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So forgetful




Soubi looked at his cell phone, he had three missed calls, all of them from Kio.

He sighed, adjusting his glasses. Of course, there were no calls from Ritsuka. He wondered where the boy was. Earlier, he had gone to his house, only to find him missing. He knew that he had a day off from school.

He's probably with his friends...

Selfishly, Soubi wished that the boy would only spend time with him. He wasn't bad, it was just that he felt so empty being away from Ritsuka.

The blond looked out the window, a few scattered snow flakes fell, but they wouldn't stick. It was cold enough for them to, that was for sure.

Soubi stood just as there was a knock at the door. He walked over and opened it, expecting it to be Kio, ready to yell at him for not returning his calls. To his surprise, Ritsuka stood there, shivering a bit from the chilly December weather.

"Ritsuka." He stated.

"Hi Soubi, I um..." The boy started, shifting his arms behind him. He seemed to be holding something.

"Is there something that you wanted?" The fighter questioned, motioning for him to come inside.

Ritsuka complied , turning so as not to reveal what he held. The man arched an eyebrow at this. Ritsuka noticed and blushed a bit, turning away.

"I..." He squeezed his eyes shut and suddenly shoved a box into the blond's arms.

It was covered in bright colored paper and was even topped with a green bow. Soubi smiled and looked up.

"Ritsuka, what's this for?" He inquired, placing a hand on the boy's head.

"Soubi! Don't you know what today is?" Ritsuka replied, flustered.

Soubi thought for a moment. He couldn't think of anything. "Today?" He asked, confused.

Ritsuka threw his hands into the air. "It's Christmas!"








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