This is a poem thingy I came up with. Describes Nao's feelings when he's locked in the lab without Sora.

Disc: I do not own sukisho or any of the characters

Nao's hurt and pain

The dark dingy room

The spider skittering

The faint moonlight

The algae covered walls

The dripping of water

Sitting here, I only feel

An overwhelming grief

A heart-wrenching pain

An excruciating loneliness

My body is numb

My mind shutting

My soul disintegrating

The dream of freedom is far away

liberty at stake,

and I can't reach it,

can't reach it

you left me, abandoned me

in this freezing, lightless world

where fear, anger and hatred engulf me

the feeling of lost lingers on

anything I touch turns to ice

the cold gale chills me to the bone

the wind is howling my name

I see vultures approaching

In my dreams I call out to you

In my heart I yearn for you

But you never reply

I'm hurting, I'm closing

I'm drawing into my safe shell

Sora, you're my everything, my sky

Don't go away, don't leave me behind

Take me away, take me away

A thousand bees of loneliness sting me

A million ants of disbelief bite me

The unearthly pain dulls

As I sink into the bog of despair

The hands of death clutches at my throat

Strong chains of disillusionment tie me down

When I try to fly back to my sky


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