Anime: Naruto

Summary: Sometimes, one doesn't know what they have… until it's gone.

Warning(s): Very slight Yaoi implications… it's almost non-existent

Note(s): This story will be relatively short… about three or four chapters. But, if I get enough reviews, I might even make a sequel… If this story if liked… How's that sound?

Lost Yet Never Found


The wind blew, causing the ice cold rain to slap at the tanned cheeks on the boy hanging off the back of his teacher. A slight whimper erupted from the throat of the blond. The rain was so cold. To cold. His deep, almost dying blue eyes opened, looking up to the man carrying him. "Ka… Kakashi-sensei?" He called out, not able to see anything but the silver hair in his view. The man carrying him turned, looking at him with a pained expression. They made eye contact. The blond could tell that his teacher was reading him, looking for the unspoken question. When the one eyed man found it, his eye curved in a way that proved he was smiling underneath that dark mask of his.

Kakashi raised his shoulders a bit, letting the blond get a glimpse of the bundle in his arms. Kakashi looked at Naruto's face, seeing the look of relief that washed over his form. Kakashi smiled sadly as Naruto promptly passed out on his back after grinning brightly. He's been through so much… Kakashi thought, looking down at the pale boy in his arms. And it's my fault…


Kakashi flitted from tree to tree, following the small tracker dog he had summoned. Deep in his heart, he was scared. His two students were probably fighting to the death at the moment. Knowing Naruto, the blond wasn't going down without a fight, and Sasuke's pride was too big to lose. Kakashi just knew that there wasn't going to be a happy outcome with this battle.


The copy nin looked up, hearing the voice of Pakkun.

"We're getting closer; I can just faintly follow their scent. If we don't hurry this rain could wash away their scent!" The dog announced urgently. Kakashi nodded, picking up the pace. He couldn't think about what would happen if Naruto, or Sasuke, were dead. He'd probably never hear the end of it from Tsunade for letting her little brother die; then again he would probably die from the guilt. He took so long to come after them. He also left Sasuke after he spoke to the dark haired just a couple of days prior. He should have stayed and watched the black haired male, getting him before he could leave and knock Sakura out.

Kakashi broke out of his thoughts as he and Pakkun appeared in the last place they would have expected. Kakashi's eyes took in the familiar sight of the Valley of the End. Before him, he saw a sight he wasn't planning on seeing. There laid two bodies. One was of Konoha's number one, hyperactive, knuckle-headed, ninja, Uzumaki Naruto, and on top of that boy, was the Number one rookie of Konoha's Rookie Nine, Uchiha Sasuke. They both seemed to be sleeping so peacefully, despite the trail of blood washing around their forms. Kakashi's breath hitched in his throat. He could have sworn his heart stopped. Am I too late? He wondered, closing his eyes as a moment of respect.

The Jounin walked up to the two bodies, kneeling don besides them. Hope flared in his form as he saw the gentle rising of Naruto's chest, indicating the slow breaths the blond was taking. He gently took Sasuke's shoulder's, pulling the Uchiha up. He could see blood being washed away from Sasuke's arm, only to be replaced by fresh blood that exited the large wound he had on his arm. Sasuke whimpered slightly as pain shot through his body. Kakashi winced and placed his body back down. He looked over to Naruto's calm face, seeing the rain slow down, yet it didn't stop.

"Good job… Naruto." Kakashi whispered, picking up the blond Genin, gently placing him on his back. He went back to Sasuke, taking up the small boy in his arms, cradling his head like a baby. Kakashi never realized how fragile a child's body was… physically, mentally, and spiritually. No matter how tough a child may act… they were still a child. They were easily broken inside, every hope they might have had, can be killed by a single word. His eyes stared at the Uchiha's gentle face, knowing it wasn't everyday he could see such a look on his face. Sasuke looked at ease, calm, and peaceful. No matter what their rank was, let it be Genin, Chuunin, or Jounin, a child was a child, and no amount of skill or talent could prepare them for the real world filled with betrayal and loss. This ordeal was the only thing to be able to let them learn… The experience will open their eyes to a new world, in which they can finally understand things more.

