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Can you see it? Can you feel it? It´s.. so.. warm.. and.. soft. Beautiful...

It doesn´t hurt... No, it feels.. comfortable.

Who would have ever thought that blood could be so wonderful, warm and soft?

Look how my blood flows down from my wrists... Lovely, isn´t it?

I´m bleeding.. Indeed I´m bleeding. And I enjoy it. I´ve never felt anything like this before... Is this the feeling of joy?

The physical pain.. It´s nothing compared to emotional pain..But.. these cuts on my wrists... they make me forget the pain in my heart and wounds in my soul..

I´m starting to feel dizzy..And I love it.

I take my knife and put it on my wrist. Another cut. Oh, it feels so good.. More blood is coming..

Pain.. I don´t feel it anymore..

I sit here, In my dark room.. There is just me and silence.

Silence is my only friend... The only one I can truly trust..

Why? Why am I doing this?

The reason is.. Your hatred.

I can´t take it anymore.. You hate me, but I don´t know why.

Because I´m weak? Weaker than my younger sister?

Is that why you all made me suffer?

You always say I´m weak.. You say I´m useless, piece of shit.

But.. I´m not weak. I´m strong. I´m strong because I am able to do this..Yes.. Indeed I´m strong.

I lay down on my floor..

Again I take my knife... I watch it closely.. I see my blood on it..I bring it closer to my face..

Slowly I lick the blood from the blade .. It tastes.. Sweet..

I smile.. I can only imagine your faces when you find me here.. Dead.. And happy.

Oh yes, I´m happy.. Truly happy...

I´m happy because I know you can´t hurt me anymore..

If you would find me now, could you save me? No.. Nobody could..Not even you, Naruto-kun...

Nothing would change my mind...

This is my life.. And I will end it here, today...

Why? Why now and not earlier?

Because... There was time when I thought that I can be happy.. That someday someone would see through my fake smile and notice, how much I suffered.. But no..

Everyone believed I was happy...

I would have been a good actress, right?

That´s why I didn´t do this earlier.. Because I was stupid enough to hope.. Hope for a better life..

But know I know that it will never happen..

I wasn´t meant to be happy...

I don´t even know why I was born...

What was my purpose in this pathetic life?

Did I have a purpose?

No.. I don´t think so..

Why? Why it had to be like this?

Why it was always me who had to suffer?

Wait..Maybe I have a purpose? Maybe, I had to be the on who suffered..So that others could think that there is someone who suffers more than they.. So that they could find solace from that..

I open my eyes. Now I realize it. I really had a purpose.

I try to move, but I can´t. My body is so weak..

Horror fills my mind. What have I done?

No, NO! I don´t want this! I don´t want to die! Not anymore!

I try to get up, but I fail. I am so stupid. I should have realized this earlier. One tear rolls down my cheek.

Darkness is slowly surrounding me..And then, I feel nothing.

I´m gone. Forever.


AN: Stupid? Hell yeah. I know it sucked. Heh. But I enjoyed writing it. Ironic.. When Hinata finally realized she had a purpose in life, she couldn´t do anything. Well, life is cruel.