Haruka x kantarou. Very occ.


WARNING: explicit sexual content.

Disc: I do not own tactics or any of the characters.

Those looking for a plot might have to wait. Cos this is just pure sex

Unbridled love

Haruka kissed Kantarou's shoulder gently, his arms wrapped around his frail, pale body. He lightly pushed down Kantarou's top (I don't know what the thing he usually wears is called) and trailed kisses down his back

"Haruka, we shouldn't be doing this. We're at home and Youko may hear us. ", Kantarou protested weakly, his body and heart having already succumbed to his sexual desires.

"Really.", Haruka snorted. "What if I do this?" He slid his hand down to fondle Kantarou's thing.

"No…", Kantarou barely choked out, his body pleasantly squirming and panted.

"You're not very convincing, you know. You have to know when to give up.", Haruka smirked and removed all of Kantarou's clothing. Haruka licked and lightly bit Kantarou's nipples, causing him to gasp and whimper.

"Not so fast."

"Sorry.", Haruka peppered kisses down Kantarou's back. "But I can't seem to stop."

He stroked and sucked Kantarou's thing and Haruka drank the semen that came out of it.

"That's…that's so dirty!", Kantarou exclaimed in shock and disgust. "Haruka!"

"Don't worry, I know what I'm doing.", was the reply, and Haruka continued to lick and suck at Kantarou's thing.

Kantarou writhed and squirmed in pure delight, his cheeks flaming a scarlet as bright as his crimson eyes. Haruka licked the inner of Kantarou's thighs and his body. Haruka then slid a cruel finger down Kantarou's cheeks and dropped a kiss on his lips.

"Its your turn to please me." Haruka commanded.

Kantarou flushed red and he fondled and kissed Haruka's thing, making Haruka moan and growl in pleasure. Then they made love (actually, I'm pretty sure no love was involved. Only lust.)

"Ahh…….I'll teach you how adults do it.", Haruka purred and they tried out new positions and did S&M all night long.

"Mmm……how was yesterday night?" Kantarou murmured.

The sun had long risen. Kantarou realized that Haruka was still asleep. The rays of the sun shining on him made him look even better, if possible.

"Haruka?" He asked again, lightly poking Haruka at the side. Haruka grunted and rolled to the other side, but didn't stir. Kantarou giggled. So much for all his jibes yesterday. He's even more tired than me. Haruka's such a lazy pig.

Kantarou stroked Haruka's raven hair fondly and whispered"Haruka, aishiteru."