using this tablet as a 'Rosetta Stone,' I have translated the language somewhat.

He paused to inhale then continued; "This whole complex was built by a race of aliens called the Krell. They were a highly advanced culture that rose to power some 40,000 years ago, and then disappeared around 7,000 B.C., why they vanished, I don't know yet. Yet before they disappeared, the Krell deliberately buried this place some 9,000 years ago."

"I'm sure that's very interesting," said Irma, "But you still haven't told us what the metal things are." "That's the best part," said Will as she walked up to the metal columns, "Martin thinks both pylons act as a dimensional gateway." "A what?" asked Irma. "An artificial means of creating openings in reality," said Martin, "For not only were the Krell a space faring people, they also developed the technology to explore parallel realities. Can't you see how important this is, Irma? While humans were living in caves, aliens used devices such as this to travel from one dimension to another."

"I wonder what they were like?" asked Will as she touched the metal pylon. Suddenly the symbols etched onto he columns lit up like a Christmas tree. "What did you do?" asked Elyon. "Nothing," said Will as she backed away from the pylons, "I just touched it, that's all."

The columns began to pulsate with energy. Blue blots of electricity began to flow up and down the pylons. "Did anybody press anything?" asked Elyon, "Did anybody touch any buttons or switches?" "Nobody's touched anything my queen," said Vathek, "Per your instructions." "This may defy logic," said Martin, "But I think someone activated this gateway from another one."

"You mean someone's coming through from another dimension?" asked Hay Lin. "Looks like I'm gonna get my wish after all," said Will as the blue lightning intensified, "Everyone take cover!" Just as Will and everyone at the dig his behind the many stone tablets in the area, there was a bright blue flash form the pylons. Will looked up to see that some sort of bluish white energy field had connected between the two columns.

To her surprise and shock, Will saw two figures emerge from the gateway; one rather short, the other rather tall. With a crackle of energy the gateway faded and the pylons went dark. With the glare from the gateway gone, Will could see that the taller figure was completely covered in metal armor from head to toe. The shorter one was a boy about her age, maybe a bit younger. He had shoulder length blond hair tied up in a braid and amber eyes. He wore a red coat; black pants and wore white gloves on his hands.

"Well here we are, Al," said the short boy. "We sure are brother," said the one in armor, "I hope we find what we're looking for in this dimension." The two began to walk from the pylons. "I wonder if there are people here?" asked the one in armor. "If there are," said the short one, "I hope they're friendly."

Just then Caleb, Vathek and the guards emerged from their hiding places and pointed their weapons at the two newcomers. "Don't move or you're dead!" exclaimed Caleb. Will swore the metal mask the taller one wore changed its expression from a normal helmet to a look of surprise. "Um," said the armored one as he and the shorter one raised their hands up in surrender, "We come in peace."

The end of chapter 1. Next chapter, we learn who these two travelers are and why they came to Metamore. See you next time!