Someone like Sakura probably couldn't understand. She hasn't gone through with this. She hasn't been able to see, feel, or experience true betrayal. Her heart has yet to be shattered by the person she loves the most. Sure, Sasuke hurt her when he left, but the love she feels for him is still there. Though it isn't as powerful as the love the two boys with him share. This was a battle of love. Kakashi could tell. Naruto loved Sasuke so much, he wouldn't let his love, his brother, leave him behind so quickly. He'd die to protect the one full bond he has ever made in his life.

Sasuke, however, was expressing his love in a different way. He wanted to leave to fulfill his goal. The death of his older brother was all he needed. He didn't want the blond to be in his way. To Kakashi, Sasuke's betrayal was a way of telling them that he loves them but they must move on. To get his goal, Sasuke must sell his soul to the devil in order to be powerful. Once your soul is sold, there is no disappointing the devil. Being a vengeful person, the Devil will take what ever he needs to "encourage" his lackey to do it right… even if it means destroying what's precious to him. Kakashi would probably be the only one who interpreted the situation this way.

Kakashi closed his lone eye, feeling the wind pick up, causing the cold rain to sting his only revealed cheek as he began his trek back to Konoha. It would take him a while considering that they were on the Fire country's border. Kakashi understood. He understood what it was like to care for someone so much that they'd die for that person. He was once a person saved by the love of another… He'd never forget that person. He couldn't bear to watch these two being torn apart. They needed each other more than they'd admit. Don't do this… He thought, trying to stop the lone tear that threatened to escape his eyes. He hadn't cried in years, and he wasn't going to start now.

Don't deny your love…


Kakashi looked up to the sky. The rain was stopping, though slowly. A light drizzle could be felt against the skin around his right eye. He disappointed himself. How could he have let this happen? He sighed, no use dwelling on it now. What would you think? He asked, knowing very well who he was thinking of at the moment. I bet you're disappointed in me, huh? I let the rules get in the way of the lives of my loved ones… I almost lost more important people… What am I doing wrong…? Obito…


There was an irritated sigh coming from the pink lips of the blonde woman sitting at her desk. She was worried. Very worried… About five minutes ago, she was interrupted from her pacing by a couple medic nins who returned after chasing her Genin squad. They held an unconscious, almost dead Akimichi Choji on a stretcher, followed by an inches away from death Hyuuga Neji. It was interesting as to why one of the medic nins were also on a stretcher. She was told he collapsed from charka exhaustion trying to stop the constant bleeding from the multiple wounds Neji had. Inuzuka Kiba was being carried by Karasu, the puppet of Kankuro. In Kiba's lap, Akamaru lay, unconscious. Shikamaru came with Temari, constantly worrying for his friend. Rock Lee came with Gaara, carried by a stretcher made of sand. Lee wasn't in terrible shape, but he was worn out from the ordeal.

Tsunade was happy to see her little ones return, yet her heart was still clenching nervously. Her little brother had yet to come back. She blinked and smirked down at the book in front of her. "Oi! Bring me an antler!" She yelled, getting an affirmative reply. She flipped the page of the huge book in front of her, ignoring the ruckus around her. Things were going to be alright. She was just sure of it. Though deep down, she was blaming herself for a death that hadn't been confirmed. She wanted to believe that Naruto was alive, though she just could help but feel that he was dead. The necklace she gave to him… everyone she gave it to always died and left her behind. Her grandfather (though he gave her the necklace), her brother, her lover… all of them lost to the very gift she gave them. Now, her adopted brother would suffer the same fate...

No. I can't think like this! I bet he's alive! She automatically regretted that thought. She always lost bets, even if they were with herself. If he was alive, then something bad was going to happen. If he was dead then…She shook her head, clearing away her negative thoughts. She continued to look through the giant book on ways to heal Choji. Shizune was already working on Neji, yet she didn't know how successful it would be. Everything was in chaos. No matter what kind of drama was happening, she knew it would end soon.

You'd better be okay you idiot…


Prologue, end.

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